The Roost Café

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This article is about the public works project. For the museum-based café, see The Roost.

The Roost Café
Roost Cafe Outside.jpg
Outside the Roost Café
Inside the Roost Café
Function Coffee shop
Services Coffee
Part-time job
Staff Brewster
Opening Hours All day
Expenditure for upgrade 99k Bells NH Inv Icon cropped.png 298,000 Bells
Size 2x3
Main appearances
Other appearances

The Roost Café is a public works project in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, very similar to the Roost in Animal Crossing: Wild World and Animal Crossing: City Folk. Run by Brewster, it serves various blends of coffee for 200 Bells. The player may also get a part-time job at the café after having seven cups of coffee by talking to Brewster while standing to the right side of the bar.


Blathers suggests building a café

In order to unlock the Roost café as a public works project, the player must have already constructed the Museum Shop and have donated at least fifty items to the museum. After the shop has been open at least seven days, Blathers may be found thinking in the Museum. When the player speaks to him, he will add the Roost café to the town's list of public works projects at the cost of 298,000 Bells.


Buying Coffee[edit]


The player can buy a cup of coffee for 200 Bells; after drinking four cups, the player is given the option of getting coffee to go. Buying coffee to go from the right side of the bar counts as the player's one purchasable cup per day. Special characters and villagers will sometimes be found in the café as in previous games, but in New Leaf, the player may have villagers visit from another town.

Roost Coffee.PNG

Part-time job[edit]

The player working at the Roost Café

At the Roost Café, the player can get a part-time job after having seven cups of coffee. On the job, the player will have a random selection of four villagers, from their town or another, come and get coffee. Each animal has a combination of the three ingredients — coffee beans, milk, and sugar — that they like best. If the player satisfies the customers, coffee beans will be awarded by Brewster. As the player continues to keep customers happy, Brewster will reward the player with café-style furniture items, including four different special Brewster-themed Gyroids.

Note: The player may work only from 11 AM to 11 PM, when no events are taking place in town. If the player is wearing a Wet Suit or a Mii Mask, it will not be removed (Wet Suit, first time only).

Coffee preferences[edit]

Main article: Coffee Preferences

Every special character and villager has a favorite combination of coffee beans, milk, and sugar. There are four different options for each category: coffee beans (Blend, Blue Mountain, Kilimanjaro, and Mocha), milk (none, a little, the regular amount, and lots), and sugar (none, one spoonful, two spoonfuls, and three spoonfuls).



Coffee Beans[edit]
Main article: Coffee bean

Every time the player works, Brewster will reward the player with coffee beans, which can be sold for Bells or given to villagers to boost their friendship with the player. The three types of beans are normal (500 Bells), good (1,000 Bells), and superb coffee beans (2,000 Bells).


The café-themed furniture is rewarded by the total number of customers made happy. The list below shows the furniture and the number of correct orders needed.

Furniture Number of correct orders
Coffee Maker 16
Espresso Maker 32
Siphon 48
Coffee Cup 64
Cream and Sugar 80
Coffee Mill 96
Café Uniform 128
Tall Brewstoid 160
Brewstoid 192
Mini Brewstoid 224
Mega Brewstoid 255

Encountering Special Characters[edit]

Tom Nook at the Roost café

At certain times during the day, special characters will appear at the café. The following table shows who will appear and at what time.

Special Character Time
Pelly or Pete 6:00 AM - 6:55 AM
Tortimer or Dr. Shrunk 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
Mr. Resetti or Don Resetti 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
Kapp'n or Phineas 2:30 PM - 4 PM
K.K. Slider (as DJ) 5:30 PM - 7 PM
Phyllis or Digby 9 PM - 9:55 PM
Gracie, Kicks or Tom Nook Midnight - 1:30 AM