Animal Village

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The town map
Ai speaking with Tortimer in the Animal Village Town Hall
The winter festival in the Animal Village

Animal Village (どうぶつ村, Dōbutsumura) is the main setting for Doubutsu no Mori (film) and the town that Ai moves to. The town has eight residents, as it is in Animal Crossing: Wild World, which the movie is based off. The residents are: Margie, Rosie, Whitney, Champ, Cesar, Cyrano, Apollo, and Alfonso. Many special characters like Tom Nook, The Able Sisters, Pelly, Phyllis and many others are also seen in the village. Yu also appears in the Animal Village a lot, but he states that he does not live there and that he lives in a nearby town; he merely comes to the village to play a lot.

Hopper was seen fishing in the village. It was unknown if he lived in the village or not but if he did, there would have been nine residents, not eight. It is possible that he moved into the village when Margie left.


  • The name of the village is too long to fit into any of the series' games.

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