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  • Complete villager section
  • More special character and villager dialogue that does not require the use of amiibo (especially those who can be appear in The Roost depending on the time, day, or event such as Resetti and Don)

The following is the list of dialogues of characters in The Roost for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Some dialogues are only used when the player uses the character's amiibo to invite them to The Roost.

Special characters[edit]


  • "Hey there! So are YOU the one who called me? 'Cause here I am!"
  • "You called me back, so here I am!"
  • "I know it's kiiinda hard to tell, but I'm actually really happy to be here. This place is great!"
  • "I used to try on all kinds of makeup. Some days I'd try looking happy, and then I'd try on sad, then confused... But none of those were the real me. Well, sometimes they kinda were. What I wanna say is that the makeup couldn't change the me underneath, so now I just stay like this!"
  • "You know, I'm always up for coffee whenever you've got a blank on your schedule. HA! Get it?!"
  • "I'm told I've got an unbeatable game face. But with as cool and collected as Brewster is, I bet his is good too! Can you imagine if we had a staring contest? It'd go on FOREVER!"
  • "Someone once told me I don't look trustworthy, but I don't get that, 'cause I don't look like anything! I bet THEY'RE not trustworthy, and they were just projecting on a blank canvas or whatever!"


  • "Hoo-hoo! Thank you so much for inviting me! It's always such a pleasure to come here. And as you can see, I took the liberty of bringing my sister along! I hope you don't mind."
  • "By my beak! It is so nice of you to invite me here again."
  • "When my sister said you had invited her for coffee, I just couldn't resist coming along. I hope you don't mind!"
  • "Despite being so close by, I find I rarely ever make time to come here. Hoo... It's quite a shame, really."
  • "I'm sure this doesn't come as a shock, but I am quite the night owl. Hoo-hoo, it's true! And yet, despite my nocturnal leanings, many of my duties as curator occur during the day. I'm certain you can understand how useful, if not simply pleasant, it is having a coffee shop nearby!"
  • "Brewster and I have actually known each other for quite some time. Believe it or not, he ran a similar coffee shop in the very museum I used to work for! To work so near to him again, why, it tickles my talons to no end! Fate is truly a wondrous thing."
  • "Celeste knows as much about the stars in the sky as Brewster does of gyroids. It's quite impressive! Whenever I have a question about either, it's lovely to know such esteemed experts."
  • "Certainly I hope everyone who comes in here will also spend a little time exploring the museum. Hoo! After their coffee, of course!"


  • "Oh, umm...hello! I rushed over as soon as you called. I hope you didn't have to wait too long. Sorry..."
  • "Hello! You called me over again and so, umm... I came back."
  • "Oh, hello. I don't believe that I was invited, exactly, but...I came anyway. I hope that's alright."
  • "Um, I can't decide whether to drink it black or put some milk in it... But if I don't pick soon, it'll get cold."
  • "I know I'm in uniform, but I'm not, uh... I'm not on duty right now."
  • "This island is... It's really peaceful. If my partner and I got stationed here, um... We'd get a lot of fishing done."
  • "I'm, uh...really not used to coffee this nice. I usually just drink those instant coffees. It's all the same to me..."
  • "Oh, umm, is there any chance this place does free refills? I doubt it, but, um... I just thought I'd ask."


Normal visits[edit]

  • "What up, fishioni— Wait. I'm not streaming. How you doin'? You on break too?"
  • "Ahoy there! Nice to see you here again! How you doin', flyfisher?"
  • "Ahoy again! We keep sailing into each other here! That a coincidence, or do you come lookin' for me?"
  • "I'm psyched that there's this slick café here! I usually like to drop anchor in the great outdoors, but sometimes a chill port like this is good too."
  • "I like to hit up this place for a coffee after the Fishing Tourneys. I make my own coffee at home sometimes, but it never comes out this good! Of course, the best coffee is the stuff made by someone who cares about you, right?"
  • "In my line of work, I pay a lot of attention to my fishing gear AND my fashion gear. It's like I always say—"Weak looks, empty hooks." Fish KNOW when you're phonin' it in!"
  • "Flick and his old man have some baggage and bad blood. It's a shame, but I don't think you gotta force a relationship just because you're family. Blood's not as important as the family you choose for yourself, you know?"
  • "Mmm, so gooood! Brewster really knows how to squeeze the yum outta those beans! Seriously, mad respect."
  • "Do I look slick drinkin' this hot bean water or what?"
  • "I'm snapping the flyest selfies here to post and build buzz for this place!"
  • "My selfies look EXTRA crisp on the days I meet a fish with style."
  • "Woo-hoo! You out livin' Saturday night to the fullest too?"
  • "Great weather today, almost like the sun wanted us to have a good tourney. Wonder if it's a fan?"
  • "Call me crazy, but fish seem happier in the spring. A little extra vim in their swim, you know?"
  • "I don't know much outside of fishing, streaming, and stream fishing...but Brewster's coffee is world-class."
  • "Folks who think fishing is just a lot of waiting around haven't seen the summer sun dancing on the water."
  • "It's cool having an expert around on something I don't know about. My brain boat lands new info every day!"
  • "I meet the raddest fish during the Fishing Tourneys on this island. Probably 'cause they're reeled in by you, the raddest angler, right?"
  • "Free advice: you don't need to have EVERYTHING in common to make a relationship work. You can be into totally different stuff, as long as you each respect the other's passion."
  • "I love fishing on cold days. Nothin' like workin' up a sweat landing a whopper and then chilling right out!"
  • "The rod is important for fishing, obvs, but the next most important? A hot cup of Brewster's best brew."
  • "I always notice the seasons changing in the fish I catch, but Flick does the same thing with bugs! However you do it, it's cool to be in touch with nature."
  • "I hear Flick comes here for a drink after his Bug-Off events. He doesn't make friends as easily as I do, so if you see him, would you chat with him a little?"

Summoned by amiibo[edit]

  • "What is up! I sailed right over as soon as I got your call. Nyuk!"
  • "In like the tide! Thanks for inviting me again! Nyuk nyuk!"
  • "Splash! Surprise stowaway! How's everything going? Nyuk nyuk!"
  • "It's kinda wild how Flick and I always seem to end up visiting so many of the same places. But when you find a spot with the best bugs AND the flashiest fish? OF COURSE we'll both end up there!"
  • "Flick's a true maelstrom of talents. He even makes my fishing lures!"
  • "It's not often I get to drop anchor here with Flick. This is pretty great!"
  • "Even after a long day at a Fishing Tourney, I love just drifting along the current of a good convo over coffee!"
  • "I'm always glad to meet a fan! If you wanna hook yourself a few selfies with us, go right ahead."

with Chip[edit]

  • "Yo! Look what the tide brought in! Nyuk, nyuk!"
  • "Sometimes, family's like rough seas. But even the worst patch of ocean calms down eventually. It's all good."
  • "So...Flick and his old man don't see eye to eye on bugs. I won't swim into the details, but it's the kind of thing where I think both can be right, y'know?"
  • "I wish Flick and his dad got along as well as Flick does with bugs. But sometimes family can be like that."
  • "My old man and I like to sail in here and talk about any fishing spots we found. He's charted some good ones!"
  • "I should totally snag a selfie with my old man before we ship out."


  • "Thank you for the invitation! I hope it's OK, but my brother seemed like he could use a cup of coffee too."
  • "Thanks for inviting me back!"
  • "My brother asked if I wanted to tag along, so I came too-hoo!"
  • "My brother and I don't get to spend nearly enough time together. It's so nice catching up!"
  • "Blathers and I have known Brewster for ages. He's a tip-top friend, plus his taste in coffee is impeccable!"
  • "My brother and I have a...difficult relationship with the day. We're both night owls, if you'll pardon the pun. Having the Roost so close by must be great for my brother. A midday pick-me-up is just a few flaps away!"
  • "What can possibly be better than a cool night with the stars overhead and a cup of coffee at your side? Hootie-toot! Behind the incredible stargazing, the Roost is my second- favorite thing about this island."
  • "My brother and I used to work in the same museum, except on different floors. Yes, it's true-hoo! Yet a short flight of stairs can make things seem so far away sometimes. Blathers and I rarely saw each other. That's why it's so nice to sit and relax with him here! I wish we'd done it more often when we lived closer."


  • "Oh! Are you the one who called me? Well, glad to be here! Thanks!"
  • "You again? Me again? Yep, here we are. Nyuk, nyuk!"
  • "I brought my son with me today. We look just like each other, don't we? He's a chip off the old Chip!"
  • "My son told me all about this place. He says the "community engagement with streamers" is "awesome." Me? Well, I'm just here to fish. Nyuk, nyuk!"
  • "Wow! This coffee is great. I didn't know coffee could BE this good. It's almost as good as instant!"
  • "I'm so proud of my boy here. Makin' a name for himself on the internets, and he looks so happy... Tears of joy, I tell ya. Tears of joy!"
  • "I think, if I had to guesstimate, I'd say that my son and I both like fishin' the same amount. One little difference...he's way better at it than I ever was! Can't even say I taught him everything he knows. That'd be a whopper of a fish tale!"

with Nat[edit]

  • "Anytime my old bud Nat invites me out somewhere, I'm there. So...I'm here! Nyuk, nyuk."
  • "Sounds like Nat and his son can't agree on the care and treatment of bugs. I just think it's awful sweet that they both care so much. Lovin' bugs sure does run in the family, nyuk!"
  • "I know Nat is still pretty protective of his boy, even with him bein' all grown-up and on his own. Am I worried about C.J.?! Not a lick! He's probably worried about his old man though. That's me! Nyuk, nyuk."
  • "Shoot, we should get our kids out here to join us for a cup of joe! Make a whole breakfast of it! Order pancakes! The whole deal! Nyuk, nyuk!"
  • "Mmm. Nothin' like a hot cup of coffee after a particularly "fishy" breakfast, if you catch my drift."
  • "Nat's kiddo and my kiddo almost seem like opposites, but maybe that's why they get along so well. Worked for me and Nat! Nyuk, nyuk!"


  • "Thank you for inviting me. It's always a pleasure to have coffee with an upstanding citizen such as yourself."
  • "Officer Copper reporting for coffee! Thank you for having me back."
  • "My colleague thanks you for inviting him. And I hope you don't mind, but I wanted coffee too, so I came along."
  • "Brewster's coffee! Best friend to the night shift and to the late-night stakeout."
  • "There are days when this job can really take it out of you. But a cup of this coffee puts it all right back in!"
  • "This island has quite a community! It's nice to see how much everyone looks out for one another."
  • "Lieutenant Booker and I would never turn down coffee. Feel free to invite us out here anytime."
  • "I don't know about my colleague, but I am very particular about my coffee. And Brewster's is some of the best!"


  • "Hey there, squirt! Thanks for callin' me over!"
  • "Yello, I'm here again. How're you?"
  • "Hey! Hope you don't mind, but Reese and I decided to make a date of it."
  • "I'm strugglin' to come up with any way this coffee could be better... Maybe if it was coffee ice cream?"
  • "Y'know, Brewster sometimes asks for my help customizin' gyroids. It really ain't too hard! Try it out sometime!"
  • "Everythin' in here seems so carefully balanced, the coffee included. Still, I can't help wonderin' how this place might feel with even a small if this cup were black."
  • "Reese and I love this place. The key to any marriage is to keep goin' on dates with your sweetheart!"
  • "Word has it everyone on this island does their own DIY customization. Ain't that something! As a fellow customization enthusiast, bein' among like minds just makes this trip all the sweeter!"

Daisy Mae[edit]

Normal visits[edit]

  • "Hullo, <player>!"
  • "Why, hullo again!... Always great to see you, a-heeheehee!"
  • "Golly, it's you again! You sure are turnin' up a lot. That's a turnip joke!... Get it?"
  • "Did you know I never had a sablé cookie before I came to visit here?...And they're so yummy! I can't believe I've been missin' out!"
  • "You know how I know that Gram- Gram's turnips are the best in the whole wide world?...'Cause she says so! You gotta listen to what your gram-gram says, right?"
  • "Walkin' around with a basket of turnips on your head isn't as easy as I make it look, ya know....Ya gotta start with corn. That's how you build up your corn-dination....Anyway, that's what Gram-Gram said. You think she's pullin' my leg or somethin'?"
  • "If your drink's too hot, you just gotta do blowsies on it. Like...PHOOOSH!... An' that'll make it all better!"
  • "Sometimes my eyes are bigger than my tum-tum, but Brewster always wraps up my leftovers. A-heeheehee!"
  • "I like how tall this stool is 'cause I can swing my legs.... Wheee!"
  • "I gotta concentrate when I'm eatin' sablé cookies 'cause Gram-Gram doesn't like it when I drop crumbs....Oh, wait! ...She's not here!"
  • "Gram-Gram says I'm not old enough for coffee, but just smellin' it makes me feel grown-up!"
  • "It sure is nice out today, isn't it?... Perfect turnip-growin' weather!"
  • "I like the sun as much as anyone, but you need good rain for good turnips. So I'm glad it's rainin'."
  • "Sure is cold out today. But not in here!"
  • "Springtime weather makes me wish I could curl up and take a nap next to Gram-Gram at home..."
  • "I gotta say...nothin's prettier than turnips to my eye, but those cherry blossoms are kinda close..."
  • "I'm not a-scared of hot weather or nothin', but this is a little much even for me..."
  • "I don't need to wear sunscreen out in the hot sun. Know why? 'Cause of the turnips on my head, silly!"
  • "Didja know that my apron matches Gram-Gram's pants? ...Cool, ain't it?"
  • "Do folks go gaga for fresh coffee from Brewster like they do for fresh turnips?"
  • "It's so cold out...I'm worried about the poor turnips all by themselves......Guess I can keep the ones on my head warm, at least."
  • "Is it cold out? You wouldn't know from lookin' at me, wouldja? Gram- Gram says I warm up the room."

Summoned by amiibo[edit]

  • "Aw, thanks for callin' me! It's always fun to take a li'l trip with Gram-Gram!"
  • "I'm here! I hope it's not a turnip emergency or anything. Did you just want to say hello again?"
  • "I like to go where Gram-Gram goes, so here I am!"
  • "Gram-Gram says I'm too young for coffee, so Brewster gave me a sablé cookie! I'm in boar heaven!"
  • "I don't know much about coffee, but I'm learnin' everything about turnips! I guess that doesn't help Brewster..."
  • "I hope I can come back and taste Brewster's coffee when I'm all grown up!"
  • "I hope me and Gram-Gram can do a li'l sightseein'! Maybe even a li'l shoppin' too."
  • "I wish more folks would eat Gram-Gram's turnips 'stead of trading 'em around all the time... They're totally nummy!"
  • "I like to go where Gram-Gram goes, so here I am!"


  • "Thank you so much for inviting me today!"
  • "You called again, and so I'm here again. It must be my lucky day!"
  • "My sister has only the nicest things to say about you. Thanks so much for always having her back."
  • "Isabelle and I used to work in the same town. It was great! We live in different places now, but she always keeps me up to speed on this place and how much she loves it."
  • "At the Happy Home Academy, home evaluations are our specialty. It's right there in the name! That said, I have a personal interest in island evals as well."
  • "I used to work for Mr. Nook back in the day. Maybe I'll go and say hello to him before I mosey on my way."
  • "I get to see both my sister and Mr. Nook whenever I visit this island. It's always such a pleasure, so I very much hope you'll invite me back again sometime!"

with Lyle and company[edit]

  • "Oh, hello there! Thanks so much for having me over."
  • "My sister lives on this island, so I'm always happy for any excuse to swing by."
  • "Mr. Nook seems to be flourishing here. It makes me so happy to see him doing so well!"
  • "Whenever things weren't going well at the Happy Home Showcase, Mr. Nook was always there for us. He could set things right in no time! I learned so much by watching him work his magic."
  • "Lottie is a hard worker with lots of passion and energy. I have so much respect for her! If anyone can start their own business and find a way to make it work, it's her!"
  • "Lyle places a lot of value in making and keeping connections. In fact, he's the reason we're having this nice chat right now! Needless to say, I'm grateful to him."


  • "Hey there! You called me out here and, I am!"
  • "Hello again! Thanks for the invite!"
  • "Oh, I brought my kid brother Sonny along. Sorry in advance."
  • "I usually come here on my own, but I felt like Sonny could use a little socializin'. You know how he gets."
  • "Our work ain't glamorous or flashy, but we just like doing somethin' folks find useful, y'know?"
  • "Nothin' beats a coffee break. Feel free to call us out here anytime!"
  • "In our line of work, you never know when the day is gonna turn on ya. Things'll go from calm to hectic fast! Being on call can wear ya down though, so I try real hard to make the most of these breaks."


Normal visits[edit]

  • "Oh. Hello."
  • "Hm. You again."
  • "Hello. Um. I see you here a lot."
  • "I, uh, have trouble talking to folks. That's part of the reason I host the Bug-Offs. Talking to folks is a little easier when you can speak to something you really care about."
  • "I made my net, Bügnir, myself. It is my avatar, the projection of my spirit self that allows me to touch the divine. That's why I made it cool and spiky."
  • "I create sculptures to gain new appreciation of my subjects. In my process, I notice things I hadn't before, like the iridescence of a wing, or the way a leg bends. Each new noticing brings me closer to Final Metamorphosis."
  • "C.J. encouraged me to create my first bug sculptures. I had been content to explore the mysteries of the Infested Realms on my own. He convinced me to make manifest what I had seen and share it with others."
  • "After the swarming energy of a Bug-Off, this place is a nice respite of calm. The coffee is tasty too."
  • "I hear Brewster is devoted to gyroids. Perhaps he and I should discuss eternal verities sometime..."
  • "Do you...ever run into an acquaintance and...not know what to say? It's awkward. So awkward."
  • "The café is the only place I ever have hot drinks. When I make coffee at home, I get distracted by my art or a bug and find a cold cup hours later."
  • "I used to order my coffee black like a spider's soul, but it was icky. Now I order it milky like a whitefly."
  • "C.J. is certainly unusual. But then, so am I. I guess that's how we get along...unusually."
  • "Have you ever seen the sun shine through a dragonfly's wings? It is a sight that renders you speechless. In these transcendent moments, it feels like you can see the face of the Queen of the Cosmic Hive."
  • "A bug rests on a flower, each drawing out the other's beauty in a study of exquisite contrasts...I should try to get good at sculpting some flowers too..."
  • "I'm visualizing the guides I met in today's Bug-Off and the paths they walk toward my next creation."
  • "Summer brings the celestial chorus of the cicadas, shrieking their unearthly hymns at us. If only we feeble mortals could screech so sweetly."
  • "The sun blazes above and bugs writhe below. Truly, summer is the finest of the seasons."
  • "The forlorn songs of bugs haunt the air beneath the autumn moon, and I am enraptured. My blood may be cold, but my heart is warmed by their music."
  • "I understand the curator here doesn' bugs. Even so, the exhibits are well designed and the bugs seem happy, so he at least does right by them."
  • "Can one capture the ineffable glory of bugkind in mere sculpture? I would give anything to know."
  • "The sight of bugs flitting to and fro, their beautiful wings dancing...If only I could draw."
  • "I accept commissions for fish models, but the scaly water sprites will never be my true muse. I still throw everything I have into those models, though, because C.J. loves them."

Summoned by amiibo[edit]

  • "Was it you who drew me here, like a moth to a particularly brilliant lamp? Either you need something?"
  • "So. We meet again, human... What do you require this time?"
  • "I'm joining him. I hope that's OK."
  • "Creation requires time and focus. I cannot craft a masterpiece until I savor a perfect cup of coffee."
  • "The museum curator...hates bugs?! He created such a fine exhibit, yet he cannot appreciate it? How tragic."
  • "I hear that C.J. comes here with his dad too... I don't see that happening with me and mine."
  • "C.J. and I both have the same habit— we come here on our own after our tourney to celebrate a job well done. Here's to the little pleasures."
  • "At home, C.J. and I are both immersed in our individual passions. We usually drink our coffee in separate rooms. Sitting here, enjoying coffee and conversation... It would be nice to try this at home once in a while."


  • "Hey! Thanks for inviting me for coffee, gobble gob."
  • "Couldn't wait to gobble gab with me over coffee again, could you?"
  • "I've created quite a few desserts specifically to pair with an after-meal cup of Brewster's amazing coffee."
  • "It's so nice to be waited on for a change, though it's a little awkward not being the one running around."
  • "Coffee has so much untapped potential as an ingredient. I feel like I've barely begun to explore it..."
  • "These days, I just travel where I'm invited to cater, but it would be so nice to have my own restaurant. I'd love to put down roots and try out the owner-chef life, gobble gob!"
  • "How does this coffee do it? Every sip causes a half dozen new recipe ideas to leap into my mind. Amazing..."


  • "You rang, honey? What do you need?"
  • "Oh, it's you again. I see."
  • "Label is my semiformer mentee. She wanted to get together, and then I bumped into her here, so..."
  • "I'm not going to do a fashion check for you, just so you know. I make it a hard rule not to work at all on days off."
  • "This coffee is as delicious as the reviews for my 2002 spring lineup!"
  • "I gave Label the name Labelle, but I think it's good that she altered it. All fashion designers start out ripping the seams from beautiful works and resewing them."
  • "I reached a save point in my work, and now I'm recharging my battery for an indefinite amount of time. Since I'm a lifelong designer, it's important to stay still once in a while to take a good look at who I am. And who I am is the one, the only...Gracie."


  • "Ahoy! Ye want Grams? 'Cause ye got Grams! Aye, an' I'm happy ta be here!"
  • "Callin' again, are ye? Ye're a good salt, payin' so much attention to an ol' gal like me."
  • "Somethin' ya gotta know about ol' Grams: if ye're talkin' coffee, I'm taggin' along to get me fill!"
  • "At home, it's mostly tea fer me. But I never could turn down a cuppa joe. 'Tis the stuff grandmas're made of!"
  • "Are ye one o' them what cruises on me boy's boat? That be the life! Best ye keep on enjoyin' them rides!"
  • "Yar, truly this be mighty fine coffee. 'Tis tellin' me ol' bones that today'll be a good one, through and through!"
  • "The coffee here be tasty, surely. But nothin' beats the tea I drink with me home."
  • "Thanks to yer invitation, me an' me family got to do a bit o' adventurin' together today!"


  • "Ahoy there! Thanks for the invite!"
  • "Hey there! Look who's washed up!"
  • "You're lucky you got ahold of me! My communicator and I have a bit of an...on-again, off-again relationship."
  • "Hm... This coffee doesn't taste nearly as salty as what I make on the ship."
  • "There's nothing like shore leave in a new city. The lights, the sounds, my ship drifting off toward the horizon... Anyway, the crew was extra nice this time and got the ship super close before I had to start swimming!"
  • "Sometimes I like to think of this island as my home away from home away from home. It's a fine place with beaches of endless, soft, pillow-like sand. Who could ask for more?"
  • "I'll never say no to coffee! It's nice to have something other than seawater for a change."


  • "Thanks for the invite! A little coffee sounds perfect right about now."
  • "I'm back like a big-hair trend!"
  • "Has the coffee here always been so good? Mmm! I feel like my smile's getting bigger with every sip!"
  • "I just want to say I think that hairdo is really working for you, hon."
  • "I know how much work it takes to whip up your own personal style. You're doing amazing, shug!"
  • "I hope you don't mind, but I just can't stop staring at your hair style. It's gorgeous! If I ever find myself in need of a model, I may just come calling."
  • "I wonder if I ought to bring some coffee back for... Oh! I was just thinking aloud. Don't mind me!"


  • "Well, hello there! Gosh, I'm so happy to see you!"
  • "It's me again! I guess you aren't getting tired of ol' Harv just yet."
  • "I'm such a busy bee these days with work, so I'm glad you called me out here today to hang loose!"
  • "I always say you can call me Harv for short or Haaaaaaarv for long, but after this coffee I'm thinking... Just call me anytime you want to share a cup of joe!"
  • "I like Brewster's coffee so much that I've been tinkering with brewing some of my own back home... But it's not as easy as I thought! I used organic, free-range beans, but wouldn't you know? It turned out they were pinto."
  • "You know, I used to run a little drive-in campsite some time ago... We got all kinds of fun visitors, and Brewster even had a little café nearby. And look at us now! Well, I suppose things haven't changed that much now that I think about it..."
  • "You know, it's always been my dream to create a happy place for everyone, where we can all be ourselves... But now that I've found <island>, I don't have to. Everyone here did it for me!"


  • "Thank you so much for inviting me out for coffee, <player>!"
  • "Hi! I hope I didn't keep you waiting."
  • "Mr. Nook always brings me coffee whenever he comes here, so today I'm going to return the favor!"
  • "I remember when I first got here, and it always amazes me how lovely <island> has become!"
  • "Your invitation is just one example of how kind and supportive everyone has been to me since I arrived. I only hope we're living up to that kindness with the work we do at Resident Services."
  • "Brewster ran a café in the town where I used to work as well. The coffee there was so delicious! Being able to have Brewster's coffee again is like a dream come true!"
  • "I love that there's a place like this where we can just sit down together and chat. We're so lucky here!"

with Digby[edit]

  • "I heard my brother was going to stop by today, so I decided to tag along."
  • "He and I are actually twins! I was born first, though, so that makes me his older sister."
  • "Digby used to work for one of Mr. Nook's enterprises as well. What a happy time that was."
  • "Do you believe in twin power? Digby and I are often feeling the same way on the same day, just by chance... Isn't that funny? Sometimes we'll even find out we made the same thing for dinner! Makes you wonder."
  • "These days, Digby evaluates homes for the Happy Home Academy. It's all very hush-hush! Oh, I'm just so proud of him. And who knows, maybe he's even looked at some of the homes on our island!"
  • "My brother and I have a lot in common, but when it comes to coffee, we're complete opposites. I don't mind one bit though. I'm so grateful for every cup we get to share together!"


  • "Ho ho ho! Hee hee hee! It takes quite a lot of courage to call upon me, pumpkin!"
  • "Hee hee hee! Ho ho ho! How bold of you to keep calling me here, pumpkin!"
  • ""Trick or treat" or "milk and sugar"? It all depends on the date, pumpkin. Though I find that milk and sugar are far more agreeable in coffee."
  • "Coffee is nice, but coffee-flavored candy? Oh, how scarily scrumptious that is!"
  • "I heard a rumor, pumpkin. That the sablé cookies that Brewster bakes are ever so scrumptious! I would love to try some, but he says they are only for children! That just makes me want them more!"
  • "Whether it's candy or coffee, a good little goblin never forgets to brush their teeth afterward!"
  • "Sweetened coffee may be dreadfully delightful, but I find candy itself to be the perfect coffee complement. Treat yourself, pumpkin! Take a lick of a lollipop, then sip a bleak, black drip. Weird worlds of flavor await!"


  • "Well, hello there! I'm Jingle, the black-nosed reindeer!"
  • "Hello again! Meeting up with you is always a gift. Ooh! Like a Toy Day gift, even."
  • "This is the best spot in the whole café, if you ask me. I get great service here, and everyone can see me from my best side at all times."
  • "A quiet moment alone with some coffee or your favorite cozy beverage is like a gift you give yourself!"
  • "Sometimes I add cream to my coffee, and other times I don't. Sometimes I add sugar too. But not always! I try to think of coffee as a gift, and I'm always happy to get a gift, no matter what's inside!"
  • "I always say that my job helping Santa deliver presents is one of the best jobs in the world! But I do pull some pretty late hours...which is when a nice cup of coffee really hits the spot."
  • "It makes me so happy to help make everyone smile on Toy Day. I can't imagine how Brewster feels... He gets to make folks happy with every cup he brews!"


  • "Oh, well, hello there! Are you the one who called me? It's nice to visit this place, hyeh heh heh..."
  • "Still need something from me? I don't have a full stock of turnips with me or nothin', hyeh heh heh..."
  • "Are you the one who called my granddaughter? I couldn't help but tag along with her."
  • "My lovely li'l granddaughter has been helping me out so much lately. These old bones are grateful for the rest!"
  • "After carryin' turnips all around everywhere for so long, I can't tell ya how nice it is to just SIT like this."
  • "My granddaughter is still too young for coffee, so I asked Brewster to whip up a li'l treat for her instead. Those cookies sure look yummy! Hyeh heh heh..."
  • "My granddaughter sells most of the turnips now, but who do you think harvests them? That's right—I'm not too old to do my share on the farm just yet! Hyeh heh heh..."
  • "I told Daisy Mae to take those turnips off her head while we're indoors here! She's real protective of those turnips. Hyeh heh heh..."


  • "What's buzzin', cousin?"
  • "Thought I'd swing on by again."
  • "Nothing beats a fresh bowl of bean juice to get my bean brewing fresh beats."
  • "My music takes me all over the world, but <island> here is one of my favorite places."
  • "Now, this was a while back, you dig, but Brewster once had a small stage set up in his café. I used to play there, back in the day, so Brewster's been takin' care of me for a dog's age now."
  • "Nothing cooler than a cup of hot java to get you going. Puts a new set of strings on the old guitar, you dig?"

DJ KK[edit]

  • "Thanks for the invite."
  • "I thought I could do with a bit more of this café scene serene."
  • "Which beans you brew and which platters you spin, those two problems have a lot in common. What you choose, that's what sets the tone for the rest of the day... or the rest of the night."
  • "K.K. Slider? Yeah, I've heard of him, but am I him? I'm not saying yes. But I'm not saying no either, dig? One thing I can say is: right here, right now, I'm DJ KK. That's it, and that's all."
  • "I've been a fan of Brewster's coffee since back in the day. Where it is may change, but this café is always where it's at."
  • "I spend a lot of time up in my head, thinking about the best music to set the scene for any scene... But this music playing right here? This is really where it's at."
  • "When life's a grind, I like to let go and lose myself in a fresh cup of Brewster's brew."


  • "Arrre ye...the one what called me here? Well, thank ye!"
  • "Summoned to parley again? Guess ol' Kapp'n's a popular fella!"
  • "Yarr, me family brung me along fer this trip."
  • "Ah, when me daughter's old enough, I imagine we'll sail here fer some coffee, just the two of us."
  • "Me an' me wife had plenty o' café dates when we was courtin'...but this one be a fine family place too."
  • "Looks like me family thinks as highly of <island> as I do!"
  • "Ah, Brewster's coffee... I always imagined I'd be enjoyin' it with me family by me side someday."
  • "I takes me coffee with a bit o' milk. Ol' Kapp'n needs strong muscles fer steerin' ships an' such."


  • "Thanks so much for invitationing me! That word's big..."
  • "Hello! I came back!"
  • "Coffee tastes funny, so I like to put lots and lots of milk in it."
  • "Meowie-zowie! This island is soooo pretty that I almost got lost 'cause I was looking around too much!"
  • "Taking trips on a train is neat, but I like how planes can take you way, way farther!"
  • "I wanna get my mommy a, um...a sew...veneer. But I don't know what I should buy!"
  • "When I go a place I haven't been to before, my favorite thing is talking to folks. It's fun making mew friends!"


  • "You beckoned me here, and I have arrived..."
  • "Ahhh, you beckoned me once again."
  • "Have you ever had your fortune read using coffee grounds? Predictions are made based on the swirls and patterns left at the bottom of a cup after the imbibing of coffee. Or so I'm told... I myself do not practice the caffeinated arts."
  • "Were you aware that drinking a cup of hot coffee can wake you from sleepiness? Results may vary, of course. Drinking coffee could merely awaken a need for more coffee."
  • "Coffee has an almost mystical power to form a bond between those who sit for a cup and a chat. It tends to work better with someone you already know, but strangers can become chatty as well."
  • "I had signs of improved friendship luck today. I take our present chat as evidence that the signs were right!"
  • "Technology allows for the telling of fortunes in many new ways. I personally have begun offering words of wisdom on an app that is called NookLink."


  • "'Allo there, chum! You wanted to see me, eh? Chat and whatnot? Awright then. S'pose it's time to take it easy."
  • "'Ey there, my chum! Didn't get your fill o' me? Much obliged, very much obliged."
  • "Nothin' like a nice cuppa coffee to refill the tank. I feel like a freshly shined pair o' shoes!"
  • "Crikey, Brewster's a master at his craft. Inspirin' and whatnot, don'tcha think?"
  • "No milk, no nothin'. I like my coffee nice 'n' simple. Helps ya savor the aromas and all that."
  • "When the world's got me down, I'll treat m'self to a nice cuppa joe with a bit o' sugar. Makes it all awright."
  • "Seein' as how I'm awready here, think I'll treat m'self to another cup for the road. Couldn't hurt, eh?"


  • "Thanks for inviting me! Since I was invited, I brought my sisters along too."
  • "Thank you for inviting me back!"
  • "I hope you don't mind me joining in."
  • "I love traveling and seeing all the fashions of the world, but it's meant I can't live with my sisters anymore."
  • "I'm always inspired when I see what my sisters are up to. I think about them a lot while I'm traveling."
  • "I get to see so many amazing things in my travels, but sometimes I just miss chatting with my sisters."
  • "I feel like coffee can taste different based on who you're drinking it with. It's almost like how the same clothes can seem different depending on who wears them and where."
  • "This coffee is amazing. I'll definitely be coming here for a cup next time I'm on <island>."

with Gracie[edit]

  • "Hello! I heard Gracie was going to be here, so I thought I'd come by."
  • "Even though I'm on my own now, Gracie still looks out for me. I know some folks have trouble with how...honest she is, but I think that made her the ideal mentor for me."
  • "It was Gracie who inspired me to travel and see everything the fashion world had to offer."
  • "I was worried what Gracie would say when I decided to go by Label and not my designer name, Labelle. But she didn't mind at all. She was just happy for me. Her support has always meant a lot."
  • "I feel like I've grown a lot since I started working with Gracie. But my dream still hasn't changed. I'm going to show the fashion world what I can do!"
  • "I've learned so much from Gracie. She even helped me learn how to appreciate coffee!"


  • "Well, hello there. Thanks for inviting me here!"
  • "It was nice to hear from you again. It just brightened up my day!"
  • "It's really difficult to grow coffee. Did you know that? Coffee trees need everything to be exactly right—the sunlight, the rain, the temperature, the soil... But after you pour that first cup and take a sip of pure happiness, you'll know it was worth the trouble."
  • "You can sure taste a lot of hard work and love in the coffee here. Brewster is amazing, of course, but we shouldn't forget everyone that worked to grow the coffee beans!"
  • "I know the bug exhibit in the museum was made for the bugs, but I like to go in there and relax with the plants."
  • "Coffee plants are part of the genus "coffea." Isn't that interesting? There are well over 100 plants in the coffea genus too. But not all of them are good for making coffee. But that's OK! Plants, like everything else, are always happiest when they can be whatever they want to be."
  • "When you think of coffee, you probably imagine those little, dry, brown beans, don't you? You should see the flowers and berries they come from. They're just the cutest little things. The flowers bloom white and smell wonderful, and the berries look like delicious cherries once they ripen."


  • "Mom an' Dad an' Grams all came here with me!"
  • "Hi! I came back!"
  • "Me an' Mom an' Dad an' Grams all came here together!"
  • "I don't dwink coffee. I eat cookies!"
  • "I love going places with Mom an' Dad an' Grams!"
  • "Dad dwinks a LOT of coffee at home."
  • "Mom doesn't dwink coffee at home. She dwinks tea!"
  • "Grams likes tea, but sometimes she dwinks cocoa with me!"


  • "Thank ye fer yer kindness to me and me family. We're visitin' together!"
  • "Yar! Ye brought me back again! Well, thar's no such thing as too much o' me."
  • "I'm here with me whole crew."
  • "Can't believe me hubby gets ta call such a lovely island his home port. 'Tis wonderful!"
  • "Hail us again sometime, won't ye, <player>?"
  • "Aye, that Kapp'n's told many a tale o' the Roost's fine coffee. Been wantin' ta sip it meself fer quite a while!"
  • "I hear ye can deal fer beans an' take 'em home with ye! I'm bettin' I'd learn ta brew 'em up real good."
  • "Yar, I'd love to show Leila around the island. This be a good spot fer a family outin'."


  • "Hey there! Thanks for calling me!"
  • "Hey, it's me again!"
  • "Hello! I decided to tag along."
  • "If you ask me, it's the president's responsibility to let staff members take breaks when they need them."
  • "We're designing and selling vacation homes at a resort not too far from this island."
  • "I owe President Nook and Isabelle so much for all they've done, so we want to swing by and say hello."

After playing Happy Home Paradise[edit]

  • "Thanks for calling me up! It's nice to see you, <player>."
  • "Here again, <player>!"
  • "I decided to tag along to see you too, <player>!"
  • "Make sure you get some rest when you have time off from work. That way you can go back stronger!"
  • "I'd like to stop by President Nook and Isabelle's place to say hello."
  • "When we're all together like this, it kind of feels like we're at the office."
  • "This yummy coffee was definitely worth the trip!"
  • "Every time I visit, it's always so nice on <island>! I'm so jealous that you get to live here, <player>!"

with Lyle and company[edit]

  • "I thought I'd tag along with my uncle today!"
  • "It's so exciting having my own business, but I'll never forget my friends from Nook's Homes."
  • "The work I did at Nook's Homes is what prepared me to start my own business. I learned so much!"
  • "Mr. Nook was such a good mentor to me. I could never repay him for all his wisdom, and he doesn't even charge interest!"
  • "This reminds me of break time at Nook's Homes... We all sure loved our coffee!"
  • "While I'm here, I ought to do a little research on the latest design and decor trends on this island. That makes it a business trip!"


  • "I am so very pleased that you called me here today."
  • "Did you mean to call me here again? It is fine—I am always happy to chat."
  • "Naturally, I believe in the importance of a good night's sleep...yet it's hard to turn down a hot cup of coffee! The key, of course, is moderation. Or decaf. Too much caffeine can be just as bad for you as too much sleep."
  • "I am happy that this shop offers decaffeinated coffee. I would hate to keep a sweet dream waiting."
  • "Everyone I see here has visited me in their dreams. It is so fascinating to meet them again while awake!"
  • "For me, there are few things as wonderful as the first sip of coffee after a pleasant dream. Beginning my day from a place of calm and happiness is my way of setting the tone for all that follows."
  • "Few things are more comforting than the scent of a fresh pot of coffee."


  • "You. Me. Coffee. Fabulous! Thanks for the invite!"
  • "More coffee? You bet! Can't resist!"
  • "Coffee? Delicious. Work buddies? Bang! Called 'em. It's great catchin' up with everyone!"
  • "Lottie? My niece? Starting her very own company. Bang! Incredible! Just incredible. Couldn't be prouder. The best part? Guess who introduced her to Tom Nook? Me! Never guessed where it'd lead. Still in shock. Connections are everything in business. Everything! And Lottie? She nailed it. I'm so proud!"
  • "Tom Nook and Lyle? Known each other for years. Years! Been biz buds since my Happy Home Academy days. Wanted something for your home? Bang! We had you covered. No problemo! Those were the days."
  • "So! Isabelle. Working with Tom Nook now. Glad to hear it. She's an ace. Really helped us out back in the day."
  • "Digby and Lyle. Both of us back at Happy Home Academy. You want a winning combo? Bang! There it is!"


  • "Thanks so much for the invite. Oh! And my sisters wanted to come too!"
  • "A little break never hurts. Thanks for inviting me!"
  • "Hello! I tagged along!"
  • "Label doesn't live with us these days, so it's a big deal to get all three of us together like this."
  • "We used to run a shop with Label, but she's always been interested in traveling so she can study fashion. Having a shop means staying put, so it just didn't work out. But the important thing is she's happy!"
  • "Sable's always hard at work behind the sewing machine at home, so this is a really nice change of pace!"
  • "It's so great to get together like this. I really hope you'll invite us out here again, <player>!"
  • "I'm not sure what it is, but I feel like the coffee here just tastes better with company."


  • "Hello there! Thank you again for the invite. I appreciate it!"
  • "Hello, hello! It's quite nice to see you again!"
  • "I must admit that I've always admired how close Chip and his family seem to be. Why, if I had an ant for every time I've prodded him for advice, I believe I'd have a colony!"
  • "Of all things, how did insects become such a touchy subject between my son and I... I simply don't understand it. We both adore the insect world! Ah...I'm sure the day will come when we can agree to disagree and put this minor unpleasantness behind us."
  • "I'm so grateful my son has Chip's boy to rely upon. My son's always been such a shy lad... He reminds me quite a bit of me when I was his age!"
  • "Sometimes I wish I got to see more of my son, even if just for coffee. Alas, he is busy living his life. I miss him, but I also couldn't be any more proud of him."
  • "Have you ever met my dear boy, Flick? He is the most wonderful, passionate lad. I am quite lucky!"


  • "Hi! You... You're the one who called me here, right?"
  • "Hey! You just can't get enough Niko, can you?"
  • "Hi!"
  • Mmmmm... This is really good coffee!"
  • You can't beat island coffee. I want to get my fill here every day!"
  • I came here to fuel up so I can get through the workday. So good!"

After playing Happy Home Paradise[edit]

  • Thanks for calling me on over, <player>!"
  • I'm back, <player>!"
  • I'm just here to enjoy this wild ride, <player>!"
  • No question about it. You live in a cool place, <player>!"
  • Feels nice to get together with good folks outside of work hours."
  • I'm so glad I got the chance to visit <island> today."


  • "Hey hey hey! Thank you so much for the invite!"
  • "And I'm back! I'd never turn down a round-trip ticket here!"
  • "Hey! I heard where Wilbur was going and thought he might want a copilot."
  • "I'm not really supposed to leave my post without a very good reason. But if there's a better reason than a fresh cup of coffee, I haven't heard of it!"
  • "Gotta say, it's been a real pleasure getting the chance to know everyone on <island>. Beyond a doubt, this island and its folks have got charm to spare!"
  • "Working at the airport gets pretty busy sometimes. And you wouldn't believe the paperwork! Taking off for the Roost to get some sure hits the spot."
  • "Don't worry! If you need anything at the airport, I can stow this coffee and get right over there."
  • "Sometimes I wish my job took me into the sky more often. I'd love to be a pilot, but I don't have a license!"


  • "Thanks for the invite, maaan!"
  • "Whoa! I'm here again."
  • "You got any scallops? 'Cause I feel like this coffee would go great with some scallops."
  • "I think fresh coffee is great and all, but, maaan, it's still got nothing on a fresh scallop!"
  • "Ever wonder why there isn't, like, an entire museum just fulla scallops? I do. I wonder about that a lot."
  • "How come nobody's ever made a coffee cup out of a scallop shell? I bet they'd sell. I'd buy one!"
  • "Swimming in cool ocean waters with hot coffee sloshin' in your stomach... It's a good feeling, maaan."


  • "You have called Pavé? And so you shall have Pavé!"
  • "Once again, you have summoned... the fabulous Pavé!"
  • "Do not be confused. Pavé does not operate at full passion all of the time. No. Pavé knows that this is not the place for his hips to gyrate. Pavé does not want to spill the coffee."
  • "Pavé and coffee do not quite rhyme, but do not underestimate the effect of experiencing both at once!"
  • "You cannot see the heart of Pavé, but Pavé assures you that it beats in rhythm to the music."
  • "Ahhh...the aroma of this coffee is tickling the nose of Pavé. Perhaps my feet will tickle the dance floor..."
  • "Do you know the connection between Festivale and Bunny Day? Neither does Pavé. But Festivale is always on a Monday 40 days before Bunny Day. Not counting Sundays! Do not ask Pavé why the Sundays are not counted. It is of no concern to Pavé."


  • "Thanks for calling me over! I thought I'd bring my older sister along."
  • "I'm so glad to be back. Thanks for inviting me again!"
  • "I couldn't help myself when I found out where my older sister was going."
  • "Did you know Brewster had a café in the town where we used to work? We used to spend so much time there!"
  • "My sister and I work in shifts—one of us in the day, the other at night. We hardly ever see each other, so getting coffee together is a real treat for us!"
  • "It's hard to believe how many familiar faces there are around here! The nostalgia makes this place feel even more cozy than it already is."
  • "When I went to order coffee, I didn't have to say a thing. Brewster just remembered. It was so touching!"
  • "My sister's the entire reason I'm a fan of Brewster's coffee. To me, that makes getting to share a cup with her even more special."


  • "Usually folks only call me up when their mail goes missing, so this was a nice change of pace. Thanks!"
  • "Thanks for having me out here again."
  • "There's a special someone I really wanted to invite along, but...I just didn't have the courage to ask them."
  • "I wonder if Phyllis would ever want to get coffee with me... Maybe someday."
  • "This coffee is so bitter and acidic, and yet so bold and mature that I find it incredibly charming. Phyllis would really like this coffee..."
  • "The more times you invite me here, the more chances I'll have to pluck up the courage to bring Phyllis..."
  • "I want to get to know this place. One of these days, I'm gonna bring a date here! One of these days..."

when following Phyllis[edit]

  • Oh, hey! Don't mind me. I'm just here making... a special delivery. Yeah.
  • Hey, uh... Don't tell Phyllis and her sister I'm here, OK?
  • What are they talking about... I can't hear them, but if I get any closer, I'll be spotted...
  • Hmm... I wish I could be over there, sitting across from Phyllis while she sips her coffee...
  • I had Brewster make me the same blend he makes for Phyllis. Now I need to figure out what she likes in it. Or... whether she likes anything in her coffee at all!
  • Facing each other at a table is one thing, but what if we sat next to each other at the counter? Ah, Phyllis...


  • "Why, hello there! You must be the one who invited me. Thank you!"
  • "Hello again, youngster! It's so very nice to be back!"
  • "To think this island was once entirely deserted, but now it hosts its very own museum. Magnificent!"
  • "It's a shame I forgot to bring my badges with me. I used to love giving those out to folks!"
  • "This coffee is incredible! Oh, if only I could give it a prize. Arrrk ark ark!"
  • "One should always be careful around strangers, of course... But as long as you feel safe, few things are more rewarding than a chat with someone from afar."
  • "Since I came all this way, perhaps I ought to go for a stroll around <island> later."


  • "So did YOU call me? Thanks, I guess."
  • "You again? Well, I'm here. Let's get some more coffee. You're buying!"
  • "Pelly begged and begged, so I said fine and came along."
  • "I'm bored. I wonder how the takeout is here."
  • "Mmm... Unlike almost everything else, Brewster's coffee always manages to impress."
  • "I don't get why Brewster does it. Keeping this place open morning, noon, and night is so much work..."
  • "It's disappointing how many folks I recognize around here..."
  • "Look, the only way I'll get more of Brewster's coffee is if you invite me or my sister here, so...go nuts."


  • "Thanks for the invite! Eek eek!"
  • "Eek eek! Hey, I'm back!"
  • "It's too bad this island doesn't have a train station. Out here, there's nowhere for me to work, eek!"
  • "I love trains! I love working with trains, and I love trains as a hobby. I can't get enough of trains. But... Even I've gotta admit that riding on planes is really, really exciting!"
  • "A little coffee break like this is a dream come true, eek! I think one of the towns I worked in had a café like this. Now I regret never taking the time to pop in!"
  • "I guess there's really no way to get a train out here. This island is nice, but a train would make it a lot nicer! Eek!"
  • "Do you think Blathers likes trains? 'Cause someday, I really want him to open a railroad museum, eek!"


  • "Hello, hello, hello! It's nice of you to invite me over!"
  • "Hello, hello! Couldn't resist having me back, huh?"
  • "Well! This coffee sure is something! It's got...notes! And flavors too!"
  • "I'm real happy to be here. It's not every day I get to have a nice, calm, indoor-voice chat with a client."
  • "Now I wish I'd brought some merchandise with me today. I see a lot of potential here!"
  • "I wonder if Brewster would ever be interested in becoming a brand. All I'd need is some coffee and the exclusive rights to his name. He wouldn't even have to do anything!"
  • "It's amazing how much folks will pay for coffee to drink while they watch other folks drink coffee. Hmm..."


  • "Why, thank you for the invitation! I brought my Cy-Guy along too!"
  • "Here I am! It's always wonderful to hear from you."
  • "Hi! My Cy-Guy told me where he was going, and I just had to come along!"
  • "I'm always impressed with how hard my handy-dandy husband works. He really does give it his all!"
  • "I always tell my darling he needs to take more breaks from work, and your invite was the perfect excuse!"
  • "This café reminds me so much of the places Cy-Guy and I went to back when we were dating."
  • "As much as we enjoy spending time at home, these little trips mean the world to us!"
  • "Brewster's coffee is fantastic, but I think I like my husband's just the tiniest bit more. Hee-hee!"


  • "So, you the one who called me? Well, I made it. May as well try to enjoy myself!"
  • "You again? Fine, fine! I'm here. Let's get pourin'."
  • "Back in the old days, it was pretty much my job to be angry all the time. That's a tough habit to break... These days, I try to watch my temper. Being angry is stressful, and stress ain't good for you. Not at all! My new job really helps though. Some days are almost...relaxin'!"
  • "My old job had me supervisin' all year long. I never got any breaks or vacation time. It was hard on me. Now I only hafta do work when a call comes in. It's a lot less stressful."
  • "I got an older brother who works with me. I love him, but he just yaks and yaks and yaks all day long... I like to slip out when he's not lookin' and get a snack or something. Gotta tell ya, the quiet's real nice!"
  • "Usually I'm a counter-seat kind of mole, but takin' it easy at a table once in a while is good too!"
  • "I don't think I'll ever get tired of Brewster's coffee. I like to swing in after lunch and grab some to go."

with Don[edit]

  • "Look, I'm only here 'cause my brother made me."
  • "Don's plenty old enough to drink coffee all on his own. I don't see why he had to drag me along..."
  • "Don's always lecturin' me about this or that. Can't stand it. It's enough to make even THIS coffee taste bad."
  • "Just so's you know, we're off the clock right now. If you know what's good for you, you won't need any rescuing until I'm done with my coffee."
  • "Dirt clods! Don's gettin' that "I'm about to lecture you on something" look in his eye. Sometimes I wish the Rescue Service had its own Rescue Service..."
  • "Gettin' a new job cleared up an awful lot of stress...which I swear Don is bent on making up for sometimes!"


  • "Hey, it was really great to hear from you. Oh, I ran into Tom Nook on the way over and invited him along."
  • "Hey there! It's sure great to be back."
  • "As soon as I heard Tom Nook was on this island, I made sure to put it on my destination list!"
  • "Tom Nook and I go way back, but we don't get too many chances to talk face-to-face these days."
  • "No matter how long it's been since we talked, Tom Nook and I always pick up right where we left off. I guess that's just what old friends do. It's a little strange and a little wonderful, isn't it?"
  • "Thanks for giving me an excuse to stop by. I've heard nothing but great things about <island>!"
  • "A long time ago, Brewster ran a café in this one town's museum. His coffee was amazing. It still is! I remember saying that I'd travel the world just to have his coffee again... so I did, and here I am!"


  • "Thank you for the invitation."
  • "So you invited me back. Thank you."
  • "My sister insisted I come too. I hope that's alright."
  • "Sorry I don't talk more when you're in the shop. It's just really important for me to focus."
  • "Please come by the shop again soon."
  • "Sometimes I forget this place is so close by... Then I remember, and I just have to get some of their coffee."
  • "Getting all three of us sisters together like this is really lucky."
  • "This coffee is just what I needed."
  • "...Thank you."
  • "...
  • "...It's good coffee, isn't it?


  • "Hello there. Was it you who summoned me to this place?"
  • "You have summoned me again. Are we becoming friends?"
  • "Coffee is to my liking, especially when it is rich and bold, like me. But there is to be no drinking of coffee above one of my rugs! The stain would set inside my very soul."
  • "Ahh. It is pleasant to take a break from the selling of items. Whew! Sometimes I think we do not realize how hard we all work."
  • "If one must drink coffee over a rug, one must obtain a coffee-colored rug. I will not hear arguments!"
  • "I am enjoying myself immensely. By all means, you may summon me for this activity every day, if you like."
  • "I do not drink coffee while I am working, but perhaps I should... Tell me. Would you consider purchasing more rugs if I did?"


  • "Ta-daa! Thanks for calling me!"
  • "It's an encore! I'm back for more! No new material, but let's power through anyway!"
  • "Ah, sitting in this café reminds me of when I was an up-and-coming comedian on tour... I'd stay up all night drinking terrible coffee and writing terrible jokes. Nowadays the coffee is better!"
  • "I used to drink coffee to stay awake before my late-night comedy sets. If only the audience had done the same..."
  • "Don't worry—I'm not gonna sit here and tell you some of my old jokes. I'm gonna sit here and tell you ALL of my old jokes!"
  • "I wish social media existed when I was a young comedian... Then I could just tell a joke once, and it would be online forever!"
  • "Don't tell anyone, but I can tell the difference between this gourmet coffee and the cheap stuff. After all, I used to brew it all the time for my comedy mentor back in the day. He taught me everything I know... about coffee. Probably should have got some comedy lessons too..."

Timmy and Tommy[edit]

  • "Thank you very much for the invitation!"
  • "We're back again!"
  • "I'm tagging along too!"
  • "We usually get takeout, so it's a nice change of pace to relax in the café!"
  • "When President Nook visits the coffee shop, he often invites us along! It's always an honor."
  • "I wasn't sure whether to invite President Nook to come along... He'd probably accept just to be nice, even though he's so busy. But I'd feel bad about bothering him. Then again, maybe he would like some coffee? I don't know. I didn't want to bother him."
  • "In the town where we used to run a shop, President Nook would often bring us coffee while we worked. That was when I got a taste for Brewster's coffee. I'm so very happy I get to drink it again!"
  • "Our tastes in coffee, and the frantic speed we drink it, are roughly the same. So frantic, in fact, we will sometimes grab the other's order and have it half-drank before we notice!"
  • "I never would have thought that this island would one day get such a great museum and café!"
  • "Maybe I'll get a few cups to go and bring them to President Nook and Isabelle on the way home..."
  • "Even if I drank Brewster's coffee all day, every day, I'd still never get tired of it. Actually, I'd never get tired, period! Which means more time to drink his coffee. What a business model..."
  • "Meeting up in a place like this to talk business can really give your meeting a nice, casual feeling. And vibes like that can really get the creative juices flowing!"
  • "We wouldn't be able to enjoy such tasty coffee were it not for you. Thank you, <player>!"
  • "We're tagging along too! ...too!"
  • The advice that President Nook gives us is always just the thing we need to hear! hear!"
  • We know we can't always rely on the president and will have to make it on our own someday, but... Sometimes, we also hope that we can work with him forever. ...forever!"
  • I would think even President Nook would want time to himself. But he's always inviting us along! ...along!"
  • President Nook is always treating us to coffee and other treats. Mostly coffee. We want to work hard so that someday we can be the ones treating him! ...him!"
  • The two of us come up with a lot of good ideas about our store when we're drinking coffee. But when the president is with us, it's even easier to come up with good ideas! ...ideas!"

Tom Nook[edit]

  • "Ah, <player>! Hello, hello!"
  • "<player>! Thanks for inviting me again."
  • "I rely on these two to tell me how this place is doing...and about any special roasts Brewster has going."
  • "I couldn't ask for better help than Timmy and Tommy. I believe they can do anything they set their minds to."
  • "We knew deserted-island life might be tricky, but that just made us even more determined to serve you better!"
  • "I have Isabelle holding down the fort back at Resident Services. It's only fair that I bring her some coffee."
  • "I've been a fan of Brewster's coffee for quite a few years now. Yes, yes! I hope having him here means he'll soon have many, many more fans!"

with Lyle and company[edit]

  • "Hello! When I heard Lyle was coming by, I wanted to pop in as well!"
  • "Seeing everyone here takes me back to when I ran my real-estate company..."
  • "Isabelle didn't work for me back in my real-estate days, but she was a huge help to us all the same."
  • "I've known Lyle for a long time now, and thanks to him, I met Lottie too! It just goes to show that you never know where life will take you or who you'll meet along the way. Yes, yes!"
  • "Hm... Relaxing with everyone like this makes me feel like we're right back in the Nook's Homes days."
  • "It makes me very happy seeing so many folks I used to work with finding their own happiness."

with Rover[edit]

  • "Oho! I'm never one to turn down coffee with an old friend."
  • "My friend is always off traveling, so it's rare that we get a chance to meet up like this."
  • "Rover is always thinking of me, even while he's off seeing the world. He used to introduce me to the folks he met on his travels. In fact, I sold quite a few homes that way! Yes, yes!"
  • "When I first met Rover, I was only operating a quaint little shop. It's safe to say that meeting him had a major impact on my decision to expand into the real-estate business."
  • "Over the years, Rover has sent a lot of home buyers my way, but I've still never sold him one. Maybe someday!"
  • "The two of us are almost complete opposites. He's always on the road, while I help others put down roots. But maybe those differences are the very reason we've stayed friends all these years, hm?"


  • "You! Whippersnapper! Are you the one who rang me?"
  • "You? Again? If you insist!"
  • "I know a thing or three about being a mayor—I used to be one, after all. Now, before I came in here, I took a gander at this island of yours. And as a former mayor, all I have to say is... Not too shabby! Heh heh HORF!"
  • "I seem to remember a certain café in a certain museum in a certain municipality I used to be mayor of. As I recall, that café was even run by ol' Brewster there. Mercy! The more things change, the more they don't!"
  • "Well, seeing as I came all this way, how's about letting me be mayor of this place? Nah, I'm joshing. I'm retired, and I aim to stay that way. Heh heh HORF!"
  • "I had a good time being mayor, even if I was working my shell off almost every day. Back then, I'd unwind by sipping a cup of coffee, much like this one, in a café...much like this one. Still works!"
  • "As long as you don't mind me waxing philosophic about the best old days, you can call me up anytime, sprout!"


  • "Yummy, huh?"
  • "Smells so soothing."
  • "...I love this place..."


  • "Pah-pardon me. Hello!"
  • "Thank you so muh-much for having me back!"
  • "Oh dear! I was so excited to get a cup of coffee that it seems I forgot to change out of my pajamas..."
  • "Brewster's cuh-coffee is, of course, superb...but I can't help but wonder what kind of chef he is. If his fuh-food is anything like his coffee...what a treat that would be!"
  • "This coffee tastes like it belongs in a dream... Unless this is, in fact, a dream. Then it's simply puh-perfect."
  • "The only thing that could make this trip better is a hearty meal..."
  • "I like to draw pictures while on my travels—it helps to pass the time between meals. Perhaps suh-suh-suh-someday I'll grace this island with my work."


  • "Thanks for inviting me. Felt like a perfect excuse to cruise on over."
  • "I came as soon as you radioed. Thanks for having me back!"
  • "Orville asked if I'd like to form up and wing it over for some coffee. I couldn't say no."
  • "I love flying, but sometimes I'd rather be piloting the desk at the airport. If only Orville had his license..."
  • "There are things about flying that I never get tired of seeing, like how <island> looks from the air."
  • "I'm up there in the blue so much that I forget how nice it is to have a little wheels-down time now and again."
  • "Folks put a lot of trust in you when you're a pilot. It can be extremely stressful sometimes. A cup of coffee helps me refuel and stay sharp if there's ever turbulence."
  • "Brewster's coffee is always worth landing for. I wish I could convince him to offer in-flight service though."


  • "Was it you who called me? I usually avoid crowds, but I've always wanted to go to a café, sooooooo..."
  • "Ta-daaa, I'm back! B-b-but this place is still kinda scary to me..."
  • "I guess it doesn't really matter where I sit since I can float..."
  • "I actually can't drink coffee. It just falls through me and makes a mess. But I just looooooove the smell!"
  • "A lot of folks tell me they've seen a g-g-ghost, but luckily I haven't. I hope it stays that way."
  • "I keep getting these strange looks from Brewster. It's like he's worried about something..."
  • "Coffee smells so nice. I wish I could drink it instead of only pretending like I'm drinking it."


  • "Hey, hi, and hello! Zipper is here, don'tcha know!"
  • "It's me again! Zipper's back! Pour me some coffee—I'll take it jet black. I thought I was done with this for the day..."
  • "Sugar, milk—most flavors I'll sip, but eggs don't belong in my coffee drip!"
  • "Just so we're clear, I'm only here for the coffee. I'm not hidin' any eggs, got it?"
  • "I know you've got questions about Zipper's big zipper, but now's not the time. Today, I'm a coffee sipper."
  • "Breaks are important, no matter what you do. Don't wear yourself out. You take care of you!"
  • "After the spring equinox, then the first full moon—that next Sunday's Bunny Day, so says my bunny tune! That's why the date changes year after year. It helps me surprise you whenever I appear!"



  • "I love being invited places. Thanks!"
  • "I got so excited by your invite that I almost skipped snack time!"
  • "Coffee! Coffee! I love coffee! Thanks for inviting me, <player name/nickname>!"
  • "Hi! Your invite was the best surprise since I got told I don't need to put sand in my sandwiches."
  • "A huh huh huh! You're the one who invited me here, right? 'Cause that made me happy. A huh huh huh!"
  • "Thanks for inviting me! This place is so cooool. All you gotta do is smell those coffee smells, and you know!"
  • "You're real good at inviting me here, you know that, <player name/nickname>?"
  • "How does drinking coffee with pals make it taste better? Oh! Maybe we all put out psychic flavor boosters!"
  • "What kinds of stuff do you like to put in your coffee, <catchphrase>? I put in a tiny bit of milk and enough sugar that my coffee stirrer sticks up on its own like a flagpole. It's YUM!"
  • "They only have coffee here, but I really wanna dip some snacks in my coffee too, <catchphrase>. Oh! Maybe I could bring a bag of my favorite potato chips! Do you think Brewster would be cool with that?"
  • "It's so quiet in here... If I had any secrets, I'd be worried about spilling the beans. And my secrets too!"
  • "Getting invited to have coffee is almost as good as actually drinking coffee, <catchphrase>. A huh huh!"
  • "Brewster asked me to tell my friends about this place, but then he got worried 'cause my friends are bugs..."
  • "I get all happy and bouncy when I drink coffee with my buddies. It's the best, <catchphrase>!"
  • "I feel so grown-up drinking coffee in an actual café. I dunno if I'm old enough for this yet, <catchphrase>..."
  • "COFFEEEE! OK, now what? OH! I'm gonna go run around the island over and over and over again until I stop, <catchphrase>!"
  • "I'm so glad I got to have coffee with you. Let's be pals forever, OK? OK!"
  • "Chatting with you brings back so many memories from when I lived here, like, um, <catchphrase>... Hey, remember that time I lived here? Yeah, that was pretty cool."
  • "A huh huh! Does inviting me for coffee mean you want me to move back? A huh huh huh huh huh..."
  • "It's real weird being back here. Not exactly kale-level weird, but still... Weird! Man, what even IS kale?"
  • "Wow... I still can't believe I'm back on <island>, <catchphrase>! But then, I also still can't believe tastes as good as it does, so what do I know?"
  • "This island is super lucky. It's got a fancy café and a fancy museum and the folks here are fancy... And there's a fancy airport and fancy beaches and fancy grass and fancy bugs and fancy fish... It's fancy here!"
  • "This coffee is so yum-yum-yummy! I wanna live right here in the café so I can drink all the coffee I want!"
  • "At first I was real jealous of this café. Then I remembered that I own , which is just as good!"
  • "I'm always real nervous whenever I get invited to stuff, <catchphrase>. Like, what if you meant to invite some OTHER <villager species> named <villager>, but I showed up?"
  • Know what's weird? I was kiiiiiinda already on my way here when you invited me, <catchphrase>. This coffee smell hit me all the way back home. It was so good, I've been following it from island to island. But then you called to invite me here, and that was great, 'cause my nose was getting tired. Neat, huh?"


  • "What's up, <player name/nickname>! I heard you needed an athletic <villager species>, so I ran here as fast as I could, <catchphrase>."
  • "Yoooo! Thanks for inviting me to this café, <catchphrase>. It's fancier than the one in my home gym!"
  • "Thanks for calling me up to the big leagues, coach. I'm ready to drink coffee like a pro!"
  • "Heya! You called, so I came running. Admittedly, it doesn't take much to get me running, <catchphrase>."
  • "Bold of you to call me out for this <sport> competition...Oh, it's not a competition? We're just drinking coffee? And there's no <sport> involved. Well...OK!"
  • "Hope you weren't waiting long! Had to finish up my cooldown. Now I'm ready to heat up again!"
  • "Needed another rep, huh? I'm here anytime you say the word!"
  • "You know I'm always up for a little chitchat while we hydrate. Sooo, what are we hydrating with today? I'm"
  • "Mmm...the smell of coffee in here is just amazing. Hold on—let me really take it in... AAAAAHHHH! Hope I left enough air in the room for you, <catchphrase>!"
  • "Do you add protein powder to your coffee before or after the cream? What do you mean you "don't" add protein powder to your coffee?!"
  • "How do you think Brewster stays so cool and unflappable at all times, <catchphrase>? If I worked around coffee all day, I'd definitely drink too much and be bouncing off the walls!"
  • "IT'S SO CHILL IN HERE! Oops! Did I just disrupt the vibe? SORRY! I'LL DO BETTER!"
  • "At the gym, you're not supposed to just drop all your weights loudly on the floor when you're done lifting. Similar policy here. Don't slam down the coffee cup after each sip!"
  • "Mmm...I can feel Brewster's coffee waking up every single muscle in my body, <catchphrase>..."
  • "This takes me back. I'll never forget my time on <island>. I did forget how good coffee smells, though. WOW!"
  • "It's nice to just sit down and enjoy coffee with you without the pressure of an upcoming <sport> battle. You forgot the <sport> battles we used to have? Am I thinking of someone else? Was it a dream?"
  • "It's so cool to come back to a place where you lived...I still have muscle memory from my time here. Left bicep, tell me about the time we picked ..."
  • "I'll never forget the time I spent training on this island. And neither will my quads. Yeowch! I probably overdid it."
  • "You know, I wrote a message in the sand just before I moved away...right by the water's edge. I wonder if it's still there..."
  • "Coming back to my old stomping ground really brings back a lot of great memories. <Catchphrase>, I stomped ALL OVER the place when I was developing my patented "quad stomp" workout!"
  • "I wonder if this island is strong enough for me to set up a training camp...for myself... One thing's for sure—the coffee is good enough!"
  • "I should really carve out more recovery time in cafés like this. I feel my muscles waking up!"
  • "HOT, HOT, HOT! WHY DID I DO THAT? Sorry—I guess "coffee temperature" is one of the things in life that you really shouldn't "max out" on."
  • "If I sit here long enough enjoying the smell of freshly brewed coffee, maybe it'll stick with me all day. Then I can enjoy it at home too!"
  • " don't think coffee makes your muscles shrink, do you? WHEW."


  • "Hey, kiddo! Thanks for callin' me over. The coffee here is really somethin' else!"
  • "Sorry if I kept you waitin', kiddo. It took me longer than expected to get ready."
  • "Thanks for the call! Uh, you did say you were buyin', right? Gahaha!"
  • "When you called, at first I thought you were a salesperson. Then I heard "coffee" and didn't care if you were!"
  • "So YOU'RE the one callin' at all hours of the day. Well, it's for coffee, so I suppose I can forgive it."
  • "You're the one who called, right? Very kind of you! I don't think I could ever get enough of the coffee here."
  • "Good coffee and good company! Kinda wild how one improves the other, don't you think? Well, I've never been the type to turn down a cup of coffee, so you can call me here anytime, <catchphrase>."
  • "It takes a lot of confidence to make a menu with nothin' but coffee on it. But if anyone deserves to have that level of confidence, it's Brewster!"
  • "Not that this coffee isn't amazin', but pretty much anything'll taste good with the right company. Just, uh...don't tell Brewster I said that, alright?"
  • "I hear tell that Brewster can suss out a fella's ideal coffee just by the way they walk, <catchphrase>. Kinda makes me want to switch up my gait just to see what happens. Gahaha!"
  • "Be careful what you say in a quiet place like this. You don't want folks overhearin' what they shouldn't. Not that you gotta worry about ol' Brewster. Nothing anyone could say that would ruffle those feathers!"
  • "When it comes right down to it, good folks like good coffee, and foolhardy folks don't. Remember that!"
  • "Havin' such a fine café so close by sure is a treat, <catchphrase>! I've already told all my pals back home about it. Maybe now one'll finally come visit me, <catchphrase>!"
  • "The coffee here is about as good as coffee can get. This sure beats the swill I make for myself, <catchphrase>!"
  • "It's strange, but this coffee's making me feel all nostalgic, <catchphrase>... There's just something about it that calls to mind the sweet smell of the air on <island>. It's nice."
  • "There's nothing like seein' old pals, is there? The good times, the bad, the laughs, and the tears... It's all a part of who we are, both to ourselves and to others. I wouldn't trade away none of it, <catchphrase>!"
  • "Wow... Seein' you again really takes me back. We sure had fun, didn't we, kiddo?"
  • "I had this strange, familiar feelin' I'd been here before, but I'd written it off as a pleasant dream or déjà vu. Then it hit me! I used to live here. I'd plumb forgot, <catchphrase>!"
  • "Back on <island>, huh? I made a lot of memories here. And I've made a lot of memories where I am now too, for that matter. Y'know...suddenly I'm thinkin' maybe it's time I moved on to somewhere new again, <catchphrase>. If I've learned anything over the years, it's that there's no shortage of wonderful places to live out there!"
  • "Ahh! It's always fun to revisit old haunts, ain't it? Bein' here brings back a lot of good memories."
  • "I won't lie—I'm jealous that all this delicious coffee is just a quick stroll away for you, <catchphrase>."
  • "Ever have coffee so good you decide then and there that you never wanna leave? 'Cause I have. Very recently!"
  • "Y'know, this coffee and I have a lot in common. For instance, we're both endearingly bitter, <catchphrase>!"
  • "The scent of coffee is so strong in here, it's almost like you're gettin' an extra cup for free, <catchphrase>!"
  • "I came all this way. It'd be a shame if I didn't get something to bring to my friends back home, <catchphrase>. Oh...seems my pockets are full. After full pockets, I reckon I had it coming."


  • "Ah...this is my chance to unplug and just enjoy my coffee. No distractions whatsoever... Hmm, I wonder what's going on with my phone right now..."
  • "I know Brewster doesn't like to brag, but his roasts and brews are the best around, <catchphrase>. I guess he lets the coffee speak for itself. Ha HA!"
  • "What's wrong with enjoying a little coffee from time to time? Oh, right. Nothing at all! Ha HA!"
  • "I don't know what it is, but I swear that Brewster's coffee is a cure-all. I'm not a doctor, but if anyone ever gets injured or sick in any way, the first thing I'd prescribe is a latte. The second thing I'd prescribe is seeing a real doctor."
  • "If there's one thing I absolutely have to do on a Monday, it's grab a cup of coffee here, <catchphrase>. If there are two things... No. That's too many things for a Monday."
  • "You know that feeling when it's Tuesday and the end of the week feels like it's a million miles away? That's when you need to power up with Brewster's coffee! It won't make the week any shorter, but it'll make your brain go faster. Watch! BRRRRRRR!"
  • "We're halfway through the week. Whew! Always a good time to unwind with Brewster's coffee. Just hang out with me a bit longer. That way I don't have to face the rest of the week yet! Ha HA!"
  • "Are you here for my book signing or for Brewster's coffee? Oh, right. I forgot to write the book I was going to sign. I guess coffee is a good consolation prize!"
  • "Did you know that Brewster said he'd name a special type of coffee after me? I think part of the deal was that I'd have to legally change my name to "medium roast," though."
  • "This coffee elevates me to an almost spiritual plane of existence... I can see through time and levitate! Ha HA! Just kidding. But I am perhaps even more awake than I care to be..."
  • "Can you believe the early call time today? Ugh, thank goodness for Brewster's coffee, am I right? What do you mean, what's a call time? That's just how actors refer to their alarm clocks. ...Isn't it?"
  • "There's no substitute for the Brewster morning blend, lemme tell ya, <catchphrase>. Especially not the <player> evening blend. That's not really a thing, but if it was, it'd be mixed with , <catchphrase>."
  • "The sun is sinking in the sky, and I am sinking into my chair. Ah, it's good to relax with coffee..."
  • "I can do ANYTHING after I've had my coffee. Except finish my screenplay. I'll do that tomorrow."
  • "This coffee is just the way I treat myself at the end of another day well-lived, <catchphrase>."
  • "You can really lose yourself in a nice cup of coffee at this time of day, can't you? Like...what day is it? Where am I? When was the last time I slept?"


  • "Want to know when I realized I was a legit adult? It was the first time I drank black coffee...and liked it."
  • "Stopping here for coffee is totes part of my daily routine now, !"
  • "Ohmigosh, it's always been my dream to be a regular at my local café. It's like being in a movie, !"
  • "This place is always open! You can stop by whenever you feel the need to be seen by everyone! It's great."
  • "The interior design of this place is the toppest of notches! A place like this makes you FEEL, you know? Example! I feel this café restores the damage done to my soul by the cold modern world's never-ending grind. You don't get vibes like that with low-effort interior design. I've tried."
  • "Normally I'm super bubbly, and I think that's way on brand. But I've been trying this thing in the café... I sit here, and I pretend I'm all deep in thought... And I am! I'm thinking, "Is that potential fan impressed?"
  • "The best way to start off the week is slammin' down a half dozen cups of Brewster's coffee! "
  • "One cup of this coffee, and I feel at peace with le universe. Shout out to Brewster for supplying inner calm! "
  • "Sometimes life is so slow, I start to feel bored. But then I come here, and I realize "slow" is important. Slow's where you go to unwind and clear your head. Slow's home to inner peace. Go slow. Go. Slow."
  • "The scent of freshly ground beans is LE AWESOME! That instant junk can never beat fresh ground."
  • "Right now I'm enjoying a cup of coffee, thinking back on the week, and giving myself a pat on the back! Do you ever tell yourself how cool you are? You should. You've earned it. We both have! "
  • "Weekend coffee is how I fill up my happy meter! And being happy is the key to my happiness, ! "
  • "Coffee at this time of day goes right from my mouth to my eyelids! Look at my eyes, (nickname)! They're way more open than usual! So! Open! "
  • "You ever wake up and say, "I will legit freak out if I don't get coffee in my tummy in the next three seconds?" Well, stop being overly dramatic. Freaking out just makes it harder to get the coffee you're after! And once you've got that mug of bean juice, drink what you need but not as much you want. Moderation."
  • "I was going to do a low-key midday snooze—what the totally un-chic call a "nap." I came here instead. Brewster makes what the totally un-chic call "coffee." Trendy folks call it by its real name...le Go Juice. "
  • "Sometimes if I'm mega stressed about life or, like, life-adjacent topics, I come here to unwind. A few sips of Brewster's coffee, and I go from mega stressed to legit stressed to stressed to calm. Right now? I'm low-key at peace with at least three-quarters of the universe. I'm a stress-free me."
  • "I'm looking to do a stress-free night tonight. Like, soak up some relaxing vibes and gossip about whatevs! "
  • "Sometimes I just want to stay up all night long, (nickname). Those nights usually follow a day when I've filled up on Brewster's coffee, ! "


  • "Hi there! Taking a quick coffee break, huh? Same here, !"
  • "I would have a seat right there, if I were you. Best seat in the house to watch Brewster work his magic!"
  • "Don't ever tell Brewster I told you this, but... I'm pretty sensitive to heat. I let my coffee cool way down."
  • "Reviewing my schedule for the week over a cup of coffee really helps me put it all in perspective."
  • "A cup of coffee at the start of the week is a great way to reset after the weekend, ."
  • "Drinking coffee makes me feel so mature... Someday people will look at me and see a real adult."
  • "Did you know dried coffee grounds can neutralize odors when left out? Just a bit of coffee-based trivia!"
  • "I heard that coffee can really improve concentration. I'm so focused while talking to you right now!"
  • "I don't get that fresh Friday feeling until my first cup of coffee. Ahh... Now, what should I do this weekend?"
  • "No matter what's going on outside, this place is always so calm and relaxing, . A quiet cup of coffee in here is my weekend me time."
  • "I wanted a cup of coffee first thing in the morning, so I dragged myself out of bed to get here early. No easy task, considering I hadn't even had my first cup of coffee yet."
  • "Some mornings I enjoy a cup of black tea, but this is a coffee morning for sure. It's time to get motivated!"
  • "I'd love some sweets to go with this coffee, but Brewster already brews it really rich, ."
  • "Drinking coffee in the evening may seem odd to some, but it really helps me decompress after a long day. With this cup, I'm ready to take on tomorrow, !"
  • "This is the perfect place to spend a relaxing evening with a book. Maybe I should read something a bit more mature for a change... A real hard-boiled novel, !"
  • "I'm determined to stay up all night. And with Brewster's coffee by my side, I will not fail, !"


  • "Ah, I see I'm not the only one with a sudden craving for some of Brewster's finest. Good to see you!"
  • "I do appreciate Brewster's old- fashioned approach to customer service, . Don't you tell me the customer is always right. I'm a customer, and I've been wrong before!"
  • "There are so many different ways to prepare coffee. Trends come and go, and I've seen them all. What I'm trying to say is...for me, nothing will ever top the Original Blend here at the Roost."
  • "Some folks consider Sunday to be the first day of the week. Can you imagine, ?! Sunday is clearly the LAST day of the week, and the perfect way to CAP said week is with Brewster's coffee!"
  • "I see you know how to begin your week properly...with a hot cup of coffee and a clear head."
  • "I do wish I had a barista at home to make coffee on demand..."
  • "If the week ever feels like it's dragging on forever, just have a cup of coffee. It works wonders."
  • "They say that the scent of coffee alone can help wake you up. I'm not sure. It sounds like what one might say when one is scheming to keep all the coffee for oneself!"
  • "Darling, it's Friday. I like to think of it as the red carpet to the weekend. And coffee is the limo driver ferrying you to the premiere."
  • "Ah, Saturday. I feel so light and free, almost like I'm floating. Have I had too much coffee? Why do you ask?"
  • "Ah, it's nice to see a fellow early. Oh, that's right. You aren't. Well, in any case, it's lovely to have company this early in the morning, ."
  • "What time is it? I'm afraid I'm simply not fully awake yet. Hence, coffee. No more talk. Just coffee."
  • "This place is simply marvelous...for coffee. I wonder, would it be too much to ask for a food menu?"
  • "If you have to ask if it's too late in the day for coffee, then it is. You don't hear me asking, do you?"
  • "Hmm? Were you saying something? I'm afraid I was completely lost in thought, . The coffee here is so good that my internal monologue rises to the level of a philosophy textbook."
  • "I just have this feeling that sleep isn't in the cards tonight... And if that's the case, well...more coffee IS in the cards."

Big Sister[edit]

  • "Ever notice how folks talk real quiet as soon as they get in here? Even I do it, and I'm a proud loudmouth! It's kinda rad. Everyone knows this is Brewster's turf, and nobody wants to mess with it, (catchphrase)!"
  • "There's magic in that moment between grabbing your coffee and taking that first sip. I'm such a sucker for it. For me, it's like anticipation and meditation mashed together, (catchphrase)."
  • "I'm not gonna pretend to know a lot about coffee other than I drink a stinkin' lot of it, (catchphrase). But as who drinks a stinkin' lot of coffee, I say Brewster's is pretty much impossible to beat!"
  • "I always think I'm gonna try out something new on the weekends... but then just end up coming here. But c'mon! Look at this place. Then smell this place. How am I supposed to turn that down, (catchphrase)?"
  • "The only way to get that weekend here sooner is to make me go faster. Go put on another pot of coffee, Brewster. It's still Monday."
  • "If Monday puts the "drag" in "drag racing," then Tuesday's when the racing part starts. Or something. Ugh... Look, Tuesday's just Monday again, minus that sweet weekend aftertaste, (catchphrase)."
  • "You gotta have grit if you wanna get through Wednesday. But that's what coffee is all about, right? Liquid grit."
  • "That weekend's so close I bet I could taste it if I wasn't so busy pouring all this awesome coffee into my face."
  • "Friday's all about taking it mellow. Just let the mind wander and the coffee flow, (catchphrase)."
  • "I was hoping to buckle down and do some planning today, but then one coffee break led to another, and... Yeah, I think I'm just gonna say that doing this is my plan now. Go me, (catchphrase). Bwa ha ha!"
  • "You just can't beat wrapping up an all-nighter with a cup of coffee. I'd almost feel hyped for bed if I wasn't so sleepy, (catchphrase)."
  • "Nobody should be up this early. But if you HAVE to be, at least do it right with a cup of Brewster's best."
  • "You know you're doing something right when you start your day with an afternoon cup of coffee!"
  • "I wonder what I should do for dinner tonight... I'll figure it out after the next coffee, (catchphrase). Well, that or I'll end up having coffee for dinner. Except then I'd have to figure out my midnight snack."
  • "I like to come here when I gotta get some serious thinking done. Or when I really oughta be cleaning my place. Or like, when I want a cup of coffee. Look, I just like coming here, (catchphrase). A lot."
  • "I'm just wide-awake tonight, but it's cool. I've got Brewster and his coffee here to keep me company. Thinking it might be an all-nighter kind of night. Who really cares if I'm burned out tomorrow, (catchphrase)?"