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"All a plant needs is love...and sun and water and soil."
— Maggie, Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Maggie NL.png
"All a plant needs is love...and sun and water and soil."
Species Personality Gender
Pig Normal Female
Birthday September 3rd
Star sign Virgo Virgo
Initial phrase schep
Initial clothes Yodel Shirt (Doubutsu no Mori e+)
Mint Shirt (New Leaf onwards)
Favorite song K.K. Country*
Forest Life*
Debut Doubutsu no Mori e+
Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Maggie is a pig villager from the Animal Crossing series with a normal personality. She originally appeared only appeared in Doubutsu no Mori e+, before returning in Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome amiibo after over a decade, and later appeared again in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.



Maggie DnMe+.png

Maggie is a light brown pig with darker brown spots in her head. She has pointy brown ears. She has a big pink snout with wide nostrils, her white eyes are rimmed with black, and she has eyelashes. She initially wears the Yodel Shirt in Doubutsu no Mori e+, and the Mint Shirt from Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome amiibo onwards.


Below is a brief description of the normal personality. For more information, click here.

As a normal villager, Maggie will appear friendly and hospitable towards the player and other villagers. Like other normal villagers, she will have an unseen obsession with hygiene and cleanliness, which she mentions when the player visits her in her home. Other than her hygiene interests, she will appear neutral and open-minded when discussing hobbies. She will get along easily with other villagers, but may slightly conflict with lazy villagers when they talk about food and leading her on to suggesting making them dinner or lunch.


In Doubutsu no Mori e+, Maggie's house is identical to Sydney's house. The only difference being her wallpaper and flooring, which is changed to the Green Wallpaper and Ranch Flooring, respectively. She also has a red boombox that plays K.K. Country.

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome amiibo, Maggie's house/RV has been revamped to feature a gardening theme. Although it does not initially feature a stereo, if one is given to Maggie, it will now play Forest Life, as opposed to K.K. Country.


In Pocket Camp[edit]

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Character Info
Preferred Theme: PC Banner - Cute.png Primary Reward Material: PC Crafting Material - Cotton.png
Description You don't see girls like Maggie much these days. And you might not even see her at all. She's so quiet, she could sneeze and you wouldn't notice.
Requirements to Invite:
Tin Watering Can PC Icon.png
Tin Watering Can Pothos Wooden Bucket Picnic Table Barrel Planter
Friendship Rewards:
Mint Shirt PC icon.png
PC Crafting Material - Sparkle Stones.png
PC Crafting Material - Sparkle Stones.png
No image
Maggie PC icon portrait.png
PC Crafting Material - Sparkle Stones.png
PC Crafting Material - Sparkle Stones.png
Mint Shirt and Sparkle Stone Sparkle Stone Greenhouse Box Craft Unlock pic of Maggie‎‎ and Sparkle Stone Sparkle Stone
Level 7 Level 9 Level 15 Level 20 Level 25
Maggie PC icon.png