Harvest Festival

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Harvest Festival
Occurs 4th Thursday in November
This year: November 22, 2018
Next year: November 28, 2019
Special characters Franklin
Appearances Animal Crossing,
Doubutsu no Mori e+,
Animal Crossing: City Folk
Animal Crossing: New Leaf

The Harvest Festival is an event that happens once a year on the 4th Thursday in November (this year: November 22), which is the same day as Thanksgiving in the United States. Like other holidays, it was absent from Animal Crossing: Wild World. During the event, a banquet is set up with food, though the food cannot actually be eaten. Franklin the turkey also makes an appearance, allowing the player to acquire pieces of the Harvest Series.

During the Harvest Festival, from 3:00 to 9:00 P.M., Franklin will hide behind obstacles (such as trees and signs) and wait for the player to bring him pieces of silverware from the banquet. In Animal Crossing, the silverware can be taken from the banquet tables near the Wishing Well. In Animal Crossing: City Folk, the silverware can be acquired by speaking to Tortimer by the town hall, who will give the player silverware, thinking that the player will be using it him or herself or will be distributing it to the other villagers. Silverware can be taken multiple times, and for each piece of silverware that Franklin receives, the player will receive one piece of furniture from the Harvest Series (including the wallpaper/carpet). Duplicates may occur, however.

In Animal Crossing: City Folk, the player can give the cutlery set to any villager for a clue as to Franklin's location, but only one clue can be retrieved from each villager per year (ten clues in total).

Franklin is unusual among Animal Crossing residents and visitors in that he is entirely static; unlike the other visitors, such as Saharah or Joan, he does not walk around the town. Instead, Franklin will appear in his hiding place and will disappear soon after the player moves the camera out of view.

Franklin hides behind a sign.

While in one hiding place, Franklin will accept only one "knife and fork" set, so to receive more, the player must move away from the hiding place until Franklin disappears and search for him again.

In New Leaf[edit]

Franklin appears again, this time as a chef. He will ask for three ingredients (including, but not limited to flour, milk, fish, and fruit) and a fourth, secret ingredient to make the dish better. To receive one of the ingredients (flour, vinegar, milk, butter, or sugar) the player must go around town trading ingredients with their villagers until they get it. Villagers will also give mushrooms or fruit. Villagers only ask for fish (including Sea Bass, Black Bass, Horse Mackerel, Carp, Crucian Carp, and Barbel Steed). After the player gives them the fish they requested, they will offer a hint on the secret ingredient for the dish currently being working on or a potential later dish. Franklin appears at the event plaza. After the player has completed a dish, he rewards a piece of furniture from the Harvest Series or a holiday item. Once the player has given him the ingredients for the final dish, the villagers will stop asking for ingredients.

Franklin as he appears in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

The secret ingredients can include the following:

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