Happy Point

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Artwork of a Happy Point

Happy Points are a type of currency in Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival. Players compete to collect the most amount of Happy Points in the Board Game, and the player with the most by the end of the game is the winner.

Each player begins a game with 10 Happy Points, and Happy Points can be earned from some pink spaces, certain events, and certain visitors. Additionally, each time a player using amiibo rolls the die, they receive 1 Happy Point. If the player has negative Bells, they lose 1 Happy Point each turn. At the end of a game, every 1,000 Bells a player has awards 1 Happy Point. After each game, the players' Happy Points are saved to their amiibo, which can level up the character.

Happy Points can also be obtained from the eight minigames. For every 100 Happy Points collected, the player receives one Happy Ticket.