Resetti Bop

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Resetti Bop
AF Resetti Bop Overview.png
Player(s) 1
Unlock cost  3 Happy Tickets
amiibo cards 3
Inflatable Mr. Resetti dolls pop out of holes in front of the players.

Resetti Bop is a minigame in Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival. It costs three Happy Tickets to unlock. It can be played with one player.


Gameplay of Resetti Bop

The player must scan three amiibo cards. The character whose cards were scanned appear in the minigame, each holding a hammer with the hand sign from their card on it (either rock, paper, or scissors). An inflatable Mr. Resetti doll appears in front of each character; each doll has three sides with one of the hand signs. The player can scan the characters' amiibo cards to have them swing the hammer on the Resetti doll; if the doll's sign loses to the hammer's, the player will earn a point, and if it beats the hammer's, they will lose a point.

After one minute, the game ends and the player receives the same number of Happy Points as the total number of points received during the game.