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"Play as your amiibo card character, and answer questions related to Animal Crossing. Each participant will have one chance to call up an amiibo character to get hints." —amiibo Festival
Quiz Show
ACaF Quiz Show.jpg
Developer(s) Nintendo
Nd Cube
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Input methods Wii U GamePad

Quiz Show is one of 8 minigames featured in Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival. In it, players vie to answer the most questions about Animal Crossing: New Leaf to earn the most points, which lets them win.


Try the Animal Crossing Quiz Show!

When the spotlight shines on you, you have the right to answer the current quiz question.

Try to quickly give the correct answer and become the quiz champion!


In order to play Quiz Show, the player must first unlock it from the Plaza for 4 Happy Tickets.

After it is unlocked, the Quiz Show may be selected from the Plaza. The player will then be asked how many players there are. After selecting a number of players, each player must scan a unique amiibo card. Finally, the player must verify the characters are correct before the Quiz Show will begin.


Mulitplayer Game[edit]

Once the Quiz Show starts, the camera will zoom in on the contestants and pan to the right before panning out, revealing Lloid as the host to the left of the contestants and a large screen behind them. Additionally, the eight characters from the game board town (or less, if there aren’t eight moved in) are seen to be cheering the contestants on with their backs to the camera. Lloid will then ask the contestants if they know the rules and explain the rules to them if they do not. The game portion of the show will then begin.

15 questions are asked to the players, pulled from a random bank of questions. All of the questions appear on the screen behind the contestants, normally in the form of an image, and 4 or 8 answer choices will appear on the GamePad, depending on the type of question being asked. To answer a question, the player must touch their amiibo card to the NFC touchpoint on the GamePad when the spotlight is on their character. If you touch your amiibo card to the touchpoint when the spotlight is not on your character, you will not be allowed to answer that question. The player who rang in must then choose the correct answer within 10 seconds; if they do, they receive 5 points. If they miss a question, however, they will be sulking the next turn and not allowed to answer the question; if it is the final question in the game, other contestants will then be allowed to ring in and answer it. If no contestant rings in for 5 seconds, one answer choice eliminates itself; this continues every 5 seconds up to 20 seconds, at which point a 5 second timer appears. If the question still isn't answered, or no contestant answers correctly, the question is missed, no one gets the five points, and the correct answer is displayed on the screen. Questions with only 4 answer choices will not have choices eliminated at all.

When returning to the plaza, the game adds the total number of points earned since visiting the Plaza to the Happy Ticket counter.

amiibo Chance[edit]

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In order to increase their chances of correctly answering a question, players may choose to use their amiibo chance by touching an Animal Crossing Series amiibo to the NFC touchpoint within their 10 seconds; not only will the character eliminate or suggest certain choices, but the contestant will also earn and extra 5 points that turn for answering correctly! However, amiibo chance may only be used once per player, so one must use it wisely.

Sometimes, the amiibo Chance fails for unknown reasons; when this happens, the player will not use up their amiibo Chance but cannot use it for that specific question. Additionally, the amiibo Chance will always fail when the character the player is attempting to call is on the show; however, the player can still use another amiibo for that same question, with no repercussions other than a small waste of time.


When Isabelle is called she videos from New Leaf's town hall. She is knowledgeable about the board game’s features and villager’s catchphrases and will suggest to the player 2 possible answers when asked these questions. Otherwise, she will eliminate 1 answer choice.


When Rover is called he videos from New Leaf’s train station. He is knowledgeable about fish and deep sea creatures and will eliminate 4 possible answers when asked these questions. Otherwise, he will eliminate 1 answer choice.

1-player game[edit]

In the 1-player variant there is not a set amount of questions; instead, there is a 90 second timer. Additionally, answer choices will not eliminate themselves as time goes by, and the player is virtually rang in; they can answer at any time, but always have the 10 second timer running. Finally, additional changes include the player not having access to an amiibo chance, the “What do these words describe?” questions’ bubbles appearing much quicker, and the game not telling the player the correct answer when they miss a question. Otherwise, game play is functionally identical to the multiplayer game.

Question Types[edit]

  • "They’re lined up by size. Which one is missing?"
    • 3 images of either fish or bugs who are in some way related, such as all being cicadas, dragonflies, or grasshoppers/locusts, appear, with a question mark taking the place of a fourth creature. The answer choices are always the four creatures names.
  • "What aquatic creature is this?"
    • A fish appears on the top screen. 8 fish's names appear below.
    • This question can be either "easy" or "hard", with "easy" having 8 random fish as answer choices and "hard" having 8 related fish as answer choices.
  • "What bug is this?"
    • A bug appears on the top screen. 8 bugs' names are listed below.
    • This question can be either "easy" or "hard", with "easy" having 8 random bugs as answer choices and "hard" having 8 related bugs as answer choices.
  • "What do these words describe?"
    • Three speech bubbles appear on the top screen, with one appearing about every 5 seconds. 8 answer choices appear below. These choices can include both bugs and fish.
    • This question can be about either bugs or fish and can be even more specific within those categories, such as only listing butterflies or ancient fish. When the question is more specific, the first bubble will typically be something like "butterfly" or "ancient fish".
  • "What gyroid is this?"
    • A gyroid appears on the top screen, making its signature sound. 8 gyroids are listed below as answer choices.
    • This question can also appear with a blacked-out gyroid instead of a colored model, requiring players to answer on its sound alone.
  • "What is this?"
    • An image on the top screen appears. 8 items of its category are listed below. These categories include athletic items, the board game features, deep sea creatures, fortune cookie items, fruit, instruments, and house plants.
    • This question can also appear with the item zooming across the screen in different directions, so you can only see it for brief periods at a time.
    • This question also has a variant where the image appears blurred, slowly clearing up and appearing fully clear with 2 seconds remaining.
  • "What is this piece of art?"
    • A piece of art appears on the top screen. The real names of 8 art pieces that appear in New Leaf appear below.
  • "What model is this?"
    • An image of a completed fossil appears. 8 fossil model names appear below.
  • "What piece of clothing is this?"
    • A shirt or dress appears on the top screen. 8 shirt or dress names appear on the bottom screen.
  • "What shoes are these?"
    • A pair of shoes appears on the screen. 8 shoe names are listed on the GamePad.
  • "What song is this?"
    • A song cover art appears on the top screen while its corresponding song begins playing. 8 song titles are listed below.
    • This question can also appear with a silhouette, requiring contestants to recognize the song by its sound alone.
  • "What’s my catchphrase?"
  • "Where is this from?"
    • An item Gulliver gives out in New Leaf appears on the top screen. 8 locations Gulliver can visit are listed below.
  • "Which artist created this?"
    • A painting appears on the top screen. 8 artists’ names, whose works are featured within the Animal Crossing series, appear as answer choices.
    • The painting can be replaced with a statue.
  • "Which one is real?"
    • Eight paintings, labeled A-H, scroll on the top screen, with 7 being fake and 1 being real. The eight letters appear as answer choices on the GamePad.
    • The paintings can be replaced with statues.
    • Additionally, a the question can instead be “Which one is fake?”, with players instead needing to find the fraud.
    • This question can also be asked with only four answer choices.
  • "Who am I?"
    • A special character, who can appear in any of their possible board game costumes, appears on the top screen. The names of 8 special characters appear below.
    • This question has a variant where the image is zoomed in on the character’s head.
    • This question can also appear with a silhouette instead of a full-color model.


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Game start
"Hello, hello!"
"It's time for the Quiz Show!"
  • If playing the multi-player game
"By the way…"
"Do we all know the rules?"
"Happy to hear it! Let’s get this game started!"
"This is where I get to test you on your Animal Crossing knowledge."
"If you know the answer, tap your amiibo card while the spotlight is on your character to answer!"
"But you’ll skip a turn if you get the wrong answer or touch the wrong card, so be careful."
"There are 15 questions, and you get five points per correct answer. The player with the most points wins."
"Oh, and one more thing…"
"Each player has one amiibo chance, an opportunity to call and get a hint from an amiibo character!"
"If you’d like a hint, tap an Animal Crossing amiibo figure on the NFC touchpoint during your turn."
"If you answer correctly using an amiibo chance, you get 10 points! So use your amiibo chance!"
"And those are the rules. Let’s get this game started!"
  • If playing the 1-player game
"But first...do you know the rules, <villager>?"
"Happy to hear it! Let's get this game started!"
Not really.
"This is where I get to test you on your Animal Crossing knowledge."
"If you know the answer, touch it on your GamePad."
"Now, with one player, we have some special one-player rules."
"You will have 90 seconds to answer as many questions as you can."
"It’s about speed AND accuracy. You’ll get a bonus for being quick."
"And you can’t use an amiibo chance when playing alone. It all depends on your own skill. So good luck!"
"And those are the rules. Let’s get this game started!"
"Quiz Show…"
"Here we go!"
Game end
"Whew! Good job!"
"It’s already time to announce the results!"
"Yep! We’re ready to see how this all turns out! I’M VERY EXCITED!"
  • If playing the multiplayer game
"OK! And our quiz royalty is…"
  • If a single winner
  • If a 2-way tie
"<villager a> and <villager b>!"
  • If a 3-way tie
"<villager a>, <villager b>, and <villager c>!"
  • If a 4-way tie
"It’s a tie! Congrats to our winners! "
"And with that, this session of the Quiz Show has come to an end."
"I can’t wait to do it all again!"
When an amiibo Chance isn't available
  • Generic
"Huh. Must be busy."
  • Because the amiibo character is on the show
"<amiibo character> is on the show. Right now. Right here. On the stage with you…"
  • Because the contestant and the amiibo are the same character
"…You want to call and ask yourself if you know the quiz answer? That you know you don’t know? No way!"


amiibo Chance
"Yes, hello? Quiz help?"
  • If about a knowledgeable topic
"I see! Well, I think you’ll be glad you called me. I’ll certainly do my best!"
"It’s <answer a> or <answer b>."
"I know it’s one of those two. And I also know that you’ll make the right decision. Good luck!"
  • If about an unknowledgeable topic
"I see… Well, that IS a stumper… But I can say one thing with certainty."
"It’s not <answer a>. Surely that can’t be right. Right?"
"Oh, dear. I don’t know if I was any use to you at all, but… Go get ‘em!"


amiibo Chance
"Hey, hey! Nice to hear from you! You need some help?"
  • If about a knowledgeable topic
"I see! Well, I’m pretty sure I can narrow it down to four possible answers for you."
"It’s <answer a>, <answer b>…"
"It’s <answer c>, or <answer d>."
"It’s gotta be one of those. I sure hope you guess right!"
  • If about an unknowledgeable topic
"What?! Uhhhh… I’m not so great at that subject…"
"But, off the top of my head, I’d say that <answer a> is incorrect. Yep. I do know that."
"I’ll study up and try to be more helpful in case you call me again."