Mystery Campers

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Mystery Campers
AF Mystery Campers Overview.png
Player(s) 1
Unlock cost  5 Happy Tickets
amiibo cards 6
Reward  30 Happy Points
Try to guess who's hiding in which tent.

Mystery Campers is a minigame in Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival. It costs five Happy Tickets to unlock. It can be played with one player.


Gameplay of Mystery Campers

The player must scan six amiibo cards to be used in the minigame. Four of the six characters will hide in tents, and the player must guess which character is in which tent. After the player guesses, they will be shown how many guesses were correct (both the character and tent were correct) and how many were close (the correct character, but incorrect tent). The player must deduce which character is in which tent based on the results after each attempt.

The player wins if they correctly guess all four villagers in ten or fewer attempts. Completing the minigame rewards the player with 30 Happy Points.