amiibo Card Battle

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amiibo Card Battle
AF amiibo Card Battle Overview.png
Player(s) 2–4
Unlock cost  5 Happy Tickets
amiibo cards 6
Reward  10 Happy Points
Each person plays an amiibo card. Whoever has the highest-value card wins.

amiibo Card Battle is a minigame in Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival. It costs five Happy Tickets to unlock. It can be played with two to four players.


Gameplay of amiibo Card Battle

The player must scan six amiibo cards to be used in the minigame. Each player picks one of the six cards, and the player who draws the card with the highest die value earns a point. If there is a tie with the die value, the cards' hand sign (either rock, paper, or scissors) will be compared; if the hand signs are the same, both players earn the point.

In the center of the table is a crystal ball that shows a star sign. If one of the cards drawn has a matching star sign, the rules of the game are reversed, with the lowest-value die winning the point.

The first player to earn three points wins, and completing the minigame rewards the player with 10 Happy Points.