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"I caught a cricket! I think we're going to have an early fall..." —Animal Crossing
"I caught a cricket! Autumn's own little instrument!" —Wild World
"I caught a cricket! That's the ticket!" —City Folk
"I caught a cricket! That's a sticky wicket, isn't it?" —New Leaf
Cricket NH.png
Real-world info
Name: Acheta domesticus
Family: Gryllidae
Main appearances
Other appearances
Name in other languages

Japanese コオロギ
Simplified Chinese 蟋蟀
French Grillon des prés
Spanish Grillo común
Italian Grillo
Russian Сверчок

Korean 귀뚜라미
Traditional Chinese 蟋蟀
Quebec French Grillon des prés
Latin American Spanish Grillo común
German Grille
Dutch Krekel

The Cricket is a common insect in the Animal Crossing series. It can be found in autumn, between the months of September and November. They are sold for 130 Bells. It can be found in bushes in Doubutsu no Mori and Animal Crossing, where players have to scare the Cricket so it can be easily caught. In Wild World, City Folk and New Leaf, it can be found on the ground.

Catch details[edit]

Wild World[edit]

Cricket WW Sprite.png    ''A member of the grasshopper family, its ears are not on its head, but on its forelegs."
  • Size- 28 mm
  • Season- Fall
  • Time- Night

City Folk[edit]

Cricket CF Icon.png     ''These have ears-- not on their heads, but on their front legs."
  • Size- About 28 mm
  • Season- Fall
  • Time- Dusk to night

New Leaf[edit]

In New Horizons[edit]


"I caught a cricket! What a chirp thrill!"

Time of Year North: Sep – Nov
South: Mar – May
Time of Day 5 PM – 8 AM
Location On the ground
Total Catch 0
Selling Prices Nook's Cranny NH Map Icon.png Nook's Cranny99k Bells NH Inv Icon cropped.png 130 Bells
Flick NH Character Icon.png Flick99k Bells NH Inv Icon cropped.png 195 Bells
Tank Size 1.0 x 1.0

Donating to the museum[edit]

In Animal Crossing[edit]

"I actually find their voices quite soothing. On an autumn evening, when their cries fill the air... Delightful! Their appearance however, is not in the least bit engaging, and actually borders on repugnant. As for myself, I find them no better than cockroaches. Blech! Vile. Vile indeed. Truly, dirtily vile, eh wot?"

In Wild World[edit]

"Hoo! Well. That IS a lovely sound, now isn't it? Indeed. I wonder if I'm the only one to mistake these things for roaches... I suppose the only sound I've ever heard as roach make is "squish.""

In City Folk[edit]

"Ah, hoo...indeed. Crickets do have a lovely chirp, I must grudgingly admit. Still, that black body, those long feelers... How do people love these when they resemble...THOSE? I bet one couldn't even tell the difference between a cricket and a cockroach in the dark of night..."

In New Leaf[edit]

Blathers no longer comments on the Cricket. "The chirping sound you often hear from male crickets is emitted by the stridulation of their wings. Crickets' ears are located just below the middle joint of each front leg. While this seems odd to us, it helps them easily pinpoint where various sounds are coming from."

The Cricket is located on the second tier of the insect section, in the area just above the ramp from the first level.

In New Horizons[edit]

"I say, where to begin with the cricket? Well, to begin with, they are mostly nocturnal creatures. And for that you day-loving diurnal types should be grateful! Hoo! It means you don't have to lay eyes upon their prickly legs or overly long antennae like us night owls! Of course, crickets are best known for the chirping sound they make by rubbing their wings together. Some find the noise lovely to listen to. Alas, it only serves to remind me of another unpleasant fact... Which is to will find a cricket's ears right next to its knees! I've gone weak in the knees at the mention of it!"

When donated, it can be found in the northern room of the bug exhibit, in the center case with the other jumping bugs.

Real-world information[edit]


The house cricket is a common cricket found worldwide, but native to Southwestern Asia. They commonly invade homes in search of food and ideal environments such as warmth and moisture, and may be considered pests due to their incessant singing and eating fabrics. Their singing is caused by their rubbing their forewings. Only the males sing, and their singing attracts mates. All crickets caught in Animal Crossing are therefore male. They are commercially bred for pet food and are kept as pets themselves. In some areas of the world, it is a delicacy and is eaten as a snack.

Names in other languages[edit]

Japanese コオロギ

Korean 귀뚜라미

Simplified Chinese 蟋蟀

Russian Сверчок

Dutch Krekel Cricket

German Grille Cricket

European Spanish Grillo común Common cricket

European French Grillon des prés lit. 'cricket from the fields'

Italian Grillo Cricket

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