Communicator part (New Horizons)

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Not to be confused with the communicator.
Communicator part
Buy price Sell price
Not for sale Cannot be sold
Obtain via  Dig spot (On beaches - while performing the quest for Gulliver)
Stack 5
Names in other languages
 통신 장치 부품
 circuit d'émetteur
 circuit d'émetteur
 pieza del comunicador
 pieza del comunicador
 pezzo del comunicatore
 деталь коммуникатора

The communicator part is an item in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It is primarily used to be given to Gulliver as part of a quest to obtain items that pertain to cultures around the world.

The communicator part can be obtained from digging it up from the beach with a shovel. It appears as a small dark spot that will spurt water then disappear in a cycle, similar to the appearance of manila clams. It cannot be kept past the date that Gulliver is present, otherwise the communicator parts will transform to rusted parts.