Axe (Animal Crossing)

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Type of tool Axe #62[nb 1]
Buy price Sell price
 400 Bells  100 Bells
Obtain via
Type Axe
HRA points -1
In other games
New Horizons (axe)
Names in other languages

The axe is a tool item in every first-generation Animal Crossing game.

The axe can be obtained from Tom Nook's store for  400 Bells. The axe will not appear for sale until the player has a "sales sum" of at least  12,000 Bells, with the amount of bells spent on items at the store counting towards this sum normally and the amount of bells from sold items counting only half as much. The axe can also occasionally be found at the lost and found.

In Doubutsu no Mori, the axe is unbreakable and does not appear in the catalog; in Animal Crossing and Doubutsu no Mori e+, it can be used 72 times before breaking (hence the new, unbreakable golden axe), and it does appear in the catalog.