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Scientific name Diplodocus hallorum
Sections Seismo Chest
Seismo Hip
Seismo Skull
Seismo Tail
Period(s) Late Jurassic
Length 113.2 feet (34.5 meters)
Selling price Chest: 4,500 Bells
Hip: 4,000 Bells
Skull: 5,000 Bells
Tail: 4,500 Bells
Appearances Animal Crossing: Wild World,
Animal Crossing: City Folk

The Seismosaur is a four-part fossil that can be donated to the museum. It was introduced in Animal Crossing: Wild World and also appears in Animal Crossing: City Folk.

Completing at the Museum[edit]

In Wild World[edit]

"Hoo! Indeed, woo HOOTIE hoo! Oh, glorious day! The seismosaur is, quite simply, a stunning creature. Of the dinosaurs that we know about now, this is the absolute longest. Its body was rather small and quite light for its length, to be honest. Ah. Hoo. Terribly sorry. Who am I to judge its weight, eh wot?"

In City Folk[edit]

"...Wait! Did the earth just move? Because the seismosaurus is complete! Hoo, what a mighty moment this is! The seismosaurus is the longest of all known dinosaurs, eh wot? Its body was small for its length, though, and rather light, as well... Proportionally, its brains were also rather light! HOO! I... beg your pardon! I was so enthralled, I... I spouted hot air like a boiling teapot, eh wot?"

In Real Life[edit]

Seismosaurus hallorum was first described as a diplodocid in 1991, but in 2015, a new analysis of related dinosaur genera concluded that there were not enough differences to warrant a separate genus name, and reclassified the dinosaur as Diplodocus hallorum. At 32 meters long, it is slightly larger than the other species of Diplodocus, D. carnegii.

As a furniture item[edit]

Name HRA Points Feng Shui Genre Size (sq)
Seismo Chest 1,000 Brown (x2) Old School (WW)
Retro (CF)
Seismo Hip 1,000 Brown (x2) Old School (WW)
Retro (CF)
Seismo Skull 1,000 Brown (x2) Old School (WW)
Retro (CF)
Seismo Tail 1,000 Brown (x2) Old School (WW)
Retro (CF)

In the Animal Crossing Movie[edit]

Seismosaur Fossil Movie.png

Ai, Yu, Sally, Bouquet, and Halberd stumble upon a full skeleton of a seismosaur after finding ammonite fossils in a cave. Yu decides to get the fossil to donate to Blathers, but to no avail. The cave begins to collapse, and after they escape, the cave is sealed, inhibiting them from entering again. Later, in the winter, Ai and the others attempt to go into the cave in order to find a UFO part, and are about to lose hope when Sally comes from behind to help move the rock blocking the entrance of the cave. After going into the cave, Yu climbs on top of the seismosaur and retrieves it after a long struggle.