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Scientific name Velociraptor mongoliensis
Sections Raptor Skull
Raptor Torso
Period(s) Late Cretaceous
Length 5.9 feet (1.8 meters)
Selling price Skull: 3,000 Bells
Torso: 2,500 Bells
Appearances Animal Crossing: City Folk,
Animal Crossing: New Leaf

The Velociraptor is a two-part fossil that can be donated to the museum. It was introduced in Animal Crossing: City Folk and returns in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

Completing the Velociraptor in City Folk[edit]

"...Hoo my goodness! The velociraptor is assembled! Simply magnificent! Velociraptors first began to appear in the last days of the dinosaurs. Their bodies were small, but they could run fast and were smart enough to use teamwork... In some respects, they were the best hunters in the dinosaur world!"

In Real Life[edit]

The velociraptor was a small 15 kg flightless feathered dinosaur, around the size of a turkey, that could run up to 64 kilometres an hour (40 miles per hour) in short bursts. It had a long curved claw to aid in gripping prey.

As a furniture item[edit]

Name HRA Points Feng Shui Genre Size (sq)
Raptor Skull 1,000 Brown (x2) Retro (CF)
Quirky (NL)
Raptor Torso 1,000 Brown (x2) Retro (CF)
Quirky (NL)

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