Horse Mackerel

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"I caught a horse mackerel! Nay!? Yay!" —Wild World
"I caught a horse mackerel! But it sounds fine to me!" —City Folk
"I caught a horse mackerel! Holy mackerel!" —New Leaf
"I caught a horse mackerel! Of course," —New Horizons
Horse Mackerel
Japanese Unknown Korean Unknown Chinese Unknown
French Unknown Italian Unknown Spanish Jurel
German Unknown Dutch Unknown Russian Unknown
Horse Mackerel NH.png
Scientific name Trachurus japonicus
Family Carangidae - The jacks and pompanos
Time of year All year
Time of day All day
Location Ocean
Size 35 cm
Shadow size Small
Rarity Very Common
Selling price 120 Bells (Animal Forest e+, PAL Wild World)
150 Bells (Wild World, City Folk, New Leaf, amiibo Festival, New Horizons)
Main Appearances
Other Appearances

One of the cheapest fish in the games, the Horse Mackerel (アジ, Aji) is a common fish that can be found in the ocean. It can be caught at any given time, month, or season. When this fish is given to Wendell the walrus in City Folk, the player is rewarded with a Horizontal Track pattern.

Donating to the Museum[edit]

Wendel gives the player a Horizontal Track Pattern if given a horse mackerel.

In Wild World[edit]

Blathers will say this when handed the fish:

"How do you like to eat your fried horse mackerel? With tartar sauce? Vinegar? ...Ah! Cocktail sauce?! Hoo, I see. Fascinating."

In City Folk[edit]

Blathers will say this when handed the fish:

"Horse mackerel are not at all related to horses... Rather obvious, I should think... It's quite a strange name, given how many fish are related to this one, like yellowtail and amberjack."

In New Leaf[edit]

The plaque by the tank in which the fish is housed says the following:

"With their appealing flavor, horse mackerel have long been a cheap and common food source. However, in certain regions, they have actually been branded as something of a luxury dish. They have tough scales on both sides of their bodies that must be removed before preparing. Though small, they are formidable carnivores. Since they go after bait, they are popular with fishers."

In New Horizons[edit]

When donating the Horse Mackerel to the museum, Blathers says this:

"Supposedly the horse mackerel derives its name from a-false-myth about its strengh as a swimmer. The gist of it is that these fish are so powerful underwater that smaller fish can ride them as steeds! It's absurd, of course. Where would these alleged fish jockeys attach a saddle, much less horseshoes? One does wish that people would construct their legends with a BIT more scientific plausibility!"

Fishing Tournament[edit]

New Leaf[edit]

Chip will say this when given a horse mackerel:

"Horse mackerel, man, those guys are tasty with a capital MMMM. So I'm just gonna scarf this one down. Totally raw, of course!"

Encyclopedia information[edit]

Wild World[edit]

Horse Mackerel WW.png ''They have hard scales called "scutes.""
  • Size- 39.6 cm
  • Habitat- Ocean
  • Season- All year

City Folk[edit]

Horse mackerel (City Folk).png ''They have hard scales called "scutes.""
  • Size- 40 cm
  • Habitat- Ocean
  • Season- All year

Pocket Camp[edit]

Horse Mackerel PC Icon.png Caught in Saltwater Shores.
  • Selling Price- 10 Bells PC.png
  • Rarity- ★
  • Smallest- 33.4 cm
  • Largest- 46.5 cm

Further information[edit]

The Japanese jack mackerel has a depth range of 0 – 275 m, but usually 50 – 275 m. It is tropical. It is an important fish in the fishing trade and can be found in the northwest Pacific Ocean. It is vulnerable.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Jurel
French Chinchard
Dutch Horsmakreel Horse mackerel
Italian Sgombro Horse mackerel