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Citing sources is easy. Most of the time, however, you will be citing sources when you find information on new games since those are the times when unverified rumors run around. If you find information that can be verified by playing the game or reading the instruction booklet, then citing the source is unnecessary.

Before you start citing sources, make sure the article has a References section first. If not, you can create it with ==References==.

Once you have created a references section, add a tag <references/> in the section.

Adding sources[edit]

If you have done this, or if there is already such a section, you can add sources. Once you add new information to the article, or if you find a source for a statement, you can wrap these two tags <ref></ref> around the provided source, which goes at the end of the statement.

For example, if Nookipedia is a source, put the link in the <ref> tags at the end of the sentence.[1] The small number at the end of the sentence is the source that is provided.

To format the source correctly, you should follow a specific framework for a proper source. This includes, in order, the name of the author (last name first), the date of publication in parentheses, the title of the source, the publisher's name (in italics), and finally the retrieval date. In YouTube citations, use the channel's name in place of the author's name.

"name" ("publication date"). "title. "publisher". "retrieval date".

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Please make sure the source you provide is either official or from a credible site. If you find statements in the article to be questionable, you can remove them, give them an appropriate source, or ask about them in the talk page.