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Welcome to Nookipedia's Summer of Edits 2021! To show appreciation for our awesome editors, we're giving away Animal Crossing and Nookipedia merch to contributors. It's easy to get started - and all participants will receive Nookipedia stickers!

Old and new editors alike are welcome to participate. See the details before for how to enter and earn entries. If you don't have an account yet, you may create one here.


Signed-in editors who constructively add content to Nookipedia articles, categories, and templates used on content pages may submit their edits to be counted towards rewards. Edits made to Nookipedia between June 20 and August 31 are eligible. When editing, please be sure to provide edit summaries to make reviewing easier.

Edits will be scored by Nookipedia staff as follows:

  • 1 point - A small addition, such as adding a sentence, citation, or adding an image.
  • 3 points - A more substantial addition, like writing an entire section of an article or creating a new stub.
  • 6 points - A major addition, such as creating a substantial article, putting a table of items together, etc.
  • At their discretion, judges can award more points for exceptional and larger contributions.

All participants who earn at least 1 point will receive a Nookipedia sticker. All participants who score at least 25 points will receive two Nookipedia stickers and an acrylic Nookipedia keyring. Finally, the top 3 contributors + 2 more randomly selected contributors will have their choice of a grand prize. See the prizes section below for more details.

How to submit[edit]

Submit your edits here

The submission page will automatically list all of your eligible edits within the contest period.

  • Select any edits that you'd like to submit for points from the list, then click the 'Submit Revisions' button.
  • Select any edits that you don't want to submit, then click the 'Hide Selected' button to remove them from your list.
  • If a large contribution (e.g. adding a new section to an article) is broken up into several edits, please submit them all but note that you may receive all of your points on one of the revisions and a score of 0 on the rest.

We recommend visiting this page often so you can submit and hide edits frequently to keep the size of your list down. Those edits will rack up before you know it!

Judges will periodically review your edits and assign them points as appropriate. You can view a list of all of your scores on this page.


Winners will be selected in September and notified via talk page after everyone has had a chance to submit their contributions.

  • All participants who earn at least 1 point will receive a Nookipedia sticker.
  • All participants who score at least 25 points will receive two Nookipedia stickers (one matte, one holographic) and an acrylic Nookipedia keyring.
  • The top 3 contributors + 2 randomly selected contributors will have their choice of a prize below. The number of entries each user gets for the random drawing is equal to the number of points they score, up to a maximum of 10. Please note that prizes are subject to change based on availability.

What to edit[edit]

If you're looking for some ideas on what to edit, here are some things we need help with.

  • Our villager pages could use house descriptions. At the top of villager house sections, add a description describing common themes and changes to the villager's house throughout the series. Examples available on Eunice and Alfonso.
  • Add "Appearance" sections to our New Horizons wallpaper and floor pages to describe what they look like. Example at Underwater Wall. Screenshots of all walls and floors located here and here, respectively.
  • Restructure and populate our fossil pages with info for Animal Crossing, Wild World, City Folk, and New Leaf using our new fossil info templates. Our New Horizons info is already complete - see Brachiosaurus for an example for how to replicate.
  • Work on our Pocket Camp coverage; visit Project Pocket Camp for more info. Coverage needed includes Gyroidite Scavenger Events, fortune cookie sets, Happy Homeroom puzzles, and memories.
  • Our merchandise coverage needs lots of expansion! Help expand our existing lists and create new ones. Use the following templates to document merchandise:
{{MerchCell|image=Bluebear Plush.jpg|name=Bluebear plush|characters=Bluebear}}
{{MerchCell|image=Bunnie Plush.jpg|name=Bunnie plush|characters=Bunnie}}

Additional details[edit]

  • This contest is open globally, where legal. We should be able to easily and affordably send prizes to the United States, Canada, and Europe. If for some reason we are unable to get a prize to your location, we will work out an alternative prize (such as a gift card).
  • This giveaway is coordinated by our Directors, Jake and SuperHamster.
  • Editors need to be registered users in order to enter.
  • Nookipedia staff members who are not participating in the judging process are eligible to participate in this contest.
  • Winners will have to share their address in order for their prize to be shipped to them. Addresses will not be shared with anyone other than the item vendor/shipping services.
  • If you have questions, you may post them to the talk page.