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10,483 +15244 = My edit count (if you can get it to do the math, please do so)
15,244 edits since November 4, 2009 until merge. :P

About me

This was last updated on Thursday, July 31, 2014. This information may contain out-of-date information depending on how long ago this was last updated.

What's up, guys? I'm known mononymously as SuperAlpaca, or it's initials - SA. Whatever you call me is perfectly fine. A high school graduate, I will be attending Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts to study mathematics starting this fall. Coming from North Carolina, I attended a Catholic high school, though I myself am not religious. Some of my passions, other than Animal Crossing obviously, are animal rescue, photography, art/design, Ke$ha, Natalia Kills, Icon for Hire, Fire Emblem, Attack on Titan, Supernatural, and other stuff that I am not mentioning.

My Towns

Animal Crossing

Animal Forest e+

Wild World

City Folk

New Leaf

Favorite Animals

It breaks my heart that animals go extinct. Some on this list might not be around when you read this, that is just plain sad. The human race is a cruel, unforgiving usurper. The list is in no particular order.

* Saola * Oryx * Dhole * Island fox * Iberian Lynx * Okapi
* Tapir * Woolly rhinoceros * Liger * Tiglon * Dzo * Llama
* Alpaca * Black wolf * Coydog * Coywolf * Czechoslovakian Wolfdog * Wolf
* Saarlooswolfhond * Wholphin * Donkey * Zebroid * Bengal * Macropod hybrids
* Bobcat * Pronghorn * Anteater * Dunkleosteus * Titanichthys * Red panda
* Vole * Raccoon * Aardwolf * Monotreme * Slow loris


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