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Game Animal Crossing: Wild World

This is the name of m town in Animal Crossing: Wild World. There are currently no snooty villagers in town!

Me the Player

Name: Jake
Bugs: ?/64
Fish: ?/64


What I Think About Them

  • Apollo- He is okay, I still want him to stay
  • Cube- Like him a lot
  • Curly- A nice jock from Cakeland
  • Elmeroriginal- I LUV ELMER
  • Mitzi- Left, moved to Cakeland, then moved back. YES!!!
  • Truffles- Like in Xukinni, she is my UBFFL (Ugly Best Friend For Life)
  • Savannah- Awesome zebra
  • Wolfgang- The best grump around

Previous Residents

  1. Puddlesoriginal- Sweet villager, but left and moved to Cakeland
  2. Wart Jr.original- He whipped me if I didn't dig for his fossils
  3. Mitzi- How dare she move, moved to mothers town, then moved back 8o
  4. Drift- My 2nd favorite Pieviller of all time (after Elmer), moved to Cakeland
  5. Gwen- FINALLY she moved, but now she is in Cloud 9
  6. Queenie- This diva left and moved into Cakeland
  7. Bluebear- I hate this little daughter of a b****