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Game Animal Crossing
Creation date April 8, 2011
Native fruit Fruit Cherry NH Icon.png Cherries

Lycia is my emulated Animal Crossing town that is mainly used for HD images. It is named after the country from the Fire Emblem series.

The Characters


Alec is the only character. He has a good amount of stuff, but still has a small house.


What I Think About Them

  • Bob- He is a cool cat
  • Dotty- Have I actually spoken to her?
  • Eloise- NO! I have her in most of my towns and she is like the stalker girls I have in real life...
  • Kiki- Never really talked to, but have in Xukinni
  • Puddles- The town prostitute
  • Scoot- He hangs in the bushes
  • Tom- A cat. Likes to live on the edge... might be the edge of glory

Previous Residents

None yet.