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Hi! I'm Mario! I save princesses.

Okay, you probably know that. After all, I'm the most famous video game character that has appeared in more games than any other video game character. Yeah, people call me a personalityless attention hog and all, but I can't help it. Nintendo just tells me, "You gotta be here and you got to act like this and that", so I have to do that. It's kind of weird for somebody to be spending time here in Nookipedia instead of someplace like MarioWiki, but I'm glad I can devote some of my time in helping this wiki. Yes, I know that MarioWiki is more active than here, but the great thing is that people will spend more time getting to know each other because there are less people to devote energy to.

But, I don't mind my fame and all. After all, it carried to the Animal Crossing world! Wow! I don't believe it! My hat, nose, 'stache, and enemies and stuff are valued items. Even one villager admires me a lot. I have to say, I'm flattered. Good work, guys!

My first Animal Crossing game I've ever played is actually Animal Crossing, but I haven't played it much. I also played Animal Crossing: Wild World, but I don't remember much from it. In September 2013, however, I got Animal Crossing: New Leaf and became addicted to it. I use the female character in New Leaf. Don't ask.

Oh, I don't have any school and all (pssst, it's called "Community College"), so far, so most of the time, I'll be here. If I'm not out there talking to Toads, wiping the windows with Wario, or bashing Bowser, I'll be here. I'm also on the Nookipedia Discord as username "LeftyGreenMario" and my ID is #1421, and I'm known as LeftyGreenMario in other parts of the 'net. If you do recognize the username, well, I'll be happy to know!

When roleplaying goes terribly wrong

This painting is not a lie, however.

Don't believe whatever is shown below because these are lies.

  • Real name: Emilie
  • Age: 25
  • Gender: female
  • Heritage: U.S.A.nian, but with a French mother and Chinese father.
  • Residence: Los Angeles county, California.
  • Favorite character: Mario
  • Hand preference: left
  • English linguistic capabilities: none
  • Religion: None (I'm atheist)
  • Interests: birds, drawings, video games
  • Attention span: limited

Wiki work Wheee!
What do these things have to do with wiki editing!? I don't know, but I'm certain it will come in handy! I do the following in the wiki:

  • Review edits
  • Correct grammar and improve writing whenever possible
  • Remove any "you"s
  • Respond to article talk page (recent questions)
  • Create needed articles
  • Ask questions
  • Maintain trivia sections
  • Take and upload screenshots pertaining to Animal Crossing: New Leaf
    • Take crap from the Prima e-guide and put it here. don't worry, it's not plagiarism
  • Remove speculative information

And, thanks to super patroller powers after eating a Patroller Mushroom, I'm able to do the additional things below:

  • Protect pages
  • Mark edits are patrolled
  • Delete unnecessary pages
  • Correct grammar and writing style on protected pages

I was also given an administrator mushroom as a Christmas gift of 2013 holidays, so I'm now able to do these things.

  • Block users with bad faithed-edits.
  • Restore deleted pages.
  • Move stuff without leaving a redirect.

Finally, after hard work and dedication, I have received a gift-wrapped plumber's special tool, given to only one of the most trustworthy plumbers (and janitors) in the business: the bureaucrat mushroom! It has enabled me to do the following:

  • Hide offensive revisions
  • Give other people expanded toolboxes!
  • And other good things as I'm going to find out very soon! My to-do list includes the more specific things I may do:

  • Create furniture series articles. Organized this effort by reviving and overhauling Project Furniture.
  • Add missing museum descriptions for bugs and fish from New Leaf.
  • Revamp featured articles.
  • Tweak userboxes (and perhaps create new ones?)
  • Improve help pages and even create some!
  • Hope this page won't descend into wiki html hell.

Wariot®♪'s residents

Baby Luigi (who is actually the mayor) and I share this town, so yeah, we have the same villagers and all. And yeah, that's our actual town name.


Kicked out

My review on Animal Crossing: New Leaf

NL Box NA.jpg

Oh, look what's the latest Animal Crossing game! This is the first game I played extensively. All I have to say is that I hope I'm not missing out so much that I can't be productive on this wiki. Anyway, I've been playing this game daily since it's out, and I share two saves with my sibling, Baby Luigi. Don't ask me why Luigi doesn't want to play. I think he played it once and his player got stung by some bees. Heh. I also told my bro that there are Boos in this game, so he's never touching this game again!

Anyway, instead of giving a lengthy review and constructing a wall of text, I make a summary of what I think of New Leaf.

The good

Girl 2 NL.png
Vote Icon Support.png Great graphics. Well, I like the style and all, but I suppose the textures on the animals aren't much different from City Folk's. Either way, at least game art looks nice.
Vote Icon Support.png Some nice music. 1 a.m. is a particular favorite of mine, and I do like a fair share of K.K. songs.
Vote Icon Support.png More changes you can do to your avatar such as haircuts, contact lenses, and clothing bits.
Vote Icon Support.png Improved emotion mechanics.
Vote Icon Support.png Revamped Mario items.
Vote Icon Support.png Public works projects (so it won't feel like a rehash from City Folk).
Vote Icon Support.png Getting lots of stag beetles from Tortimer Island past 7 p.m. so I can get rich quickly. It's way easier to make money, and I find that hardly a bad thing.
Vote Icon Support.png Deep sea diving, so there's more to do.
Vote Icon Support.png Ordinances, so you can actually do things at night.
Vote Icon Support.png Going to Re-Tail to have some furniture work done.
Vote Icon Support.png Fruit stacking (but it's manual).
Vote Icon Support.png Bees are a super-duper easy catch.
Vote Icon Support.png You have control over what paintings are fake or genuine.
Vote Icon Support.png Fun and addicting in general.

The bad

Resetti NL.png
Vote Icon Oppose.png Grass deterioration returns.
Vote Icon Oppose.png More items, but the storage space has not expanded.
Vote Icon Oppose.png Sometimes, you don't feel like you're the mayor.
Vote Icon Oppose.png More items, but the storage space has not expanded. There are ways around it, but simply increasing the storage space would do wonders. People shouldn't have to use slots on their mailbox and abuse the space in the museum exhibits.
Vote Icon Oppose.png Every item should be allowed to be purchased in the catalog. There is no reason to lock items to one special day out of the 365 days. To prevent catalog abuse, make the "special" items more expensive, but make them available, period. If you must limit storage space, make all items available. If you cannot make all items available, increase the storage space.
Vote Icon Oppose.png Extremely limited song editor.
Vote Icon Oppose.png Watering the flowers is a pain in the ass and can make the game feel like a chore. There is an ordinance to circumvent it, but it's pretty much required, so you get left out on store hours and stuff.
Vote Icon Oppose.png Interior decorating still uses a tile format.
Vote Icon Oppose.png Design making uses the touch screen entirely, so you have to zoom in to make single-pixel details. There should be an option to control it like in Mario Kart DS. Also, designs use a big palette, but only a fraction of its colors can be present at any time. Why, Nintendo, just why?
Vote Icon Oppose.png No control over where villagers can move in. They can move over your persimmon trees surrounded by precious blue roses and destroy it! How disgusting! There is also no control on who moves out and who moves in, as it's decided by pure RNG. I think there should be more control over this too, especially for those who move out.
Vote Icon Oppose.png Letter writing still doesn't automatically create a space when a word is too long at the end of the line. Get on with the times, Animal Crossing.
Vote Icon Oppose.png Blathers doesn't make any personal speeches anymore. He makes generic blabber about "it reminds me of when I was a baby" and it gets awfully old after the 50th donation.
Vote Icon Oppose.png The method of getting public works projects is flawed. It's pure RNG, even the more useful public works projects. You can get the police station in one day or hundreds of days.

The ugly

Leif NL.png
Vote Icon Comment.png Leif; sloths and clown-faces don't go together. Leif scares children on a daily basis, but he doesn't want you know that.
Vote Icon Comment.png Elise; won the beauty contest in UglyTown.
Vote Icon Comment.png Dr. Shrunk; he's pink, buck-toothed, and has a unibrow. Plus, he looks like he got stricken by lightning.
Vote Icon Comment.png Diva is terrifying.
Vote Icon Comment.png Barold. Good lord.
Vote Icon Comment.png Kapp'n's singing (and no, I sing a lot better than you, Kapp'n).
The verdict?

It's a good game, but I think it needs an extra oomph to differentiate it between itself and other games. Sure, being a mayor and all is nice, but you need more control. When Isabelle wants you to take a break, you can't do anything, which I find absolute baloney. Isabelle, you aren't the town mayor; you're just a secretary. Get back to work.

Anyway, the game does introduce many new items and bugs and fish to catch. It even introduces deep-sea diving. Still, it does have flaws that are carried over from what shouldn't ever be there in the first place. Grass erosion, I'm looking at you. Why would some feature from the weakest game in the series return in New Leaf? That's realism taken to an extreme. What's next, you have to take a shower or go to the restroom? Grass erosion can be handled much better, period. End of minirant.

The game is a good game. If you have patience and you love to manage a town, look no further than Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It's a great game. Just remember to play it at least once per day so your flowers won't wilt or your friends don't move away.

Getting furniture models (including refurbished ones) from New Leaf

Mama mia! It's not so lovely that a lot of time troubleshooting was put into rendering this out. I hope Princess Peach adores this pretty kitchen!

You might have seen renders of customized furniture by me on the wiki. There's not much available models uploaded online, with the Models Resource having only a really limited selection of furniture models, and even then, the uploaded Alpine Series lacks the essential alternate textures. You might wonder how to acquire them. I'll document it how I got the models just so someone can find it more useful in the future.

You will need some competent knowledge with 3D models and image manipulation, however.

The best way to acquire the files is to extract a file partition from a New Leaf ROM, but you can also try other means to get it. Illegal means.

  • I've used a modded CFW Luma 3DS created with this guide, and the program I used is GodMode9 to dump an encrypted ROM, a .3ds file, which is around 769MB.
    • DLC updates are dumped similarly through GodMode9, though it dumped an decrypted .cia file.
  • To extract the .3ds file and create a file partition, I used HackingToolkit9DS.
    • The DLC update I dumped is decrypted, however (which the latest version of HackingToolkit can't extract), so I used an older version of HackingToolkit9DS.
  • Once it's extracted, the game's content is in the "ExtractedRomFS" folder. Since the files are in a game format, I used EveryFileExplorer to open some of the files (furniture models come in .bcres), but Ohana3DSRebirth works too.
  • EveryFileExplorer is used to extract .dae files (3D models), and it automatically extracts the textures. It can also view the models, and for most models, it will display what textures should look like, so you can refer to it to see any alpha information to preserve, and so on.
    • Custom textures are located in Ftr\Remake\Texture
  • Any 3D program, including Blender (which is free) and Maya (has a free student version), can then be used to view the .dae files, provided there's an extension for Collada (most 3D programs do have it). I use Marmoset Toolbag 3 to view and render the .dae files, and it also has a handy mirror UV wrapping.

Complications (old)

Issues with translating from models built for a video game in an entirely different engine to a 3D program have eaten into my time preparing files for the upload. It's probably why more models aren't uploaded. From my experience, it requires knowing two different programs, and 3D programs aren't exactly the easiest thing to learn if you're not familiar with them. I do wish for faster and more efficient methods, especially dealing with the UVs.

  • The size of the furniture may be wild depending on the 3D program you use. When you import, you should try to import at a reasonable unit size. In Maya, the model imported was HUGE, so I had to convert units to kilometers.
  • BIGGEST PROBLEM: UVs will probably not display properly, as Animal Crossing uses a system where any UV points outside the 0,1 range are supposed to be over a mirrored version of the original 0,1 range. This saves a lot on triangles and texture resolution, which is great when you're optimizing a video game to run smoothly, but most 3D programs, such as Maya (the program I use) will display UVs outside the 0,1 range as repeated rather than mirrored. This is an example of what a furniture looks like when you initially import it, and this is the UV layout. The uploaded models to Models Resource do have a separate file of altered UVs, by the way.
  • I cannot find an option to try to mirror images outside the 0,1 range, even when searching the web (and of course I don't even know what the option is nor do am I aware of a technical term for flipped images outside the 0,1 range) though I believe 3DS Max may have a mirror option. However, I have tried using 3DS Max's mirror option for the pinball machine, and the display still wasn't accurate. Due to this, I use the slice tool in Maya to slice the problematic UV shells in half. Using the Shift hotkey helps snap cutting points to centers of edges while Shift+Ctrl are good making 90 degree cuts. When I'm done, I go in the UV editor, select the offending faces (which should be cut in half), flip them, and then try to overlap them with the correct faces as best as I can. I also have to move vertices away from the range borders or else there's pixel bleeding due to texture filtering (it'll show up as a seam which doesn't look so pretty).
    • Maya's isolate select (hotkey: Ctrl,1) helped a lot for me, as there are quite a lot of overlapping faces. Also, models aren't in one piece; Maya can let you double-click to select each element and you'll notice there's a lot of overlapping vertices and such.
  • Once I'm done doing the tedious work of fixing UVs, I must deal with the alpha of the textures. Exported textures are semi-transparent. For some models, in Maya, I can simply open the hypershade window and remove the transparency wire and the model is ready for render. For models that have a clear alpha (think of the 2D frills on lamps), however, I tend to use an advanced image editor that can edit the alpha channel (transparency), GIMP. I make a selection of what alpha channel I don't want to paint over, then I invert selection, and then I disable editing on RGB channels. I use a white paint to then cover the alpha channel. Simply deleting the alpha channel, not advisable, will create a black or white background layered underneath your texture, which will screw up the colors. When I made my selection and painted white and then export, I also import the alternate textures (keeping the selection) and then paint over it too, export; rinse and repeat.
    • Maya has weird display problems with textures with alpha information. The material that's already in the .dae file, I remove the transparency. In hypershade, I then have to create another material with the same ambient color (H:0; S:0, V:0.2) and max diffuse (1.0), and then input a file, which would be the proper alphas. I then select portions of the model that need alpha (again, i.e. 2D frills of a lamp) and the apply the new material.
  • I set up a camera in Maya. I also enable the rendering gate (not required, but makes getting proportions correct easier). This is to make furniture have mostly consistent angles and distances. In the rendering settings, I choose Maya Hardware 2.0 rather than the default Arnold (which requires to set up lights and stuff; it's also a more realistic rendering system but it's not appropriate for the low-poly, low-texture Animal Crossing models), set a resolution of 780x780, then I export with "Color Managed Image - View Transform Embedded" or else the gamma of the image will be off.
  • Then I do a quick "crop to content" in GIMP, replace the file with a cropped version, and then it's ready for upload.
  • And of course I make the edits.

Fortunately, I've discovered that a rendering program I've been using, Marmoset Toolbag 3, has the option to set UV tiling to "mirror" rather than "repeat", making this process a lot faster, while the renders themselves should be a bit nicer. I do hope this means I can get more furniture images out in the future.

See also

Thank you for devoting some of your time to read my userpage. Have a great day!
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