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This article is about a furniture item from the Animal Crossing series. For the item that is located outside the player's house in Animal Crossing, please see Gyroid (outdoor).

Gyroids on the ground in New Leaf

Gyroids (埴輪, Haniwa) are furniture items in the Animal Crossing series, primarily used as furniture inside the player's house. They are not to be confused with the gyroid that appears outside the house in Animal Crossing. They can be found buried in the ground, like fossils, but only after rainy days.

A room full of different gyroids in City Folk

Each and every gyroid is unique in its own way: the way it sounds, how fast the tempo is, and pitch all depend on the size of the gyroid and which family it belongs to. If one of K.K. Slider's songs is played on a stereo, the gyroid will match the tempo of the song so that they synchronize. The name "gyroid" likely originates from the word "gyrate," meaning to spin, referencing the motion that gyroids make.

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, more gyroids appear buried in the ground after it rains for a long time. Lazy villagers comment on this saying that they must like the rain.

Eight gyroids may be active at one time in a room before one of them automatically turns off, although in Wild World, only four may be active at any given time.

If a gyroid is sold to Tom Nook, Timmy and Tommy, or Reese it is worth 828 Bells. If a gyroid is placed within a house, it is worth 828 HRA points.

In Animal Crossing, Animal Crossing: Wild World, and Animal Crossing: City Folk[edit]

Not all gyroid families have all the sizes of gyroids, and a few do not have a neutral size. There are 127 gyroids in Animal Crossing, Animal Crossing: Wild World and Animal Crossing: City Folk.

Alloid Family[edit]

These gyroids make a sound similar to a steel drum.

  • Mega Alloid
  • Tall Alloid
  • Mini Alloid

Bovoid Family[edit]

These gyroids make a mooing noise, hence the "Bovoid" name.

  • Tall Bovoid
  • Mega Bovoid

Bowtoid Family[edit]

The Bowtoid family

Bowtoids wear bow ties. They make a fast, repetitive sound and dance.

  • Mini Bowtoid
  • Tall Bowtoid
  • Bowtoid
  • Mega Bowtoid

Buzzoid Family[edit]

The Buzzoid family

Buzzoids make a buzzing noise.

  • Buzzoid
  • Tall Buzzoid
  • Mega Buzzoid
  • Mini Buzzoid

Clankoid Family[edit]

The Clankoid family

They sound like pots and pans banging. They appear to look like garbage cans.

  • Mega Clankoid
  • Clankoid
  • Mini Clankoid
  • Tall Clankoid

Croakoid Family[edit]

The Croakoid family

They croak like a frog.

  • Mini Croakoid
  • Mega Croakoid
  • Tall Croakoid
  • Croakoid

Dekkoid Family[edit]

The Dekkoid family

These gyroids sound a little bit like they are saying "Dekkai."

  • Dekkoid
  • Mini Dekkoid
  • Mega Dekkoid

Dingloid Family[edit]

The Dingloid family

These gyroids, as their name suggests, make bell sounds. The Wee Dingloid is the only "Wee" gyroid and is very similar to the Mini Dingloid.

  • Squat Dingloid
  • Mega Dingloid
  • Dingloid
  • Mini Dingloid
  • Wee Dingloid
  • Tall Dingloid

Dinkoid Family[edit]

The Dinkoids are a lot like Sputnoids.

  • Mini Dinkoid
  • Mega Dinkoid

Drilloid Family[edit]

The Drilloid family

These make a drilling noise.

  • Drilloid
  • Mega Drilloid
  • Mini Drilloid

Droploid Family[edit]

The Droploid makes a "plop, plop, plop" sound, like water falling.

  • Tall Droploid

Echoid Family[edit]

They make an echoing noise.

  • Mini Echoid
  • Mega Echoid
  • Tall Echoid

Fizzoid Family[edit]

These sound like the fizz of opening a pop bottle.

  • Mega Fizzoid
  • Mini Fizzoid

Freakoid Family[edit]

These sound like crying babies.

  • Mega Freakoid
  • Mini Freakoid

Gargloid Family[edit]

These make a sound like a man gargling water.

  • Mini Gargloid
  • Gargloid
  • Tall Gargloid

Gongoid Family[edit]

These sound like a gong. They closely resemble Lloid and the Gyroid from the original Animal Crossing.

  • Mega Gongoid
  • Gongoid
  • Mini Gongoid
  • Tall Gongoid

Harmonoid Family[edit]

The Harmonoids make a sound like a Steam Calliope.

  • Harmonoid
  • Mega Harmonoid
  • Mini Harmonoid
  • Tall Harmonoid

Howloid Family[edit]

Howloids make a screeching noise like an owl.

  • Mega Howloid
  • Mini Howloid
  • Howloid

Lamentoid Family[edit]

Lamentoids are based off of the word "lament," and make rattling sounds when they spin. They do not have the same facial features as most gyroids do.

  • Mega Lamentoid
  • Mini Lamentoid
  • Lamentoid
  • Tall Lamentoid

Lullaboid Family[edit]

The Lullaboid family
These make a sound like a music box.
  • Lullaboid
  • Mega Lullaboid
  • Mini Lullaboid
  • Tall Lullaboid

Metatoid Family[edit]

These make a metalic rattling sound.

  • Mini Metatoid
  • Metatoid

Nebuloid Family[edit]

Nebuloids sound like a vibrating beep.

  • Mega Nebuloid
  • Mini Nebuloid
  • Nebuloid
  • Slim Nebuloid
  • Squat Nebuloid
  • Tall Nebuloid

Oboid Family[edit]

Oboids sound like an oboe.

  • Mega Oboid
  • Oboid
  • Tall Oboid

Oombloid Family[edit]

The Oombloids make an "oom" sound.

  • Mini Oombloid
  • Oombloid
  • Tall Oombloid
  • Mega Oombloid

Percoloid Family[edit]

Percoloids sound like hitting a hollow tree trunk.

  • Tall Percoloid
  • Mega Percoloid

Plinkoid Family[edit]

They sound like tiny wooden bells.

  • Mini Plinkoid
  • Plinkoid
  • Mega Plinkoid

Poltergoid Family[edit]

These make a scary shriek.

  • Mega Poltergoid
  • Mini Poltergoid
  • Poltergoid
  • Tall Poltergoid

Puffoid Family[edit]

These gyroids sound like a person blowing on a pan flute.

  • Mega Puffoid
  • Tall Puffoid
  • Mini Puffoid

Quazoid Family[edit]

These make futuristic-sounding noises.

  • Mega Quazoid
  • Quazoid
  • Slim Quazoid
  • Mini Quazoid
  • Tall Quazoid

Rhythmoid Family[edit]

They are in tune with the music.

  • Mini Rhythmoid
  • Rhythmoid

Rustoid Family[edit]

These make a clanking noise, like rusted metal.

  • Mega Rustoid
  • Rustoid
  • Mini Rustoid

Sproid Family[edit]

The Sproid family

Sproids make a noise similar to that of a spring.

  • Mega Sproid
  • Mini Sproid
  • Sproid
  • Tall Sproid

Sputnoid Family[edit]

Their names derive from the satellite Sputnik and make the noise of a spacecraft drifting through space. These Gyroids have metallic bodies and large, colorful panels.

  • Mega Sputnoid
  • Sputnoid
  • Mini Sputnoid
  • Tall Sputnoid

Squelchoid Family[edit]

They sound like Velcro.

  • Mini Squelchoid
  • Mega Squelchoid
  • Squelchoid

Strumboid Family[edit]

These Gyroids make sounds similar to a guitar. The name comes from the strum, a basic guitar technique.

  • Mega Strumboid
  • Mini Strumboid
  • Strumboid
  • Tall Strumboid

Timpanoid Family[edit]

Timpanoids sound like timpani drums.

  • Timpanoid
  • Mini Timpanoid
  • Tall Timpanoid
  • Mega Timpanoid

Tootoid Family[edit]

Tootoids make a noise that sounds like flatulence.

  • Mini Tootoid
  • Tootoid
  • Mega Tootoid

Warbloid Family[edit]

Warbloids make a sound like a woman gargling water.

  • Mini Warbloid
  • Tall Warbloid
  • Warbloid

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf[edit]

Animal Crossing: New Leaf has 131 gyroids.

Brewstoid Family[edit]

Brewstoids make the sound of coffee pouring. They resemble their creator, Brewster, and can be acquired only by working part-time at the Roost Cafe, and getting a certain number of customers' orders correct.

  • Tall Brewstoid
  • Brewstoid
  • Mini Brewstoid
  • Mega Brewstoid


  • Gyroids, known in Japan as haniwa, are funerary objects from the Kofun period buried with the dead and thought to serve as a container and protector for the soul.[1]
  • Gyroids sell for 828 bells and score 828 HRA points. This is a reference to the Japanese pronunciation of "828" (happyaku ni juu hachi). The underlined letters indicate the sounds that spell out haniwa, the Japanese name for gyroid.