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Infobox Villager
Species Personality Gender
Unknown Unknown Unknown

This is an infobox for villagers.


{{Infobox Villager

Syntax Guide

This is just a quick reference on how to use each field.

  • name: The name of the villager.
  • japanese: The villager's Japanese name.
  • image: The image file. Do not include [[Image:Example.jpg]]! In this case, you would put Example.jpg.
  • imagesize: the size of the image. Please be sure to include "px" at the end. Default is 200px.
  • gender: The gender of the villager will go here. Male or Female.
  • personality: The villager's set personality. For example, Agent S's personality is Peppy.
  • species: The species the villager belongs to.
  • birthday: The day the villager was born.
  • sign: The villager's current zodiac sign.
  • note1: Space to place notes regarding a villager's current zodiac sign.
  • sign2: The villager's previous zodiac sign, if any.
  • note2: Space to place notes regarding a villager's previous zodiac sign.
  • phrase: The default phrase(s) the villager is set to. Do not include any player-customized phrases.
  • clothes: The default clothing worn by the villager.
  • umbrella: The default umbrella used by the villager.
  • song: The villager's favorite song (plays in their house by default).
  • quote: The villager's favorite saying, which appears on their picture.
  • favorite: If the villager is an islander, the favorite fruit. Remove this field for non-islanders.
  • allergic: If the villager is an islander, the fruit the villager is allergic to. Remove this field for non-islanders.
  • debut: Describes the first time the villager appears in any Animal Crossing media.
  • latest: Describes the most recent appearance of the villager in Animal Crossing media.

  • skill: (depreciated - do not use) The villager's skill.
  • goal: (depreciated - do not use) The villager's goal for the future.
  • style: (depreciated - do not use) The villager's preferred style.
  • appearances: (replaced - do not use) The games in the main series the villager has appeared in.
  • other: (replaced - do not use) Other media the villager has appeared in, such as the film, Sweet Day, Happy Home Designer, etc.