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This template defines the table "e_card". View table.


| front = (image of card front)
| back = (image of card back)
| number = (card #)
| name = (card name)
| gender = (character's gender)
| species = (character's species)
| design = (name of design)
| song = (name of song)
| sign = (character's star sign)
| sign-note = (if applicable, denote any typos for the star sign (like Biff's))
| clothes = (villager's initial clothes)
| clothes-i = (clothing item page name; only needs to be specified for villagers whose cards have a clothing typo (like Dizzy's))
| phrase = (villager's initial catchphrase)
| phrase-note = (if applicable, denote any typos for the catchphrase (like Cyrano, Marcy, and Pigleg's))
| game = (name of game)
| charcards = (number of character cards needed to play game)
| players = (number of players game allows)
| description = (text body on back of card)
| p1line1 = (line 1 of first password)
| p1line2 = (line 2 of first password)
| p2line1 = (line 1 of second password)
| p2line2 = (line 2 of second password)
| prevcard = (name of previous card in series)
| prevnum = (value of previous card number in series)
| prevtype = (type of previous card in the series)
| nextcard = (name of next card in series)
| nextnum = (value of next card number in series)
| nexttype = (type of next card in the series)
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  • None of the parameters are required for the template to function correctly- however it will appear as it does at the top of the page if nothing is entered.
  • As non-villager/special character cards do not currently (as of Aug. 2, 2015) have their own pages, new pages will need to be created for sibling, boy/girl, NES, design, and music cards. The template will then need to be updated to link to the appropriate section of the relevant page featuring the correct e-card template.
  • All of the parameters will not be used at the same time, as some parameters are specific to certain card types.
  • gender, clothes, sign, and phrase are limited to cards featuring characters.
  • design - Only used to provide name of design on design cards.
  • song - Only used to provide name of song on song cards.
  • game - Only used to provide name of game on NES or boy/girl cards.
  • charcards - Only used to specify the number of players able to play game on boy/girl cards.
  • p2line1 & p2line2 - Only used to enter second password on sibling cards.
  • The description parameter is used to input the profile info on villager cards, the dialog on sibling cards, the game instructions on boy/girl cards, and Nook's description on NES cards.
  • The prevtype and nexttype parameters are used to generate the appropriate icon associated with the type of card preceding or following the current one.
  • For villager cards, input the villager's species name.
  • For special visitors, input "special".
  • Icons have not been created for any other card types but are forthcoming. Watch this space for further instruction.
  • The template knows which fields need to be displayed depending on the parameters entered and will generate table elements accordingly.

Update log

Aug. 13, 2016:

  • The template will now auto-fill the following parameters based on the value for PAGENAME:
  • front
  • back
  • number
  • name
  • prevcard
  • prevnum
  • prevtype
  • nextcard
  • nextnum
  • nexttype
  • The parameters can still be used to override default values.
  • The template is not currently coded correctly to deal with non-character e-cards (e.g. Town Tune cards etc.) and they will require manual entry.
  • Card images and page links for villagers whose wiki page names do not exactly match their card names (e.g. Snooty (villager)) may require manual entry.
  • Support for legacy parameters image, type, and password has been dropped and the template will no longer tag pages with Category:Pages with an outdated e-card template.

Aug. 20, 2015:

  • The template is designed to work with the previous template/parameters and will tag pages using these depreciated parameters (type & password) with Category:Pages with an outdated e-card template.
  • The old type parameter was split into two new parameters: gender and species.
  • The password parameter was also split in two (p1line1 & p1line2) so that half of the password would sit on a line, one above the other, making it easier to use in-game.
  • The image parameter was replaced with front but will still work on pages using the previous version of the template.
  • The e-card portion of Template:Villager Header was incorporated into the bottom of the template to allow for navigation to other pages containing the template.