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Animal Crossing amiibo card
# - Series ???
Type: Please enter a card type.
Star sign: Please enter a star sign.
Birthday: Please enter a birth date.
Dice value: Please enter a dice value.
Hand sign: Please enter a hand sign.
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000 Previous List of amiibo cards
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| number = (card #)
| name = (card name)
| front = (image of card front)
| back = (image of card back)
| dice = (dice value)
| hand = (hand sign)
| type = (card type)
| sign = (character's star sign)
| bday = (character's birthday)
| prevcard = (name of previous card in series)
| prevtype = (type of previous card in the series)
| nextcard = (name of next card in series)
| nexttype = (type of next card in the series)
For help with this template, leave a message on sunmarsh's talk page.


  • None of the parameters are required for the template to function correctly- however it will appear as it does at the top of the page if nothing is entered.
  • The back parameter is not required; the template will automatically insert the standard amiibo card back. However if a card is ever released with a non-standard back this parameter can be used.
  • For the type parameter, please insert the villager's species, unless the character is a special visitor, in which case enter "Special".
  • For the hand parameter, please insert "Rock" for the fist sign, "Paper" for the open palm, and "Scissors" for the peace sign.
  • The prevtype and nexttype parameters are used to generate the appropriate icon associated with the type of card preceding or following the current one.
  • For villager cards, input the villager's species name.
  • For special visitors, input "special".
  • The template will automatically calculate the correct previous and next card number based on the value entered for number.