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No villagers have this item in their home.

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When placed on a Animal Crossing furniture page, this template will automatically produce a list of villagers whose houses have that furniture by default. If no villagers have the item, the template will output "No villagers have this item in their home."

This template will automatically extract the furniture name from the page title, so there is no need to specify any parameters; if needed, however, the item can be specified via the item parameter.

This template pulls data from the pg_house Cargo table. If a villager's mention is inaccurate, it should be fixed in PGHouse template that appears on their article. For more information on Cargo, refer to our Cargo documentation.


{{PGFurnitureVillagers|item=Froggy Chair}}

This item appears in the homes of the following villagers: Filbert Filbert, Jeremiah Jeremiah, Lily Lily, Tad Tad, Vladimir Vladimir. As a result, if it is not placed on a surface in their house, this item has a chance of being obtained from these villagers when they give the player an item.