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This template defines the table "special_character". View table.

Infobox Special
Japanese Unknown Korean Unknown Chinese Unknown
French Unknown Italian Unknown Spanish Unknown
German Unknown Dutch Unknown Russian Unknown
Species Gender
Main Appearances
Other Appearances

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{{Infobox Special

Syntax Guide

This is a quick reference on how to use each field.

  • name: The name of the character will go here.
  • spacing: Set custom spacing between villager name translations. (optional)
  • ja-name: The character's Japanese name.
  • ko-name: The character's Korean name.
  • zh-name: The character's Simplified Chinese name from New Horizons onwards.
  • fr-name: The character's French name.
  • it-name: The character's Italian name.
  • es-name: The character's Spanish name.
  • de-name: The character's German name.
  • nl-name: The character's Dutch name.
  • ru-name: The character's Russian name.
  • image: The image file. Do not include [[File:Example.jpg]]! In this case, you would put Example.jpg.
  • imagesize: the size of the image. Please be sure to include "px" at the end.
  • gender: The gender of the character will go here. Male/Female/Unknown.
  • species: The species of animal the character is. If not known, leave blank.
  • service: The service the character provides to the player. For example, Kicks would have "shoe store owner."
  • birthday: The day the character was born.
  • sign: The character's zodiac sign.