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{{Infobox Music
|order#      = 
|name        = 
|ja-name     = 
|ko-name     = 
|zh-name     = 
|fr-name     = 
|it-name     = 
|es-name     = 
|de-name     = 
|nl-name     = 
|ru-name     = 
|image       = 
|imagesize   = 
|caption     = 
|audiotitle  = 
|audiofile   = 
|audiotitle2 = 
|audiofile2  = 
|genre       = 
|mood        = 
|time        = 
|instruments = 
|composer    = 
|label       = 
|owned by    = 

This infobox is for articles about music in the series. Many of the parameters are straightforward, but the below ones require special consideration:

  • order# is the internal order for each song throughout the games. This manifests in-game as the order in which the songs appear in the playlist menu.
  • audiotitle is for the title for the below parameter.
  • audiofile is where an audio file can be placed to appear below the image in the infobox.
  • audiotitle2 for the second file's title
  • audiofile2 for the second file's link
    • For best practice, use the following titles depending on the context of the article and audio files:
      • Aircheck for K.K. Slider song recordings
      • Live Performance for audio of K.K. Slider's live performances
      • Title Theme for video game title themes
      • Background Theme for all location and hourly music


#1 K.K. Chorale  
K.K. Chorale NH Texture.png
Album cover in Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Live Performance
Composed by Toru Minegishi
Mood A little blue...
Owned by
Genre Classical
Instruments Organ
Main appearances

Other appearances
Names in other languages
 Chorale de Kéké
 K.K. Corale
 Хорал К. К.
 Chorale de Kéké
 K.K. Choral
{{Infobox Music
|order#      = 1
|name        = K.K. Chorale
|ja-name     = けけさんびか
|ko-name     = K.K.찬송가
|zh-name     = K.K.赞美诗歌
|zht-name    = K.K.讚美詩歌
|fr-name     = Chorale de Kéké
|es-name     = Tota-góspel
|it-name     = K.K. Corale
|de-name     = K.K. Choral
|nl-name     = K.K.-koraal
|ru-name     = Хорал К. К.
|image       = AlbumArt-Chorale NH.png
|caption     = Album cover in {{NH|nolink}}
|audiotitle  = Aircheck
|audiofile   = NH BGM Audio 001 Sanbika Hifi.flac
|audiotitle2 = Live Performance
|audiofile2  = NH BGM Live 001 Sanbika.flac
|genre       = Classical
|mood        = A little blue...
|instruments = Organ
|composer    = [[Toru Minegishi]]
|label       = Gaia
|owned by    = {{Availability|Villager|Kitt|nb=true}}{{Note|name=PGWWCFNL|In {{PG}}, {{WW|short}}, {{CF|short}}, and {{NL|short}}}}<br>{{Availability|Villager|Chevre|nb=true}}{{Note|name=PGWWCFNLNH|In {{PG}}, {{WW|short}}, {{CF|short}}, {{NL|short}}, and {{NH|short}}}}<br>{{Availability|Villager|Nan|nb=true}}{{Note|name=DnMe|In {{DnMe+}} only}}<br>{{Availability|Villager|Alli|nb=true}}{{Note|name=WWCFNL|In {{DnMe+}}, {{WW|short}}, {{CF|short}}, and {{NL|short}}}}<br>{{Availability|Villager|Cookie|nb=true}}{{Note|name=CF|In {{CF|short}} only}}<br>{{Availability|Villager|Becky|nb=true}}{{Note|name=NH|In {{NH|short}} only}}<br>{{Availability|Villager|Colton|nb=true}}{{Note|name=NH}}<br>{{Availability|Villager|Kitty|nb=true}}{{Note|name=NH}}<br>{{Availability|Villager|Knox|nb=true}}{{Note|name=NH}}<br>{{Availability|Villager|Mathilda|nb=true}}{{Note|name=NH}}<br>{{Availability|Villager|Purrl|nb=true}}{{Note|name=NH}}<br>{{Availability|Villager|Skye|nb=true}}{{Note|name=HHP|In {{HHP|short}} only}}<br>{{Availability|Villager|Boomer|nb=true}}{{Note|name=HHPHHD|In {{HHP|short}} and {{HHD|short}}}}<br>{{Availability|Villager|Elise|nb=true}}{{Note|name=HHPHHD}}<br>{{Availability|Villager|Monique|nb=true}}{{Note|name=HHD|In {{HHD|short}} only}}<br>{{Availability|Villager|Pashmina|nb=true}}{{Note|name=HHD}}<br>{{Availability|Villager|Penelope|nb=true}}{{Note|name=HHD}}