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No villagers use this item as their default umbrella.

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When placed on a Animal Crossing: New Horizons umbrella page, this template will automatically produce a list of villagers whose worn this item by default. If no villagers have not wear this item, the template will output "No villagers has this as their default umbrella."

This template will automatically extract the umbrella name from the page title, so there is no need to specify any parameters; if needed, however, the item can be specified via the item parameter.

This template pulls data from the nh_villager Cargo table. If a villager's mention is inaccurate, it should be fixed in NHVillagerInfo that appears on their article. For more information on Cargo, refer to our Cargo documentation.


{{NHUmbrellaVillagers|item=Bat Umbrella}}

This item is used by the following villagers: Admiral Admiral, Angus Angus, Apollo Apollo, Biff Biff, Boomer Boomer, Boris Boris, Bruce Bruce, Butch Butch, Curt Curt, Cyd Cyd, Del Del, Elvis Elvis, Gaston Gaston, Gruff Gruff, Hopper Hopper, Limberg Limberg, Peewee Peewee, Rasher Rasher, Raymond Raymond, Ricky Ricky, Roscoe Roscoe, Tom Tom, Vic Vic, Wolfgang Wolfgang.