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Table structure

  1. name - String
  2. number - String
  3. series - String
  4. bundle - String
  5. bundle_wikitext - Wikitext string
  6. image_front - String
  7. image_front_url - String
  8. type - String
  9. dice - Integer
  10. hand - String
  11. birthday - String
  12. sign - String
  13. items - Text

Data table

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Page name number series bundle bundle wikitext image front image front url type dice hand birthday sign items
Ace (edit) Ace 443 Series 5 443 Ace amiibo card NA.png Bird August 11 Leo
Admiral (edit) Admiral 32 Welcome amiibo series 032 Admiral NL amiibo card NA.png [ {"name": "shanty wall", "img": "shanty wall_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "No"}, {"name": "steel flooring", "img": "steel flooring_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "No"}, {"name": "dinnerware", "img": "Dinnerware (Before Use) NL Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "imperial pot", "img": "Imperial Pot (Mapo Dofu) NL Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "kitchen counter", "img": "kitchen counter_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "kitchen refrigerator", "img": "kitchen refrigerator_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "kitchen stove", "img": "kitchen stove_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "metal box", "img": "metal box_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "ramen", "img": "Ramen (Shoyu) NL Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "ramen", "img": "Ramen (Tonkotsu) NL Model.png", "customized": "Yes", "new": "Yes"} ]
Agent S (edit) Agent S 198 Series 2 198 Agent S amiibo card NA.png Squirrel 1 Scissors July 2 Cancer
Agnes (edit) Agnes 172 Series 2 172 Agnes amiibo card NA.png Pig 4 Scissors April 21 Taurus
Al (edit) Al 025 Series 1 025 Al amiibo card NA.png Gorilla 4 Scissors October 18 Libra
Alfonso (edit) Alfonso 153 Series 2 153 Alfonso amiibo card NA.png Alligator 5 Rock June 9 Gemini
Alice (edit) Alice 182 Series 2 182 Alice amiibo card NA.png Koala 4 Scissors August 19 Leo
Alli (edit) Alli 036 Series 1 036 Alli amiibo card NA.png Alligator 2 Scissors November 8 Scorpio
Amelia (edit) Amelia 075 Series 1 075 Amelia amiibo card NA.png Eagle 4 Paper November 19 Scorpio
Anabelle (edit) Anabelle 343 Series 4 343 Anabelle amiibo card NA.png Anteater 5 Rock February 16 Aquarius
Anchovy (edit) Anchovy 219 Series 3 219 Anchovy amiibo card NA.png Bird 3 Paper March 4 Pisces
Angus (edit) Angus 398 Series 4 398 Angus amiibo card NA.png Bull 5 Rock April 30 Taurus
Anicotti (edit) Anicotti 184 Series 2 184 Anicotti amiibo card NA.png Mouse 3 Rock February 24 Pisces
Ankha (edit) Ankha 188 Series 2 188 Ankha amiibo card NA.png Cat 3 Rock September 22 Virgo
Annalisa (edit) Annalisa 083 Series 1 083 Annalisa amiibo card NA.png Anteater 1 Rock February 6 Aquarius
Annalise (edit) Annalise 367 Series 4 367 Annalise amiibo card NA.png Horse 1 Paper December 2 Sagittarius
Antonio (edit) Antonio 295 Series 3 295 Antonio amiibo card NA.png Anteater 1 Rock October 20 Libra
Apollo (edit) Apollo 297 Series 3 297 Apollo amiibo card NA.png Eagle 3 Paper July 4 Cancer
Apple (edit) Apple 359 Series 4 359 Apple amiibo card NA.png Hamster 3 Rock September 24 Libra
Astrid (edit) Astrid 276 Series 3 276 Astrid amiibo card NA.png Kangaroo 6 Scissors September 8 Virgo
Audie (edit) Audie 428 Series 5 428 Audie amiibo card NA.png Wolf August 31 Virgo
Aurora (edit) Aurora 357 Series 4 357 Aurora amiibo card NA.png Penguin 2 Rock January 27 Aquarius
Ava (edit) Ava 250 Series 3 250 Ava amiibo card NA.png Chicken 4 Paper April 28 Taurus
Avery (edit) Avery 140 Series 2 140 Avery amiibo card NA.png Eagle 1 Rock February 22 Pisces
Axel (edit) Axel 090 Series 1 090 Axel amiibo card NA.png Elephant 4 Scissors March 23 Aries
Azalea (edit) Azalea 446 Series 5 446 Azalea amiibo card NA.png Rhinoceros December 18 Sagittarius
Baabara (edit) Baabara 292 Series 3 292 Baabara amiibo card NA.png Sheep 5 Scissors March 28 Aries
Bam (edit) Bam 237 Series 3 237 Bam amiibo card NA.png Deer 5 Scissors November 7 Scorpio
Bangle (edit) Bangle 056 Series 1 056 Bangle amiibo card NA.png Tiger 1 Paper August 27 Virgo
Barold (edit) Barold 378 Series 4 378 Barold amiibo card NA.png Cub 6 Paper March 2 Pisces
Bea (edit) Bea 31 Welcome amiibo series 031 Bea NL amiibo card NA.png [ {"name": "green wall", "img": "green wall_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "No"}, {"name": "natural wood floor", "img": "natural wood floor_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "bread basket", "img": "bread basket_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "bread-making set", "img": "bread-making set_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "dessert case", "img": "dessert case_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "No"}, {"name": "menu chalkboard", "img": "Menu Chalkboard (Illustration) NL Model.png", "customized": "Yes", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "tong-and-tray stand", "img": "tong-and-tray stand_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "wooden counter", "img": "Wooden Counter (Brown - Colorful Dots) NL Model.png", "customized": "Yes", "new": "Yes"} ]
Beardo (edit) Beardo 249 Series 3 249 Beardo amiibo card NA.png Bear 2 Rock September 27 Libra
Beau (edit) Beau 167 Series 2 167 Beau amiibo card NA.png Deer 3 Scissors April 5 Aries
Becky (edit) Becky 375 Series 4 375 Becky amiibo card NA.png Chicken 3 Paper December 9 Sagittarius
Bella (edit) Bella 069 Series 1 069 Bella amiibo card NA.png Mouse 5 Scissors December 28 Capricorn
Benedict (edit) Benedict 171 Series 2 171 Benedict amiibo card NA.png Chicken 3 Paper October 10 Libra
Benjamin (edit) Benjamin 084 Series 1 084 Benjamin amiibo card NA.png Dog 6 Scissors August 3 Leo
Bertha (edit) Bertha 093 Series 1 093 Bertha amiibo card NA.png Hippo 4 Scissors April 25 Taurus
Bettina (edit) Bettina 174 Series 2 174 Bettina amiibo card NA.png Mouse 1 Rock June 12 Gemini
Bianca (edit) Bianca 164 Series 2 164 Bianca amiibo card NA.png Tiger 5 Paper December 13 Sagittarius
Biff (edit) Biff 070 Series 1 070 Biff amiibo card NA.png Hippo 3 Rock March 29 Aries
Big Top (edit) Big Top 199 Series 2 199 Big Top amiibo card NA.png Elephant 3 Rock October 3 Libra
Bill (edit) Bill 033 Series 1 033 Bill amiibo card NA.png Duck 5 Rock February 1 Aquarius
Billy (edit) Billy 20 Welcome amiibo series 020 Billy NL amiibo card NA.png [ {"name": "regal wall", "img": "regal wall_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "No"}, {"name": "parquet floor", "img": "Parquet Floor NL Model 2.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "black phone", "img": "black phone_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "candelabra", "img": "candelabra_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "cool globe", "img": "cool globe_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "No"}, {"name": "daimyo's tray", "img": "Daimyo's Tray (Scarlet) NL Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "lucky doll", "img": "lucky doll_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "retro screen", "img": "retro screen_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "zen low table", "img": "zen low table_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "zen phone stand", "img": "zen phone stand_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"} ]
Biskit (edit) Biskit 279 Series 3 279 Biskit amiibo card NA.png Dog 2 Paper May 13 Taurus
Bitty (edit) Bitty 22 Welcome amiibo series 022 Bitty NL amiibo card NA.png [ {"name": "mosaic wall", "img": "mosaic wall_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "No"}, {"name": "lobby floor", "img": "lobby floor_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "fancy display case", "img": "Fancy Display Case (Brown) NL Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "fancy display stand", "img": "Fancy Display Stand (Beige) NL Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "hanger rack", "img": "Hanger Rack (Ladies') NL Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "jewelry case", "img": "Jewelry Case (Brown) NL Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "perfume bottles", "img": "perfume bottles_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "ring", "img": "Ring (Purple) NL Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"} ]
Blaire (edit) Blaire 139 Series 2 139 Blaire amiibo card NA.png Squirrel 4 Paper July 3 Cancer
Blanca (edit) Blanca 114 Series 2 114 Blanca amiibo card NA.png Special 1 Scissors February 8 Aquarius
Blanche (edit) Blanche 262 Series 3 262 Blanche amiibo card NA.png Ostrich 3 Rock December 21 Sagittarius
Blathers (edit) Blathers 202 Series 3 202 Blathers amiibo card NA.png Special 2 Rock September 24 Libra
Blathers (edit) Blathers 406 Series 5 406 Blathers amiibo card NA.png Special September 24 Libra
Bluebear (edit) Bluebear 032 Series 1 032 Bluebear amiibo card NA.png Cub 1 Scissors June 24 Cancer
Bob (edit) Bob 018 Series 1 018 Bob amiibo card NA.png Cat 2 Scissors January 1 Capricorn
Bonbon (edit) Bonbon 049 Series 1 049 Bonbon amiibo card NA.png Rabbit 5 Scissors March 3 Pisces
Bones (edit) Bones 342 Series 4 342 Bones amiibo card NA.png Dog 6 Paper August 4 Leo
Booker (edit) Booker 106 Series 2 106 Booker amiibo card NA.png Special 4 Paper April 23 Taurus
Boomer (edit) Boomer 289 Series 3 289 Boomer amiibo card NA.png Penguin 6 Scissors February 7 Aquarius
Boone (edit) Boone 328 Series 4 328 Boone amiibo card NA.png Gorilla 6 Scissors September 12 Virgo
Boots (edit) Boots 34 Welcome amiibo series 034 Boots NL amiibo card NA.png [ {"name": "bamboo-grove wall", "img": "bamboo-grove wall_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "dirt floor", "img": "dirt floor_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "bamboo bench", "img": "bamboo bench_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "rice bales", "img": "rice bales_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "trellis", "img": "Trellis (Pink Flower) NL Model.png", "customized": "Yes", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "veggie basket", "img": "veggie basket_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "No"}, {"name": "zen barrel", "img": "zen barrel_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"} ]
Boris (edit) Boris 11 Welcome amiibo series 011 Boris NL amiibo card NA.png [ {"name": "hallway wall", "img": "hallway wall_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "lobby floor", "img": "lobby floor_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "cup of tea", "img": "Cup of Tea (Jasmine Tea) NL Model.png", "customized": "Yes", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "floor light", "img": "Floor Light (White) NL Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "metal-rim table", "img": "Metal-Rim Table (Black) NL Model.png", "customized": "Yes", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "popcorn", "img": "Popcorn (Caramel) NL Model.png", "customized": "Yes", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "sleek table", "img": "Sleek Table (Purple) NL Model.png", "customized": "Yes", "new": "No"}, {"name": "speaker", "img": "speaker_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "standing TV", "img": "Standing TV (Black) NL Model.png", "customized": "Yes", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "theater seat", "img": "Theater Seat (Red) NL Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"} ]
Boyd (edit) Boyd 21 Welcome amiibo series 021 Boyd NL amiibo card NA.png [ {"name": "blue tarp", "img": "blue tarp_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "No"}, {"name": "closed road", "img": "closed road_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "No"}, {"name": "forklift", "img": "forklift_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "garbage bin", "img": "Garbage Bin (Blue) NL Model.png", "customized": "Yes", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "plastic canister", "img": "Plastic Canister (White) NL Model.png", "customized": "Yes", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "pylon set", "img": "pylon set_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "wet-road sign", "img": "Wet-Road Sign (Construction Site) NL Model.png", "customized": "Yes", "new": "No"} ]
Bree (edit) Bree 269 Series 3 269 Bree amiibo card NA.png Mouse 6 Paper July 7 Cancer
Brewster (edit) Brewster 302 Series 4 302 Brewster amiibo card NA.png Special 4 Rock October 15 Libra
Broccolo (edit) Broccolo 149 Series 2 149 Broccolo amiibo card NA.png Mouse 6 Scissors June 30 Cancer
Broffina (edit) Broffina 329 Series 4 329 Broffina amiibo card NA.png Chicken 4 Paper October 24 Scorpio
Bruce (edit) Bruce 389 Series 4 389 Bruce amiibo card NA.png Deer 5 Rock May 26 Gemini
Bubbles (edit) Bubbles 228 Series 3 228 Bubbles amiibo card NA.png Hippo 2 Scissors September 18 Virgo
Buck (edit) Buck 268 Series 3 268 Buck amiibo card NA.png Horse 5 Scissors April 4 Aries
Bud (edit) Bud 169 Series 2 169 Bud amiibo card NA.png Lion 5 Scissors August 8 Leo
Bunnie (edit) Bunnie 087 Series 1 087 Bunnie amiibo card NA.png Rabbit 2 Paper May 9 Taurus
Butch (edit) Butch 155 Series 2 155 Butch amiibo card NA.png Dog 4 Scissors November 1 Scorpio
Buzz (edit) Buzz 47 Welcome amiibo series 047 Buzz NL amiibo card NA.png [ {"name": "chain-link fence", "img": "chain-link fence_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "No"}, {"name": "dirt floor", "img": "dirt floor_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "cutting-board set", "img": "cutting-board set_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "drink machine", "img": "Drink Machine (Blue) NL Model.png", "customized": "Yes", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "propane tanks", "img": "propane tanks_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "teppanyaki grill", "img": "Teppanyaki Grill (Yakisoba) NL Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "trash bags", "img": "Trash Bags (Blue) NL Model.png", "customized": "Yes", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "worktable", "img": "worktable_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"} ]
C.J. (edit) C.J. 412 Series 5 412 C.J. amiibo card NA.png Special March 7 Pisces
Cally (edit) Cally 395 Series 4 395 Cally amiibo card NA.png Squirrel 3 Scissors September 4 Virgo
Camofrog (edit) Camofrog 183 Series 2 183 Camofrog amiibo card NA.png Frog 5 Paper June 5 Gemini
Canberra (edit) Canberra 232 Series 3 232 Canberra amiibo card NA.png Koala 1 Rock May 14 Taurus
Candi (edit) Candi 36 Welcome amiibo series 036 Candi NL amiibo card NA.png [ {"name": "neutral wall", "img": "neutral wall_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "No"}, {"name": "kitschy tile", "img": "kitschy tile_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "No"}, {"name": "basic display stand", "img": "Basic Display Stand (Blue) NL Model.png", "customized": "Yes", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "cans", "img": "cans_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "cypress plant", "img": "Cypress Plant (Deep Green) NL Model.png", "customized": "Yes", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "merchandise table", "img": "Merchandise Table (White) NL Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "modern cash register", "img": "modern cash register_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "shopping cart", "img": "shopping cart_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "No"}, {"name": "store shelf", "img": "Store Shelf (White) NL Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"} ]
Carmen (edit) Carmen 145 Series 2 145 Carmen amiibo card NA.png Rabbit 4 Scissors January 6 Capricorn
Caroline (edit) Caroline 290 Series 3 290 Caroline amiibo card NA.png Squirrel 1 Paper July 15 Cancer
Carrie (edit) Carrie 13 Welcome amiibo series 013 Carrie NL amiibo card NA.png [ {"name": "playroom wall", "img": "playroom wall_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "No"}, {"name": "pink wood floor", "img": "pink wood floor_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "crayons", "img": "crayons_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "kiddie meal", "img": "Kiddie Meal (Lunch Combo A) NL Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "pastel low table", "img": "Pastel Low Table (Yellow) NL Model.png", "customized": "Yes", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "ringtoss", "img": "ringtoss_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "round cushion", "img": "Round Cushion (White) NL Model.png", "customized": "Yes", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "slipper rack", "img": "Slipper Rack (Colorful) NL Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "toy piano", "img": "toy piano_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"} ]
Cashmere (edit) Cashmere 39 Welcome amiibo series 039 Cashmere NL amiibo card NA.png [ {"name": "kitchen wall", "img": "kitchen wall_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "No"}, {"name": "block flooring", "img": "block flooring_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "curry plate", "img": "Curry Plate (Vada Curry) NL Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "cutting-board set", "img": "cutting-board set_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "glass screen", "img": "Glass Screen (Beige) NL Model.png", "customized": "Yes", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "kitchen counter", "img": "kitchen counter_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "kitchen stove", "img": "kitchen stove_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "paella", "img": "paella_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "standing sink", "img": "standing sink_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"} ]
Celeste (edit) Celeste 305 Series 4 305 Celeste amiibo card NA.png Special 6 Scissors September 7 Virgo
Celeste (edit) Celeste 407 Series 5 407 Celeste amiibo card NA.png Special September 7 Virgo
Celia (edit) Celia 363 Series 4 363 Celia amiibo card NA.png Eagle 6 Paper March 25 Aries
Cephalobot (edit) Cephalobot 439 Series 5 439 Cephalobot amiibo card NA.png Octopus April 1 Aries
Cesar (edit) Cesar 144 Series 2 144 Cesar amiibo card NA.png Gorilla 5 Rock September 6 Virgo
Chabwick (edit) Chabwick 441 Series 5 441 Chabwick amiibo card NA.png Penguin December 24 Capricorn
Chadder (edit) Chadder 284 Series 3 284 Chadder amiibo card NA.png Mouse 2 Rock December 15 Sagittarius
Chai (edit) Chai 4 Sanrio series 004 Chai Sanrio amiibo card NA.png [ {"name": "Cinnamoroll Wall", "img": "Cinnamoroll Wall_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "Cinnamoroll Floor", "img": "Cinnamoroll Floor_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "Cinnamoroll Parasol", "img": "Cinnamoroll Parasol_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "Cinnamoroll Sign", "img": "Cinnamoroll Sign_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "Cinnamoroll Sofa", "img": "Cinnamoroll Sofa_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "Cinnamoroll Stool", "img": "Cinnamoroll Stool_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "Cinnamoroll Table", "img": "Cinnamoroll Table_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "Cinnamoroll Tray", "img": "Cinnamoroll Tray_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"} ]
Charlise (edit) Charlise 186 Series 2 186 Charlise amiibo card NA.png Bear 2 Scissors April 17 Aries
Chelsea (edit) Chelsea 5 Sanrio series 005 Chelsea Sanrio amiibo card NA.png [ {"name": "My Melody Wall", "img": "My Melody Wall_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "My Melody Floor", "img": "My Melody Floor_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "My Melody Bed", "img": "My Melody Bed_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "My Melody Chair", "img": "My Melody Chair_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "My Melody Clock", "img": "My Melody Clock_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "My Melody Dresser", "img": "My Melody Dresser_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"}, {"name": "My Melody Table", "img": "My Melody Table_NL_Model.png", "customized": "No", "new": "Yes"} ]
Cheri (edit) Cheri 023 Series 1 023 Cheri amiibo card NA.png Cub 6 Scissors March 17 Pisces
Cherry (edit) Cherry 077 Series 1 077 Cherry amiibo card NA.png Dog 6 Paper May 11 Taurus
Chester (edit) Chester 251 Series 3 251 Chester amiibo card NA.png Cub 3 Scissors August 6 Leo
Chevre (edit) Chevre 242 Series 3 242 Chevre amiibo card NA.png Goat 1 Rock March 6 Pisces
Chief (edit) Chief 086 Series 1 086 Chief amiibo card NA.png Wolf 1 Scissors December 19 Sagittarius
Chip (edit) Chip 116 Series 2 116 Chip amiibo card NA.png Special 4 Rock December 9 Sagittarius
Chops (edit) Chops 185 Series 2 185 Chops amiibo card NA.png Pig 1 Paper October 13 Libra
Chow (edit) Chow 368 Series 4 368 Chow amiibo card NA.png Bear 6 Rock July 22 Cancer
Chrissy (edit) Chrissy 300 Series 3 300 Chrissy amiibo card NA.png Rabbit 6 Rock August 28 Virgo