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Why do none of the images load sometimes on the spreadsheet?

That's an issue with Google Sheets and images that happens on occasion; it isn't specific to you or to the image hosting. Unfortunately we don't have a good way to fix it, since it's an issue with Sheets in general and not our images specifically!

Why aren't images working for me in Excel when I download the sheet?

You can't get the images because the cells in the google sheet use a formula: =IMAGE(url). When the sheet gets saved as Excel, it doesn't translate the same. You need VBA code or a 3rd party addon to show the images inside Excel.

Why does <some not-for-sale item> have a buy price associated?

Everything has a default buy price in the game data, and since we import our pricing from this data we sometimes miss marking NFS items! Unreleased items will also generally have a buy price marked until they're released and we can double-check their status in-game. If the item you found is released, send us a message about it in #spreadsheet-chat-1 or #spreadsheet-chat-2 and we'll get it fixed shortly.

Why aren't Crackle / Jakey / pachy fossils named correctly on the sheet?

There are a few differences between the USen and EUen language strings - including some nicknames! - and the spreadsheet uses USen everywhere for consistency; the PAL version of the game uses the EUen strings. Crackle = Spork and Jakey = Jacob.

Why are there typos like Acorstic and Magagine in the spreadsheet?

We pull data directly from Nintendo's files, and like all of us, they make simple mistakes! These spelling errors are in the game data, not an error we introduced, and sadly we can't submit a bug report since ACNH isn't an open source project.

Please note that this applies mostly to the Filename columns! If you see a typo elsewhere, it's worth bringing to our attention because it could be our mistake.

What does the "Total Catches to Unlock" column mean? Is that total catches within a day or total outright?

This value refers to the total amount of fish or insects you must catch before that particular species can spawn on your island. This is total lifetime catches, which you can check with your nook miles achievements: "Angling for Perfection!" is total fish catches and "You've Got the Bug" is total insect catches.

What does the "Spawn Rates" column on the Fish/Insects tabs mean?

The values in the "Spawn Rates" column refer to how frequently the fish/insect appears; lower numbers are rarer. We don't fully know how those numbers work, but we do know they aren't exact percentages because there are several factors involved.

What does the "Rain/Snow Catch Up" mean on the Fish tab?

It means the fish has an increased chance of showing up in those conditions, where a "No" value means its chances aren't increased.

What are the HHA themes / sets / concepts / series and what do they do?

HHA = Happy Home Academy, and these categories are for HHA scoring. Basically, having more items in your rooms with the same concept and more items with the same series gives you bonus points to your HHA score. The same applies to the Color columns.

What pool of DIY recipes do bottles & balloons pull from?

Bottles pull from the "all villagers" or "personality villager" recipe source pools. Note the personality of whichever villager writes the letter found inside the bottle will be the same as the personality source on the spreadsheet, if it's a personality-specific recipe.

Balloons that drop recipes pull from the seasonal DIY pool. If you receive a non-seasonal recipe please screen-capture and link that to us as a data point - we've gotten reports of this happening but are looking for solid evidence! :)