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Winter in the Animal Crossing series starts in late November and lasts until February 24th. In the Southern Hemisphere in New Horizons, winter lasts from late May to August 24th. Like the other seasons, winter has many unique events and characters, as explained below. Winter follows autumn, and precedes spring.


A perfectly proportioned snowman. Note the characteristic snowy clouds of winter in the sky.

There are many events that occur in the winter, such as Naughty-or-Nice Day, Toy Day and the New Year's Countdown. Here is a list of the events, what happens in each, in what game and when.

First Saturday of every month (except January) in Wild World or Fourth Sunday of every month in City Folk
Players can visit villager's homes and buy selected items of furniture. Likewise, villagers can visit the player's house and buy items from them, at a price set by the player.
Second or Third Saturday or Sunday (depends on game) of December, January, and February
Chip (or Tortimer in Animal Crossing: Wild World) the fishing ace will set up a stall in the Plaza and will challenge the villagers of the town to catch the biggest fish (either overall or a specific type of fish). The competition ends at 6:00 PM, whereupon the winner will receive a trophy. A notice will also be put up on the bulletin board announcing the winner.
Second Saturday of January (Northern Hemisphere) or Second Saturday of July (Southern Hemisphere)
C.J. will ask players to catch as many fishes as possible within a 3 minute time range, setting up a cooler where any fishes a player gets will be stored immediately. There's a fee of 500 Bells per run, but during online play the fee is waivered. The competition lasts from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, of which after a certain point threshold the players will receive a trophy in their mailbox. Players can also redeem points for "fish swag".
Throughout winter
Throughout the season, one of the villagers from the player's town may decide to live in an igloo for a day. Players that visit them can chat or play winter games, or in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, convince them to move in. If the player spends enough time in the igloo, they may receive one of several exclusive snowy gifts. This event is the winter equivalent to the Summer Tent.
January to February
The mayor may ask the player to turn on the lighthouse every night for seven nights (one week) as he leaves for vacation in January or February. If the player turns the light on for seven consecutive days, Tortimer will reward the player with either a lighthouse model or a box of chocolates.
Second Saturday of January
On this day, the player can hear villagers' suggestions for a new town tune. After the tune is sung to the player, they can decide whether or not they want it saved as the town's new melody.
Fourth Sunday of January
Villagers swap compliments with the player, and may refer to them infrequently after the event.
Second Week of February
Villagers decorate their houses with lights, and the player may go to Tortimer to vote each day on the house they like best. The winning villager will be given the title of Bright Star at the end of the week.
February 14th
In Animal Crossing, the player will receive letters from various villagers. The more the villager likes the player, the better the gift they are given will be. In City Folk and New Leaf, the player will receive a letter from the villager that they are friendliest with. This villager is always of the opposite gender. The letter contains a box of chocolates, which can be eaten. Brewster will prepare a cup of hot chocolate for the player if they visit The Roost.
Fathers across the world are celebrated. Nook Shopping will allow the player to purchase a Thank-You Dad Mug.
Childrens across the world are celebrated during Children Day. Nook Shopping will offer a Handmade Cape and a Handmade Crown for players to purchase.
Harvey will ask the player to take anniversary photos of Reese and Cyrus's wedding in Harv's Island. Players are rewarded with heart crystals which can be used to purchase wedding furniture from Cyrus.
Two deities are expected to meet together during this period, giving everyone the opportunity to make a wish. Nook Shopping will offer Bamboo Grass to purchase.
Brazil's take on the traditional cowboy festival. Nook Shopping will offer a Rodeo-Style Springy Ride-On to purchase.
A holiday that celebrates the once-in-a-year reunion between two lovers. Nook Shopping will offer a Hikoboshi Outfit and Orihime Outfit to purchase.
Every Sunday of August
The Sunday nights come alive in the town with a fireworks display. Isabelle will give the player special items in the Plaza. Redd will also be there to sell raffles for items.
December 21st
The shortest day in the player's town. Tortimer stands outside the town hall, giving the player a snowglobe.
December 21st in New Leaf / December (Northern Hemisphere) or June 7th to July 6th (Southern Hemisphere) in New Horizons
The shortest day in the player's town/island. In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, the sky is all dark all day. Isabelle will be in the Event plaza, giving the player a Blue Glow Stick. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Nook Shopping will allow the player to purchase a Midwinter Sweater and a Aurora Wall.
December 24th (Christmas Eve)
The day prior in Animal Crossing, the player can visit the Wishing Well during the day to find and talk to Tortimer, who will then give the player a toy: a dolly if the player is a girl, and a miniature car if the player is a boy. On December 24th after 8:00 PM, Jingle the reindeer will distribute presents to players, but only if he fails to recognize them after the initial prize-giving. To do this, the player must change into different outfits. In City Folk, the player may have to search for him inside empty neighbor houses. In New Leaf, he'll ask the player to distribute presents to villagers instead. This is carried over to New Horizons, except Jingle will be present all day.
December 31st to January 1st
Starting at 6:00 AM (or 5:00 AM in New Horizons) on December 31st, Tortimer (or Isabelle and Tom Nook in New Horizons will stand outside in the plaza with a large countdown clock, handing out party poppers (or in Isabelle's case, light sticks) when talked to. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Tom Nook will also sell either New Year's Hats or New Year's Silk Hats. The clock counts down the seconds till midnight and is adorned with the town's flag and flashing lights. In the final hour before the new year, villagers will talk about their past year, and the music will change several times, building in tension in the last minute with a beep for every second. After midnight, fireworks will go off in the sky and residents will wish the player a Happy New Years.


Fish and Insects[edit]

These are the fish and bugs that appear during winter.




The following items are exclusive to the winter season.


In Animal Crossing all clothing items have a season and probability group (A, B, or C) associated with them. Each town favors a certain probability group for clothing and this can be manipulated using feng shui. There are 165 clothing items available in winter, of which 29 are exclusive to the season.

List of winter clothing in Animal Crossing

Item Image Buy Price Sell Price Group Available From Season
Folk Shirt FallLeaf.png 380 95 A Tom Nook's shop Winter
Dark Polka Shirt FallLeaf.png 350 87 B Tom Nook's shop Winter
Crewel Shirt FallLeaf.png 380 95 C Tom Nook's shop Winter
Jingle Shirt FallLeaf.png - 0 - Jingle Winter
Dark Polka Shirt FallLeaf.png 350 87 B Tom Nook's shop Winter
Kaffe's Shirt FallLeaf.png 460 115 A Tom Nook's shop Winter
Neo-Classic Knit FallLeaf.png 380 95 B Tom Nook's shop Winter
Desert Shirt FallLeaf.png 390 97 A Tom Nook's shop Winter
Aurora Knit FallLeaf.png 380 95 B Tom Nook's shop Winter
Winter Sweater FallLeaf.png 290 72 C Tom Nook's shop Winter
Sharp Outfit FallLeaf.png 290 72 A Tom Nook's shop Winter
Earthy Knit FallLeaf.png 390 97 B Tom Nook's shop Winter
Spunky Knit FallLeaf.png 360 90 C Tom Nook's shop Winter
Deer Shirt FallLeaf.png 380 95 A Tom Nook's shop Winter
Monkey Shirt FallLeaf.png 380 95 B Tom Nook's shop Winter
Ancient Knit FallLeaf.png 390 97 C Tom Nook's shop Winter
Yellow Pinstripe FallLeaf.png 360 90 B Tom Nook's shop Winter
Cafe Shirt FallLeaf.png 420 105 A Tom Nook's shop Winter
Striking Outfit FallLeaf.png 460 115 C Tom Nook's shop Winter
Leather Jerkin FallLeaf.png 390 97 A Tom Nook's shop Winter
Exotic Shirt FallLeaf.png 380 95 C Tom Nook's shop Winter
Houndstooth Knit FallLeaf.png 370 92 A Tom Nook's shop Winter
Uncommon Shirt FallLeaf.png 360 90 B Tom Nook's shop Winter
Dapper Shirt FallLeaf.png 350 87 C Tom Nook's shop Winter
Cozy Sweater FallLeaf.png 350 87 A Tom Nook's shop Winter
Comfy Sweater FallLeaf.png 360 90 B Tom Nook's shop Winter
Laced Shirt FallLeaf.png 370 92 C Tom Nook's shop Winter
Shortcake Shirt FallLeaf.png 330 82 B Tom Nook's shop Winter
Toad Print FallLeaf.png 340 85 C Tom Nook's shop Winter


A bulletin announcing the arrival of a cold front. This notice means that snow will soon settle in the player's town.

The weather of winter is consists mainly of snowy, cloudy days. Snow may fall as soon as late November, but will not settle until early December. With the settling of the snow, snowballs can be found dotted around the town. These can be rolled up and joined together to make snowmen, as described above. After December, there is less snowy weather.

Other Information[edit]

During December, all existing cedar trees will be decorated with flashing lights, which alternate between blue, green and red. Any new cedars planted will lack the lights, and after the first week of the year, all lights will disappear.