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This article is about the variety of turnip tied to the Stalk Market. For the other turnip variety which is exclusive to Wild World and City Folk, see Red Turnip.

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Turnips, sometimes known as White Turnips, are a type of flora, having appeared in every main Animal Crossing series game to date. Their price on "Sow Joan's Stalk Market" (inspired by the real-world stock market and the commonly followed Dow Jones Industrial Average) can vary significantly during the week, making Turnip sales one of the most lucrative ways of earning Bells in the Animal Crossing series. They can be bought from Joan (or Daisy Mae in Animal Crossing: New Horizons) on Sunday mornings, and they must be sold (to Tom Nook, Reese, or Timmy and Tommy, depending on the game) from Monday to the following Saturday at the latest, as unsold turnips will spoil at 6 a.m. (5 a.m. in New Horizons) on Sunday morning.

In New Horizons, is also possible to eat Turnips in bundles of 10, similar to fruit; eating one such bundle will max out the player's stamina (for breaking rocks and digging up grown trees). However, this is only advisable in limited circumstances, specifically if a significant amount of stamina is required, and Turnip prices are trending such that the per-unit price will remain lower than that of native fruit until they spoil.

Buying and Selling[edit]


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Turnips have appeared in every main Animal Crossing series game, and are bought from Joan or Daisy Mae on Sundays. They are a more risky investment than Red Turnips because the price they sell for is not fixed. Turnips are sold on Sundays for a random asking price of 90-110 Bells per turnip (can be higher in Animal Crossing). They can be bought by the player in bunches of ten. In Animal Crossing: Wild World and Animal Crossing: City Folk, the player could only buy a maximum of 990 Turnips at a time, but Animal Crossing: New Leaf dropped this limit.


Tom Nook, Reese, or Timmy and Tommy will buy Turnips from Monday to Saturday. They have two prices a day, one before midday and one afterward. The aim is to sell the Turnips for more than what was originally paid for. Turnips will become spoiled and worthless at 6 AM (or 5 AM in New Horizons) on the following Sunday morning. Spoiled turnips can be placed outside to attract ants and flies.

A 597 Bells per Turnip price in Animal Crossing: City Folk

Normally the price is low, such as 60 or 80 Bells, but the price can occasionally rise higher, to a maximum of approximately 700 Bells in Wild World, City Folk, and New Leaf. Prices are somewhat random, but tend to rise Monday through Wednesday, then usually drop Thursday through Saturday, though it has been known to have a last minute increase.

Price patterns[edit]

In Animal Crossing: Wild World, Animal Crossing: City Folk and Animal Crossing: New Leaf, the price of turnips follows one of four patterns every week:

  1. Large-spike - looks like a small-spike pattern, but with the third price being the highest and a dead cat bounce at the very end of the week.
  2. Small-spike - looks like a decreasing pattern, but has a run of five higher-than-normal prices, with the fourth being the highest.
  3. Decreasing - decreases every time the price changes by between two and seven Bells.
  4. Random - price is completely random every day.[1]

The probability of each pattern occurring is affected by the pattern of the previous week, as shown by this table, where the rows are the current week's pattern, the columns are the following (upcoming) week's pattern, and the values of the cells are the probabilities of the following (upcoming) week having that pattern.[1]

In other words:

Row = Current trend
Columns = Likelihood of next week's trend
Forecasting Stalk Market Trends
Large-spike Small-spike Decreasing Random
Large-spike Low Low Low High
Small-spike Average Low Low High
Decreasing High Average Low Average
Random Average Average Low Low

Time Traveling[edit]

Spoiled Turnips NH Inv Icon.png

In earlier games, time traveling, which is when the player changes the time in Animal Crossing, has an effect on Joan selling her Turnips. She will say she is out of stock which is seen as a punishment for if the player attempts to time travel. This issue could be solved by changing the system time rather than the game's time.

Additionally, in all games, if the player time travels backward, any turnips they have will become spoiled.


  • In Animal Crossing, if players have Turnips in their inventory and they travel on the train, the Turnips will be spoiled when players arrive at the destination.
  • In Animal Crossing: Wild World, if the player places Turnips on a table, they will not spoil. To do this, the player must drop an item in front of the table so that when the Turnips are dropped, they land on the table.



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