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This article is about the variety of turnip tied to the Stalk Market. For the other turnip variety which is exclusive to Wild World and City Folk, see Red turnip.
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Turnips, also known as white turnips, are items in the Animal Crossing series that are purchased and sold via the Stalk Market. They can be purchased for a varying price on Sunday mornings from Joan (prior to New Horizons) or Daisy Mae (in New Horizons) and can be sold throughout the following week for varying prices each day.

Starting in New Leaf, it is possible to treat turnips similar to fruit, where the player can eat 10 turnips at once. In New Horizons, eating one such bundle will max out the player's stamina. However, this is only advisable in limited circumstances, specifically if a significant amount of stamina is required, and turnip prices are trending such that the per-unit price will remain lower than that of native fruit until they spoil.

Buying and selling[edit]

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Turnips can be bought from Joan (prior to New Horizons) or Daisy Mae (in New Horizons) during Sunday mornings before 12 PM and can be sold throughout the week in the town store (Tom Nook's store, Re-Tail, or Nook's Cranny). The price of turnips varies throughout the week and will follow one of four patterns: decreasing, small-spike, large-spike, and random. It is possible to sell turnips in another person's town, even if their local time is outside that of the player's week.

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By Sunday morning (6 AM prior to New Horizons, 5 AM in New Horizons), all unsold turnips in the player's town will turn into spoiled turnips. Depending on the game, they will be sold at a very low price, or the player may have to pay a disposal fee to get rid of them. Turnips will also spoil if the player time travels forwards outside of the current week or backwards. If the player time travels forwards but stays in the current week, their turnips will not spoil. Spoiled turnips are treated as trash items, and occasionally ants can be found on them.


  • In Animal Crossing, if players have turnips in their inventory and they travel on the train, the turnips will be spoiled when players arrive at the destination.
  • In Animal Crossing: Wild World, if the player places turnips on a table, they will not spoil. To do this, the player must drop an item in front of the table so that when the turnips are dropped, they land on the table.


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