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White turnips are a type of flora, having appeared in every Animal Crossing series game to date. They can be sold on the "Stalk Market" through Tom Nook (or Reese in Animal Crossing: New Leaf) which is the Animal Crossing version of the Stock Market. They can be bought from Joan on Sundays, before 12 p.m. There are glitches and manipulations in the Animal Crossing series that keep turnips from rotting over longer periods of time.

Buying and Selling[edit]



White turnips have appeared in every Animal Crossing series game, and can also be bought from Joan on Sundays. They are a more risky investment than red turnips because the price they sell for isn't fixed. Joan has an asking price which is generally around 90-100 Bells per turnip. They can be bought by the player in bunches of ten.



Tom Nook (or Reese) will buy white turnips from Monday to Saturday. They have two prices a day, one before midday and one afterward. The aim is to sell the white turnips for more than what was originally paid for. White turnips will become spoiled and worthless at 6 AM on the following Sunday morning.

Normally the price is low, such as 60 or 80 Bells, but the price can peak to over 200 Bells and can sometimes reach to over 1,000 Bells each. Prices are somewhat random, but tend to rise Monday through Wednesday, then usually drop Thursday through Saturday, though it has been known to have a last minute increase. In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, the price of turnips follows one of four patterns every week:

  1. Large-spike - looks like a small-spike pattern, but with the third price being the highest and a dead cat bounce at the very end of the week.
  2. Small-spike - looks like a decreasing pattern, but has a run of five higher-than-normal prices, with the fourth being the highest.
  3. Decreasing - decreases every time the price changes by between two and seven bells.
  4. Random - price is completely random every day.[1]

The probability of each pattern occurring is affected by the pattern of the previous week, as shown by this table, where the rows are the current week's pattern, the columns are the following (upcoming) week's pattern, and the values of the cells are the probabilities of the following (upcoming) week having that pattern.[1]

In other words:

Row = Current trend
Columns = Liklihood of next week's trend
Forecasting Stalk Market Trends
Large-spike Small-spike Decreasing Random
Large-spike Low Low Low High
Small-spike Average Low Low High
Decreasing High Average Low Average
Random Average Average Low Low
A 597 Bells per turnip price

Time traveling can have effects on the price of the turnips if the game's time and the system's time are too different, such as with Joan and the selling of red turnip Seeds. However, using the system's internal clock to travel will not create this effect, as with the red turnips.

Spoiled white turnips can be placed outside to attract ants and flies.


Some known turnip tricks are listed below. These tricks address any outcomes from Time Traveling or failing to water the turnips.

Time traveling consequence[edit]

Time Travel, which is when the player changes the time in Animal Crossing, has an effect on Joan selling her turnips. She will say she is out of stock which is seen as a punishment for if the player attempts to time travel. However, a glitch can be used to fix this. To fix this glitch, the main Wii/DS time must be changed forwards a minute, resynchronizing the game time with the console time. However, to buy Joan's turnips will require waiting a week until she visits again.

Another way to avoid this is by changing the console time. Changing the console's time changes the game's time, but not the other way around, so there are no consequences.

Table trick[edit]

To keep white turnips from rotting, placing them on a table inside the player's house can prevent them from rotting. First, players should drop a tool in front of the table and then place the turnip on the table. The table trick fails to work in Animal Crossing: City Folk and Animal Crossing: New Leaf.


In Animal Crossing, if players have turnips in their inventory and they travel on the train, the turnips will be spoiled when players arrive at the destination.