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Red turnips are a type of turnips that appear in Animal Crossing: Wild World and Animal Crossing: City Folk. Being bought from Joan for  1,000 Bells, they can be sold on the Stalk Market through Tom Nook. Only one can be purchased per week by a player. However, in both games, if the time settings in-game are not synchronized with those on the DS or Wii that the game is being played, Joan will not sell red turnip seeds at all.

Red turnips start off as seeds and must be planted in the ground. They must also be watered once a day to keep them from shriveling, but must not be over-watered.[citation needed] If a red turnip dies, it has to be removed as they have a negative effect on the environment, although watering a wilted red turnip with a silver watering can will revive it, resetting to its smallest size. Successfully watering the turnip will make it grow bigger, and after six days of watering, it will be full size. For example, planting it on Sunday will mean it will be full size on the next Saturday.

Villagers will sometimes say that they heard that somebody made a large profit on turnips and used the money to buy the town hall. They will wonder if the turnips were red turnips or white turnips.

Red turnips are also part of the Golden Axe trading event. Giving a red turnip to Wendell will result in a reward of either a Turban or a Country Guitar.

A full-size turnip sells for a maximum of  16,000 Bells, making a profit of  15,000 Bells. Tom Nook will buy the different sized red turnips for the following prices:

Red turnip Sell price
Seed  250 Bells
Day 1 (same day as planted)  2 Bells
Day 2 (day after it is planted)  100 Bells
Day 3  500 Bells
Day 4  2,000 Bells
Day 5  4,000 Bells
Day 6  8,000 Bells
Day 7+  16,000 Bells


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