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Money tree
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Type Tree
Spawns Randomly after the player plants bags of money in shining soil (Animal Crossing, New Horizons) or uses a golden shovel to plant money (other games).
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Money trees are a type of tree in the Animal Crossing series. In Animal Crossing and Animal Crossing: New Horizons, money trees can be planted with the regular or golden shovel by burying money in the daily shining soil. In Animal Crossing: Wild World, Animal Crossing: City Folk and Animal Crossing: New Leaf, the player can grow them by burying a bag of money using a golden shovel. If the tree successfully grows and blooms, there will be three bags of the amount of Bells the player planted. However, more than 90,000 Bells can never be obtained; burying more than 30,000 Bells will still result in the tree producing three 30,000 Bell bags. Money trees will bloom, and thus produce money, only once.

The ability to grow money trees can also be a method to replace trees. Players with just 10,000 Bells can plant over 100 trees (using 100 Bell coins) in one day. Though this is slightly more expensive than purchasing saplings from Tom Nook, it is much quicker.

Money tree probability[edit]

A tree's likelihood of blooming is based on the amount of Bells buried. The maximum number of Bells a tree will produce is 90,000 Bells, so burying more than 30,000 Bells wastes Bells. Despite the potential profit, money trees are not statistically profitable, having the player lose money on the long run because the expected return will never exceed the amount invested.

Bells Buried Bloom Chance Bells Dropped Expected Return % Return
1,000 1% 3,000 30 3%
5,000 5% 15,000 750 15%
10,000 10% 30,000 3,000 30%
20,000 20% 60,000 12,000 60%
30,000 30% 90,000 27,000 90%
40,000 40% 90,000 36,000 90%
50,000 50% 90,000 45,000 90%
60,000 60% 90,000 54,000 90%
70,000 70% 90,000 63,000 90%
80,000 80% 90,000 72,000 90%
90,000 90% 90,000 81,000 90%

A 4-leaf-clover planted underneath the money tree does not affect the probability of the tree blooming and producing money, nor does watering it with a Golden Watering Can.

In New Horizons, the mechanics of Money Trees were changed. The money tree will now bloom regardless of what value of Bells the player has buried in the soil, in addition to the money trees now capable to produce three times the amount of Bells produced. However, the chances of obtaining three times the amount of Bells buried is 30%, as 70% will result in the player receiving  1,000 Bells for Bells between 99k Bells NH Inv Icon cropped.png 1,001 and 9,999 Bells, and  10,000 Bells for Bells over  10,000 Bells.[1]

Bells Buried Bells Dropped % Chances
Less than or equal to  1,000 Bells  3,000 Bells 100%
99k Bells NH Inv Icon cropped.png 1,001 - 9,999 Bells 3x amount buried 30%
 3,000 Bells 70%
Greater than or equal to  10,000 Bells 3x amount buried 30%
 30,000 Bells 70%


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