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In the Animal Crossing series of games, the town contains flora, or plants. The plants are very diverse, ranging from trees to weeds.

Types of plant[edit]


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Trees are the main plant in a town. There are ten different types of trees.

Each town starts out with Trees, which contain nothing but a hundred Bells, furniture, or bees. They all help with grass deterioration, providing a physical barrier and regrowing grass slowly. When the town starts out, they are all huddled together, normally in the intersection of four acres.


Main article: Bamboo


Main articles: Weed and Clover

The weeds are the small tufts of grass-like plant scattered over the town. Three weeds grow every day, and they spawn at 6 AM. They should be pulled up with the (B) button.

In Animal Crossing: Wild World, they added a new type of weed known as clovers. They still have the same function, but have a small chance of giving the player a Lucky Clover, which is a four-leafed clover that can be used as a lucky charm when worn and a lucky furniture when placed in the house. The Lucky Clover is the only good use for a weed in Animal Crossing.


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Flowers are the opposite of weeds - they look nice, attract bugs, and increase town beautification. Tom Nook will have some at his store.


Some flowers cannot be bought at Nook's store. These are hybrid flowers. They are vital in catching the peacock butterfly, and other rare bugs.

The purple, black, and orange flowers are a few examples of hybrid flowers.


Main article: Rafflesia

The rafflesia is an indestructible plant that spawns in a town when there are too many weeds. The only way to get rid of it is to remove all weeds in the surrounding acre.

They are undesirable, because in real life, they actually reek of a great stench. They are easily identifiable by their giant red petals, with white spots.


Approximately 75% or less of the town's ground is covered by grass. The grass becomes covered by snow during the Winter. In Animal Crossing: City Folk, a new feature was introduced. It is called grass deterioration. This records where the player has run, and depletes the grass there by a small amount. It can become game-breaking for some players, as the town slowly moves towards desertification. Snow is more easily deteriorated than grass, and grass is its most hardy in June. Flowers help grass grow back more quickly than normal, and trees do so as well, but not as well as flowers do.

Grass can come in different patterns, for example; the grass pattern could come in the shape of stars, circles, triangles, or squares. The pattern changes in winter, when the snow starts to appear, and reverts to normal when the snow goes away, in spring. Every town has a random pattern for their grass and their snow, giving every town a unique character.

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