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Saplings are newly planted trees. Players can plant saplings by digging a hole and then placing the sapling inside. All tree saplings take four days to fully grow, and contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary to water them. Saplings also must be placed in an appropriate spot; the sapling should not be adjacent to any object, including walls and other trees, and the sapling must be grown on grass or dirt, not the beach (except for New Leaf, where banana and coconut trees can be cultivated on the beach). If these requirements are not met, the sapling will not grow, and until New Horizons saplings will deteriorate and die.

Saplings can be bought from Tom Nook's Store (from Wild World onwards, the store must have upgraded to Nook 'n' Go or above), the Garden Shop in New Leaf, and Nook's Cranny in New Horizons. Saplings cost  60 Bells ( 640 Bells in New Horizons), and players can plant multiple saplings in one day. There are two kinds of saplings: oak tree saplings and cedar saplings, the latter of which only grow in the top two acres of a town (except in New Horizons). When the player works for Tom Nook, one of the player's first tasks at Tom Nook's Store is to plant oak tree saplings around his shop.


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