Large Bass

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Large Bass
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German Unknown Dutch Unknown Russian Unknown
Scientific name Micropterus salmoides
Family Centrarchidae - Freshwater sunfish
Time of year All year
Time of day All day
Location River
Size 20 inches (50 cm)
Shadow size Large
Rarity Uncommon
Selling price 3,000 Bells
Main Appearances
Other Appearances

The large bass is found only in Doubutsu no Mori, Doubutsu no Mori+, Animal Crossing and Doubutsu no Mori e+. It is an uncommon river fish with a large shadow and sells for 3,000 Bells, even though it is fairly common to catch. This fish is prized during the fishing tourney, as it is the largest bass, giving a better chance of winning the tournament.

Donating to the Museum[edit]

Blathers will give a speech on the large bass when the large bass is donated to the Museum:

In Animal Crossing[edit]

"My, isn't this a kick in the proverbial pants, eh wot? Quiet a spectacular catch you've got here! This might even garner you top honors in one of the fishing tourneys. A splendid specimen! I'll watch over brute personally. Rest easy on that account, wot wot!"

Further information[edit]

A real-life Large Bass

The large bass is marked by a series of dark, sometimes black, blotches forming a jagged horizontal stripe along each flank. The upper jaw (maxilla) of a largemouth bass extends beyond the rear margin of the orbit. The largemouth is the largest of the black basses, reaching a maximum recorded overall length of (29.5 in/75 cm) and a maximum recorded weight of 25 pounds, 1 ounce (11.4 kg). The fish lives 16 years on average.