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Winter Summer
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Artwork of spring from New Horizons
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Spring in the Animal Crossing series is a season that starts on February 25 and ends on May 31. In the Southern Hemisphere in New Horizons, spring starts on August 25 and ends on November 30. Signs of spring begin to show at the end of winter, when the trees begin to turn green.

The setting of spring consists mainly of clear skies and slight rain showers may appear. After February 25 / August 25, grass begins to appear and trees start to go green. Snow is no more as rain takes over and becomes the dominant weather system for much of the season. However, seasonal bugs and fish related to spring do not appear until March 1st / September 1st. Thunderstorms can occur as early as March / September, but they are extremely rare.

A special occasion occurs on during the first few days of April / October, where every non-fruit hardwood tree leaf changes to cherry blossom petals. Days later, the player will witness a confetti of cherry blossom petals falling from the sky. In New Horizons, the player may catch these petals for DIY projects.

In New Horizons, all Bamboo trees will produce Young Spring Bamboo when chopped with an axe. These may be used for DIY projects.


Below is a list of events during spring, what happens during each, in which game, and when. Note that hemispheres are only accounted for in New Horizons.

Event Dates (In 2022 when applicable) Games Description
Fishing Tourney Wild World:
March 20, April 24, and May 15
City Folk/New Leaf:
March 19, April 9, and May 21
New Horizons (Northern Hemisphere):
April 9
New Horizons (Southern Hemisphere):
October 8
Wild World
City Folk
New Leaf
New Horizons
Chip (or Tortimer in Wild World and C.J. in New Horizons) will set up a stall in the Plaza. Prior to New Horizons, Chip (or Tortimer) will challenge the villagers of the town to catch the biggest fish (either overall or a specific type of fish). In New Horizons, C.J. will ask players to catch as many fish as possible within a 3 minute time range. The Fishing Tourney lasts from 9 A.M. to 6 P.M., after which the winner is rewarded a trophy (or in New Horizons, the player can continue redeeming points for fish swag until 8 P.M.).
Festivale February 15 (Northern Hemisphere) City Folk
New Leaf
New Horizons
Pavé appears in the Plaza. During this event players can win candy (City Folk) or feathers (New Leaf and New Horizons) from other villagers, which they can exchange for prizes from Pavé.
Flea Market Wild World:
March 5, April 2, and May 7
City Folk:
March 27, April 24, and May 22
Wild World
City Folk
Players can visit villager's homes and buy selected items of furniture. Likewise, villagers can visit the player's house and buy items from them, at a price set by the player.
La-Di-Day March 12 and May 14 Wild World On this day, the player can hear villagers' suggestions for a new town tune. After the tune is sung to the player, they can decide whether or not they want it saved as the town's new melody.
Yay Day March 27 and May 22 Wild World Villagers swap compliments with the player, and may refer to them infrequently after the event.
April Fools Day April 1 Animal Crossing
Wild World
City Folk
New Leaf
Players can go and speak to Tortimer in front of town hall to receive a present - Super Tortimer in Animal Crossing or a leaf in City Folk (a joke based on what furniture looks like outside the house). In New Leaf, Blanca hosts the event and the player must pick out the real villager from the fake to win their picture.
Bunny Day April 4 (Northern Hemisphere) City Folk
New Leaf
New Horizons
Bunny Day is what is in place of Easter, where Zipper appears outside town hall or Residential Service. Candy (or eggs in New Horizons) can be collected. Eggs appear around town and players can exchange these for egg furniture or use them for DIY recipes in New Horizons. In New Leaf, Zipper's picture is also obtainable. In New Horizons, Bunny Day is celebrated in the preceding 11 days before the day of Easter. Bunny Day has a different date per year depending on the placement of Easter.
Flower Fest April 4 to 9 Wild World Tortimer hosts this week-long event. He will hand out flower seeds to players all week. On Sunday he will mail a trophy to the player if their garden is better than all other villagers. No visitors will appear during the Flower Fest except KK Slider.
Nature Day Prior to New Horizons:
April 22
New Horizons (2020):
April 23 to May 4
Animal Crossing
City Folk
New Leaf
New Horizons
In Animal Crossing, Tortimer will give the player a tree model. In City Folk and New Leaf, either Tortimer or Isabelle will give the player a Cool Globe. In New Horizons, Nature Day was celebrated in 2020 via special Nook Miles+ objectives that earn 5x the miles from completing.
Weeding Day April 22 New Leaf Leif will suggest three new public works projects if no weeds are present at 6 AM on Weeding Day. Otherwise, he will ask for a certain amount of weeds to be pulled and hand out items when this task is completed. The player will need to travel to other towns to achieve this goal.
Mother's Day Varies depending on region Animal Crossing
Wild World
City Folk
New Leaf
In Animal Crossing, the player can talk to the mayor to receive a Lovely Phone. In Wild World, the player will get a piece of mail from Mom, in which she asks them to write letter back to her, which is impossible. In City Folk and New Leaf, the player will receive pink carnations in a letter, similar to receiving a red carnation on Father's Day.
May Day May 1 to 7 (Northern Hemisphere) New Horizons Tom Nook will invite the player to go on a special island tour where they must solve a maze in order to reach Rover for a special prize.
International Museum Day May 18 to 31 (Northern Hemisphere) New Horizons Blathers will host a stamp rally in the bug, fish, and fossil exhibits. The players must find three stamp stations that changes locations each day in each bug, fish, and fossil rooms in order to earn a prize from Blathers.
Halloween October 31 (Southern Hemisphere) New Horizons Jack will appear between 5 PM and 12 AM. During this time, players can play trick or treat with the villagers or earn Spooky Furniture by offering candy to Jack.
Turkey Day November 24 (Southern Hemisphere) New Horizons An event meant to celebrate the arrival of spring. In New Horizons, Franklin will appear in the plaza and request that player collects four ingredients so that he can create a dish. Upon receiving the ingredients he will present the player with DIY recipes and addition interior items.

Nook Shopping seasonal events (New Horizons)[edit]

The following is a list of events celebrated through the Nook Shopping app in New Horizons.

Event Dates Items Hemisphere Description
Hinamatsuri February 25 to March 3 Hinaningyo NH Icon.png
Blossom Lantern NH Icon.png
Blossom Lantern
Northern "On this day celebrated across Japan, families wish for their girls to grow up healthy and happy. Many will decorate their homes with dolls representing the wedding of an emperor and empress, seated between bonbori lanterns."
π Day March 1 to 14 Π Pie NH Icon.png
π Pie
Northern "On March 14th, or 3/14, we honor the mathematical constant π (pi), whose first digits are 3.14. In honor of π and its critical importance to the math of circles, many choose to enjoy a circle of their own: a pie!"
Shamrock Day March 10 to 17 Shamrock Doorplate NH Icon.png
Shamrock Doorplate
Shamrock Rug NH Icon.png
Shamrock Rug
Shamrock Soda NH Icon.png
Shamrock Soda
Northern '"No matter where you live, this holiday is a great chance for everyone to show off their shamrock spirit! On this day, folks across the world will decorate buildings, food, and themselves with all the emerald green they can!"
April Fools' Day March 26 to April 1 Whoopee Cushion (Red) NH Icon.png
Whoopee Cushion
Northern "Beloved by some, reviled by others, April 1st—April Fools' Day—is often full of practical jokes and funny fibs. Just remember: the best pranks are ones where both the prankster AND the pranked are laughing!"
Singmogil April 1 to 10 Forsythia NH Icon.png
Northern "Celebrated in South Korea, this is a day for planting trees and caring for our forests. Traditionally, people plant forsythia shrubs, and their eventual flowering is said to herald the arrival of spring."
Prom April 1 to 30 Prom Sash (Red) NH Icon.png
Prom Sash
Prom Flooring NH Icon.png
Prom Flooring
Prom Wall NH Icon.png
Prom Wall
Northern "Mainly celebrated in the USA, prom marks the end of the high-school year with a formal dance. Students wear fancy dresses and tuxedos, and at the finale, they'll often elect a Prom King and a Prom Queen."
Nature Day April 15 to 22 Cool Globe NH Icon.png
Cool Globe
Northern "Use this day to think about and take action for the Earth's environment. Pick up trash, plant trees, recycle... No matter where you live, there are many ways to do your part to make the world a healthier, happier place."
Mother's Day May 1 to 31 Thank-You Mom Mug NH Icon.png
Thank-You Mom Mug
Carnations NH Icon.png
Northern "Mother's Day is a day for saying "thank you" to that warm, loving person who always watches over you. What should go into a gift mug? How about all your love, for starters?" (Thank-You Mom Mug)

"Mother's Day is a day for saying "thank you" to that warm, loving person who always watches over you. Why not send these lovely red carnations with a message card?" (Carnations)

Children's Day April 28 to May 5 Carp Banner NH Icon.png
Carp Banner
Newsprint Helmet NH Icon.png
Newsprint Helmet
Northern "Mainly celebrated in Japan, May 5th is when folks give good wishes for young boys to grow up healthy. Also called "Tango no Sekku," it's a day featuring decorative flags and kabuto helmets made from newspaper."
Cheese Rolling May 22 to May 31 Double Gloucester Cheese NH Icon.png
Double Gloucester Cheese
Northern "Do you love cheese enough to chase a wheel of Double Gloucester down a hill at 60 miles per hour? Many folks in Europe do! It's all fun and games until someone gets curd."
Grape Harvest Festival September 1 to 30 Grape-Harvest Basket NH Icon.png
Grape-Harvest Basket
Southern "Inspired by festivities in Spain, Italy, France, and Germany, this fun festival sees participants don traditional garb for dancing and a large parade to celebrate the grape harvest. Please enjoy your ceremonial basket!"
Moon-Viewing Day September 7 to October 8 Moon Rug NH Icon.png
Moon Rug
Southern "Admiring the moon is a long-held tradition, but our celestial neighbor is especially beautiful as it hangs in the sky at this time of year. Please accept this commemorative moon rug as an event souvenir."


Artwork of spring from New Leaf
Name + Icon Description
Chip NH Character Icon.png
A beaver who hosts the Fishing Tourney in Animal Crossing: City Folk and Animal Crossing: New Leaf.
C.J. NH Character Icon.png
A beaver who hosts the Fishing Tourney in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.
Pavé NH Character Icon.png
A peacock who appears during Festivale in February or March. He exchanges candy or feathers for special Pavé furniture.
Zipper NH Character Icon.png
An anonymous character dressed in a rabbit costume. He exchanges eggs for special egg furniture or gives out DIY recipes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons during Bunny Day.
Tortimer NH Character Icon.png
A tortoise who comes on the day of the Cherry Blossoms and on April Fools Day. He hosts the Flower Fest and Fishing Tourney in Animal Crossing: Wild World.
Blanca NH Character Icon.png
A faceless cat who hosts April Fool's Day in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.
Leif NH Character Icon.png
A sloth who hosts Weeding Day in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. The Garden Shop will be closed all day because of that. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, he will appear more frequently during Nature Day.
Tom Nook NH Character Icon.png
Tom Nook
A raccoon who hosts May Day in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.
Rover NH Character Icon.png
A traveling cat who appears at the end of the maze on May Day in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.
Blathers NH Character Icon.png
An owl who hosts the stamp rally during International Museum Day in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.
Jack NH Character Icon.png
The self-proclaimed Czar of Halloween who appears during Halloween.
Franklin NH Character Icon.png
A turkey who appears during Turkey Day.


Isabelle NH Character Icon.png
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Isabelle NH Character Icon.png
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These are the fish and bugs that appear during spring.