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Winter Summer
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Artwork of spring from New Horizons
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Clear, Rain

Spring in the Animal Crossing series is a season that technically lasts from February 18th to May 31st, but environmental changes, such as the melting of snow, cannot be seen until February 25th, when both the trees and the grass appear green again. In the Southern Hemisphere in New Horizons, spring starts from late August to November 30th, where snow melts completely by August 25th. Furthermore, seasonal bugs and fish related to spring do not appear until March 1 (or September 1st in the Southern Hemisphere in New Horizons).


The first signs of Spring appearing, note the greenness of the trees appearing

Below is a list of events during spring, what happens during each, in which game, and when:

First Saturday of every month (Wild World), Fourth Sunday of every month (City Folk)
Players can visit villager's homes and buy selected items of furniture. Likewise, villagers can visit the player's house and buy items from them, at a price set by the player.
Second or Third Saturday or Sunday (depends on game) of March, April, and May
Chip (or Tortimer in Animal Crossing: Wild World) the fishing ace will set up a stall in the Plaza and will challenge the villagers of the town to catch the biggest fish (either overall or a specific type of fish). The competition ends at 6:00 PM, whereupon the winner will receive a trophy. A notice will also be put up on the bulletin board announcing the winner.
Second Saturday of April (Northern Hemisphere) or Second Saturday of October (Southern Hemisphere)
C.J. will ask players to catch as many fishes as possible within a 3 minute time range, setting up a cooler where any fishes a player gets will be stored immediately. There's a fee of 500 Bells per run, but during online play the fee is waivered. The competition lasts from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, of which after a certain point threshold the players will receive a trophy in their mailbox. Players can also redeem points for "fish swag".
A Monday in February or March
Pavé appears in the Plaza. During this event players can win candy (Animal Crossing: City Folk) or feathers (Animal Crossing: New Leaf) from other villagers, which they can exchange for prizes through Pavé.
April 1st
Players can go and speak to Tortimer in front of Town Hall to receive a present - Super Tortimer in Animal Crossing or a leaf in Animal Crossing: City Folk (a joke based on what furniture looks like outside the house). In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Blanca hosts the event and the player must pick out the real villager from the fake to win their picture.
A Sunday in March or April
Bunny Day is what is in place of Easter, where Zipper appears outside Town Hall or Residential Service. Candy (or eggs in New Horizons) can be collected. Eggs appear around town and players can exchange these for egg furniture or use them for DIY recipes in New Horizons. In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Zipper's picture is also obtainable. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Bunny Day is celebrated in the preceding 11 days before the day of Easter. Bunny Day has a different date per year depending on the placement of Easter.
Second Week in April
Tortimer hosts this week-long event. He will hand out flower seeds to players all week. On Sunday he will mail a trophy to the player if their garden is better than all other villagers. No visitors will appear during the Flower Fest except KK Slider.
April 22nd or April 23rd to May 4th in New Horizons
In Animal Crossing, Tortimer will give the player a tree model. In Animal Crossing: City Folk and Animal Crossing: New Leaf, either Tortimer or Isabelle will give the player a Cool Globe. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Nature Day is celebrated via special Nook Miles+ objectives that earn 5x the miles from completing. Leif also appears more frequently than ever.
April 24th to May 3rd
The player will receive a flamenco hat and a flamenco dress as part of the Spanish event Feria De Abril, which is an event in Spain where local citizens dress up in these clothes.
Trees beginning to bloom. 1st April - City Folk
Last Friday in April
Leif will suggest three new public works projects if no weeds are present at 6 AM on Weeding Day. Otherwise, he will ask for a certain amount of weeds to be pulled and hand out items when this task is completed. The player will need to travel to other towns to achieve this goal.
Varies depending on region or May in New Horizons
In Animal Crossing, the player can talk to the mayor to receive a Lovely Phone. In Animal Crossing: Wild World, the player will get a piece of mail from Mom, in which she asks them to write letter back to her, which is impossible. In Animal Crossing: City Folk and Animal Crossing: New Leaf, the player will receive pink carnations in a letter, similar to receiving a red carnation on Father's Day. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Nook Shopping will allow the player to purchase a Thank-You Mom Mug.
May 1st to May 7th
Tom Nook will invite the player to go on a special island tour where they must solve a maze in order to reach Rover for a special prize.
May 18th to May 31st
Blathers will host a stamp rally in the bug, fish, and fossil exhibits. The players must find three stamp stations that changes locations each day in each bug, fish, and fossil rooms in order to earn a prize from Blathers.
An event inspired by many grape-related festivals in various European countries. Nook Shopping will allow the player to purchase a Grape-Harvest Basket.
September 7th to October 8th
A celebration of the moon itself, in reference to the real-life Mid-Autumn Festival in Asia. Nook Shopping will allow the player to purchase a Moon Rug.
October 31st
Jack will appear between 5:00 PM and 12:00 AM. During this time, players can play trick or treat with the villagers or earn Spooky Furniture by offering candy to Jack.
Fourth Thursday of November
An event meant to celebrate the arrival of spring. In New Horizons, Franklin will appear in the plaza and request that player collects four ingredients so that he can create a dish. Upon receiving the ingredients he will present the player with DIY recipes and addition interior items.


Fish and bugs[edit]

Artwork of spring from New Leaf

These are the fish and bugs that appear during spring.




The bulletin message forecasting the up-coming weather - City Folk

The weather of spring consists mainly of clear skies and slight rain showers may appear. Grass begins to appear and trees start to go green. Snowballs start to disappear and snow becomes rain. Thunderstorms can occur as early as March, but they are extremely rare.

On the 1st of April, the non-fruit bearing trees around the town will begin to blossom. Eventually, all of them will turn pink (minus the fruit, palm, and cedar trees). These trees are known by villagers as "Cherry Blossoms." On the first Monday of April, "Cherry Blossom" petals fall from the sky like confetti. This is to commemorate the beginning of the Cherry Blossom Festival, which is only celebrated in Animal Crossing. The blossoms disappear on the 9th of April. The player also has the pleasure to see a rainbow. After hours of nonstop rain, the sky may clear up. A rainbow will appear giving the player an easier time finding 100 Bells in the trees.