Zebra Turkeyfish

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Zebra Turkeyfish
Zebra Turkeyfish NH.png
Real-world info
Name: Pterois lunulata
(luna lionfish)

Family: Scorpaenidae (scorpionfishes)
Main appearances
Other appearances
Name in other languages
 Pez león
 Leone zebrato
 Pez león

The Zebra Turkeyfish (ミノカサゴ, Minokasago) is a fish in the Animal Crossing series that first appears in Animal Crossing: Wild World. It can be found in the sea during the months of April through to November, at anytime of the day. It has a medium shadow, the same size as a Barred Knifejaw.

Catch details[edit]

In Wild World[edit]


Zebra Turkeyfish
"I caught a zebra turkeyfish! No gobbling those spines!"

Description Their dorsal fin is poisonous, so don't get stung! They are calm fish, and won't scare off easily.
Time of year Apr – Nov
Time of day All day
Peak times May – Oct
Location Sea
Shadow size Small
Fish size 30 cm
Selling price  400 Bells
Furniture size 1.0 x 1.0

In City Folk[edit]


Zebra Turkeyfish
"I caught a zebra turkeyfish! Gobble gobble OW!"

Description There's poison in those dorsal fins, so don't get stung! These are quite calm.
Time of year Apr - Nov
Time of day Apr; Oct - Nov:
All day
May - Sep:
9 AM - 4 PM
Peak times N/A
Location Sea
Shadow size Medium
Fish size About 11.7 in.
Selling price  400 Bells
Furniture size 1.0 x 1.0

In New Leaf[edit]


Zebra Turkeyfish
"I caught a zebra turkeyfish! What are you? Make up your mind!"

Time of year Apr - Nov
All year (Tortimer Island)
Time of day All day
Peak times May - Oct
Location Sea
Tortimer Island
Shadow size Medium
Fish size 30 cm
Selling price  400 Bells
Furniture size 1.0 x 1.0

In Pocket Camp[edit]


Zebra Turkeyfish

Event availability None
Location Saltwater Shores
Shadow size Medium
Fish size
Catch rate 5.3773%
Selling price  100 Bells
Request reward  100 Bells, 2 Heart PC Icon.png Friendship Points

In New Horizons[edit]


Zebra Turkeyfish
"I caught a zebra turkeyfish! Land, air, water—make up your mind!"

Time of year North: Apr – Nov
South: Oct – May
Time of day All day
Location Sea
Shadow size Medium
Spawn requirement Appears from the start of the game
Selling prices  Nook's Cranny 500 Bells
 C.J. 750 Bells
Furniture size 1.0 x 1.0

Donating to the museum[edit]

Donating in Wild World[edit]

"I won't tell you it's utterly impossible to eat a zebra turkeyfish, but... I really wouldn't recommend it, to be honest. If you insist, though, you know my philosophy: batter, batter, and more batter!"Blathers

The Zebra Turkeyfish can be found in the saltwater aquarium, swimming along the sand.

Donating in City Folk[edit]

"As its flashy coloration suggests, the zebra turkeyfish is poisonous. In other words, it's trying to tell you, "Touch me and you're sure to be right sorry, my fine friend!" Its slow, deliberate swimming style also suggests that this is one fish not to mess with!"

Donating in New Leaf[edit]

After donating a Zebra Turkeyfish to Blathers, it will appear in the section for fish and sea creatures, specifically in the large tank in the northeastern room of the fish and sea creatures area.

"Zebra turkeyfish have long, beautiful fins that flow like gowns as they swim through the sea. However, these aquatic beauties pack a punch, as their fins are filled with poisonous spikes. Aside from protection against predators, this poison comes in handy for turf wars between males. The losing male succumbs to the poison in a matter of days, making these battles life and death."

Donating in New Horizons[edit]

"The sheer brilliance and diversity in the aquatic underworld never ceases to amaze me. This zebra turkeyfish is as stunning to gaze upon as it is deadly. Those spines that are part of its defining physique are chock-full of venom! Fortunately, zebra turkeyfish are not susceptible to another's venom. Though solitary, I imagine they give one another a mean fin bump when passing each other by."

Once donated, the Zebra Turkeyfish can be seen in the coast tank alongside the Sea Bass and the Ray.

Fishing Tourney[edit]

New Leaf[edit]

Chip will say this when given a zebra turkeyfish:

"If you want a treat, deep fry a zebra turkeyfish! You never tried that? Frying works great for most fish! As for this guy, well, eating it raw dosen't bother me one bit!"


Real-world information[edit]

The zebra turkeyfish, more commonly known as a luna lionfish, is found in tropical water in the western Pacific Ocean, especially around Japan and Mauritius. They have 13 venomous spines on their bodies (also called fin rays) that are used both as a defence mechanism and to hunt prey. In humans the venom can cause symptoms such as severe pain, nausea, difficulty breathing, and convulsions. In rare cases the venom can be fatal, usually only in people who are very young, elderly, or have a weakened immune system. They have few predators, likely due to their venomous fin rays, however there have been some sightings of predators like Moray Eels and sharks hunting them.

Names in other languages[edit]

Japanese ミノカサゴ
Lit. "bamboo coat child"; the common name for Pterois lunulata in Japan

Korean 쏨뱅이 (prior to NH 1.3.0 update)
쏠배감펭 (since NH 1.3.0 update)


Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese
狮子鱼 / 獅子魚
shīzi yú

Russian Крылатка

Dutch Koraalduivel Coral devil

German Rotfeuerfisch Turkeyfish (lit. "Red fire fish")

European Spanish Pez león Lionfish

European French Poisson-scorpion Scorpionfish

Italian Leone Zebrato Striped Lion