Cabana chair (New Leaf)

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Cabana Series  |  Seating
Cabana chair
Variation shown: Plain
Buy price Sell price
 40 medals  500 Bells[nb 2]
1.0 x 1.0  1 × 1
Obtain via
Customize  200 Bells
Variations 2 variations
Rarity group None
HHA theme challenges Harmonious / Rustic
HHA points 451
HHA penalty if facing wall Yes[nb 1]
Style Iconic
Cabana chair's Plain variant
Cabana chair's Colorful variant
Ore variations
Cabana chair's gold nugget variant
In other games
Animal Crossing (cabana chair)
Wild World (cabana chair)
City Folk (cabana chair)
Names in other languages
 chaise rotin
 silla mimbre
 sedia vimini
 리조트 의자
 chaise rotin
 silla mimbre

The cabana chair is a customizable furniture item in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It is part of the Cabana Series. The player can sit on this item.

The cabana chair can be obtained from the Souvenir Shop on Tortimer Island for  40 medals. The item's wicker color can be customized by Cyrus for  200 Bells.

This item appears as a furniture item in the homes of Shari. As a result, this item can be purchased by the player if they were invited by any of the preceding villagers.


The cabana chair has 2 variations. It also has 1 ore variation.





Cabana Chair (Plain) NL Model.png Cabana Chair (Colorful) NL Model.png

The following ores can be given to Cyrus to customize this item.

Gold nugget


Cabana Chair (Gold Nugget) NL Model.png

In other games


  1. If this item is facing a wall in the player's house, the HHA will deduct 100 points from the total score. If the player is doing a theme challenge, that penalty will increase to 10,000 points.
  2. Re-Tail sell price; can be sold for 80% of this price ( 400 Bells) at Timmy and Tommy's store, and for 5% ( 25 Bells) to Leila on Tortimer Island