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The Pockets as they appear in New Leaf

A pocket (also known as the inventory) is what the player character uses to carry around items within the Animal Crossing series, despite some of them being very large. The player can only hold fifteen items (sixteen in Animal Crossing: New Leaf) at one time, excluding Bells and letters. It is a very important gameplay feature as it can hold virtually every item in the game. At the top, there is an image of the player. Dragging items onto this area will make the player hold or wear it. However, the player cannot hold every item. This feature lost some utility in Animal Crossing: City Folk, since the player can change tools without accessing the inventory. Tools cannot be taken out of the pockets in the city, only items obtained there can, such as balloons, pinwheels, etc.

On the side of the inventory, there is a special space for letters, including ones that villagers ask the player to deliver. In Animal Crossing: Wild World and Animal Crossing: New Leaf respectively, messages in bottles and time capsules are also kept here. Letters can have presents attached. Some players like to store items in presents attached to letters as extra pocket space, and remove the present when the item is wanted. If this letter section is full, the player cannot take letters out of their mailbox, and will be asked if they wish to throw letters away. Letters can be removed from this screen by either discarding them (this erases them permanently) or storing them in the Town Hall or Post Office.

Also at the top of the pocket section is a wallet that stores Bells. Any Bells in the pockets can be moved to the wallet unless no more can fit in, when there are 99,999 Bells stored in the wallet. Bells can be taken out of the wallet and placed in the pockets. These can come out as 100 Bells, 1,000 Bells, 10,000 Bells, or all Bells. All Bells will remove all Bells rounded down to the nearest 100 Bells. Bells below 100 can only be taken out by depositing them in the Bellpoint.

Full Pockets[edit]

A Player with full pockets in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

When the pockets are full and the player tries to pick up an item, catch a bug or fish or dig something up, it will give the player the choice of dropping, releasing or burying the item or swapping it with another item. If the pockets are full of fish, the item will immediately be dropped as the player cannot swap it with a fish, unless when next to a body of water to release the fish. When trying to purchase items when the pockets are full, the shopkeeper will refuse to sell anything to the player until they have room. Picking something up in a room with full pockets is impossible, as is putting away a tool or other item that can be held.