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The following is a list of islanders in the first-generation Animal Crossing games. There are a total of 36 islanders, with 18 appearing in Doubutsu no Mori+ and Animal Crossing, and an additional 18 appearing only in Doubutsu no Mori e+.

Table of islanders[edit]

For islanders who debut in Doubutsu no Mori e+ and appear in subsequent games, their localized English names from subsequent games are used. For islanders who only appear in Doubutsu no Mori e+ and therefore only have a Japanese name, a translated name in italics is used.

Islander Species Gender Personality Fruit preferences[nb 1] Requested furniture Appearance by game
Smallcheckmark.png Smallxmark.png Doubutsu no Mori+ / Animal Crossing Doubutsu no Mori e+
Ankha PG Model.png Ankha Cat Female Snooty Cherry Apple Islander Islander
Annalise PG Model.png Annalise Horse Female Snooty Pear Orange Islander Islander
Bliss PG Model.png Bliss Squirrel Female Normal Cherry Orange Islander Islander
Boomer PG Model.png Boomer Penguin Male Lazy Peach Cherry Islander Islander
Bud PG Model.png Bud Lion Male Jock Pear Peach Islander Islander
Charlise DnMe+ Model.png Charlise Bear Female Peppy - - Islander
Curlos DnMe+ Model.png Curlos Sheep Male Cranky - - Islander
Dobie PG Model.png Dobie Wolf Male Lazy Peach Cherry Islander Islander
Drift PG Model.png Drift Frog Male Jock Orange Apple Islander Islander
Elina PG Model.png Elina Elephant Female Peppy Pear Apple Islander Islander
Faith PG Model.png Faith Koala Female Normal Orange Pear Islander Islander
Flash PG Model.png Flash Bird Male Cranky Cherry Peach Islander Islander
Flossie PG Model.png Flossie Mouse Female Peppy Cherry Orange Islander Islander
Frank DnMe+ Model.png Frank Eagle Male Cranky - - Islander
Fruity DnMe+ Model.png Fruity Duck Male Jock - - Islander
Harry DnMe+ Model.png Harry Hippo Male Jock - - Islander
Julia DnMe+ Model.png Julia Ostrich Female Snooty - - Islander
June PG Model.png June Bear cub Female Normal Peach Pear Islander Islander
Kidd DnMe+ Model.png Kidd Goat Male Lazy - - Islander
Koharu DnMe+ Model.png Koharu Kangaroo Female Peppy - - Islander
Lulu DnMe+ Model.png Lulu Anteater Female Snooty - - Islander
Madam Rosa DnMe+ Model.png Madam Rosa Bird Female Snooty - - Islander
Maelle PG Model.png Maelle Duck Female Snooty Apple Orange Islander Islander
Marina DnMe+ Model.png Marina Octopus Female Normal - - Islander
Masa DnMe+ Model.png Masa Dog Male Jock - - Islander
Norma DnMe+ Model.png Norma Cow Female Normal - - Islander
O'Hare PG Model.png O'Hare Rabbit Male Cranky Orange Peach Islander Islander
Patricia DnMe+ Model.png Patricia Rhinoceros Female Normal - - Islander
Pigleg PG Model.png Pigleg Pig Male Jock Pear Peach Islander Islander
Plucky PG Model.png Plucky Chicken Female Peppy Orange Cherry Islander Islander
Raddle DnMe+ Model.png Raddle Frog Male Lazy - - Islander
Roswell DnMe+ Model.png Roswell Alligator Male Lazy - - Islander
Rowan PG Model.png Rowan Tiger Male Cranky Apple Pear Islander Islander
Violet DnMe+ Model.png Violet Gorilla Female Peppy - - Islander
Weldon DnMe+ Model.png Weldon Bull Male Cranky - - Islander
Yodel PG Model.png Yodel Gorilla Male Lazy Apple Cherry Islander Islander

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  1. Only applies to the Animal Island Game Boy Advance minigame in Doubutsu no Mori+ and Animal Crossing