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This is a base template for notice boxes, and is used by the different notice templates.

Code Function
colorinner Inner border color
colorouter Outer border color
background Background color
leftimage Image to be shown on the left side of template
rightimage Image to be shown on the right side of template
header Text for header, displayed in larger font
message Main body of text

Below is an example of usage, taken from Template:Policy.

{{Notice Box
|colorinner = #4E6AC1
|colorouter = #002E93
|background = #c5ceed
|leftimage = [[File:Copper NL.png|35px|link=|This page is an official policy page]]
|rightimage =
|header = This page documents a [[Nookipedia:Policy|Nookipedia policy]].
|message = This is a widely accepted standard that all editors should normally follow. Users who fail to adhere to policies may be [[Nookipedia:Block policy|blocked]].