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Use this template to produce resource and bell counts for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Used primarily for item crafting lists.

Format: {{PC Material|<Material>|<Number>}}

Available materials and examples:

  • Essences
Civic: {{PC Material|Civic|100}}PC Crafting Material - Civic Essence.png 100 Civic Essence
Cool: {{PC Material|Cool|100}}PC Crafting Material - Cool Essence.png 100 Cool Essence
Cute: {{PC Material|Cute|100}}PC Crafting Material - Cute Essence.png 100 Cute Essence
Elegant: {{PC Material|Elegant|100}}PC Crafting Material - Elegant Essence.png 100 Elegant Essence
Harmonious: {{PC Material|Harmonious|100}}PC Crafting Material - Harmonious Essence.png 100 Harmonious Essence
Historical: {{PC Material|Historical|100}}PC Crafting Material - Historical Essence.png 100 Historical Essence
Hip: {{PC Material|Hip|100}}PC Crafting Material - Hip Essence.png 100 Hip Essence
Modern: {{PC Material|Modern|100}}PC Crafting Material - Modern Essence.png 100 Modern Essence
Natural: {{PC Material|Natural|100}}PC Crafting Material - Natural Essence.png 100 Natural Essence
Rustic: {{PC Material|Rustic|100}}PC Crafting Material - Rustic Essence.png 100 Rustic Essence
Sporty: {{PC Material|Sporty|100}}PC Crafting Material - Sporty Essence.png 100 Sporty Essence
  • Common Materials
Bells: {{PC Material|Bells|100}}PC Crafting Material - Bells.png 100 Bells
Leaf: {{PC Material|Leaf|100}}sPC Crafting Material - Leaf Ticket.png 100 Leaf Tickets
Friend: {{PC Material|Friend|100}}PC Crafting Material - Friend Powder.png 100 Friend Powder
Sparkle: {{PC Material|Sparkle|100}}sPC Crafting Material - Sparkle Stones.png 100 Sparkle Stones
Cotton: {{PC Material|Cotton|100}}PC Crafting Material - Cotton.png 100 Cotton
HH Material: {{PC Material|HH Material|100}}PC Crafting Material - HH Material.png 100 HH Material
Paper: {{PC Material|Paper|100}}PC Crafting Material - Paper.png 100 Paper
Preserves: {{PC Material|Preserves|100}}PC Crafting Material - Preserves.png 100 Preserves
Steel: {{PC Material|Steel|100}}PC Crafting Material - Steel.png 100 Steel
Wood: {{PC Material|Wood|100}}PC Crafting Material - Wood.png 100 Wood
  • Event Materials
Candy Cane: {{PC Material|Candy Cane|100}}PC Crafting Material - Candy Cane.png 100 Candy Cane
Poké Ball: {{PC Material|Poké Ball|100}}PC Crafting Material - Poké Ball.png 100 Poké Ball
Sparkle Jelly Gyroidite: {{PC Material|Sparkle Jelly Gyroidite|100}}sPC Crafting Material - Sparkle Jelly Gyroidite.png 100 Sparkle Jelly Gyroidite
Gyroidite (Traditional): {{PC Material|Gyroidite (Traditional)|100}}sPC Crafting Material - Gyroidite (Traditional).png 100 Gyroidite (Traditional)
Misty Gyroidite: {{PC Material|Misty Gyroidite|100}}sPC Crafting Material - Misty Gyroidite.png 100 Misty Gyroidite
Bebop Gyroidite: {{PC Material|Bebop Gyroidite|100}}sPC Crafting Material - Bebop Gyroidite.png 100 Bebop Gyroidite