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My mission for Nookipedia is to increase overall quality throughout the wiki. I prefer simplicity and would like the wiki to be simple to navigate for any first-time visitor. Articles should be easy to understand and the language to be technical and professional. I would like to see the wiki become more professional through uniformity in articles. For example, each prominent word in the name of an article should be capitalized. However, I am wary of my skills and unsure of myself, so it would be of great reassurance to me if somebody were to check my work for quality and understanding. I have never really done wiki work, and I hope this will be good practice for me. My vision for Nookipedia is to make it a proud member of the Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance, meeting the quality of other fellow NIWA members like Bulbapedia and the Super Mario Wiki. I want Nookipedia to be the top Animal Crossing wiki on the internet and the one-stop site for information regarding the Animal Crossing series, surpassing GameFAQs and GameSpot. We got a long way to go, but we can do it with hard work and joint efforts!