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Hello! I'm HasteWaste. I'm here to help where and when I can.

I have experience in many things, depending on what you need me to do. Feel free to inquire at my talk page (under construction) if you need me to write articles, edit photos, go digging for obscurities and ephemera, or other technical things. I am a full-time college student studying Biosystems Engineering, so my responses may not be timely. Your patience is much appreciated.


I joined Nookipedia and the Discord server on January 9th, 2020 after lurking for many years.


  • My first town was Hogsmead in Wild World, circa 2008.
  • I am incredibly fond of the music the Animal Crossing series has created.
  • I hacked my town in New Leaf just to put an Outdoor Chair on the beach.
  • Eventide is my planned name for my island in New Horizons. I started an adventure journal based on a post from /r/Breath_of_the_Wild (another favorite game of mine) for Eventide. I'm incredibly excited to fill it!