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I haven't really said anything in a while. But this past month, I feel like I did the wrong thing. After writing my previous 2 messages, I feel like I was just being childish. I didn't know what I wanted to do next. Come back, apologize, leave without saying any final words? I thought about it for a while, and I feel like my best option was to apologize. Since I feel like I was in the wrong and nobody else was. My previous 2 messages (mostly the second) were probably the most pathetic things I have said. As I was basically blamed this community and treated it like "they were a nice community". Basically making their reputation worse. And like I said, I was being childish. Leaving a server because some people were annoying you, then explain why you left in a way that probably annoyed or upset people. People annoying me is basically my problem, and not theirs. Especially if they broke zero rules. I should have just left the server and not say anything. And it was probably the other way around. I annoyed other people. Because on that server, I would sometimes be rude and do things most people didn't like. And then saying that this community is a community that I felt welcomed in? Most of the time, you're welcomed in all communities. No matter how unknown you are. I remember someone at summer camp wrote a letter to me, saying how my moral compass was high. And honestly, they weren't wrong. I feel like I need to start accepting others regardless of what they say (with few exceptions). In other words, I need to lower my moral compass level. I haven't apologized yet, so I'll do it now. I am sorry for what I did. I was being childish, I was a hypocrite, and I blamed this community for doing things that were mostly my problem. And even if I don't come back, I need to change. I need to grow up and take the blames for myself. I apologize to everyone on the server, and I must lower my moral compass.

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